10 Android Hacks to Make Your Smartphone a Better Partner

You are sharing an unbreakable bond with your smartphone, and there is no doubt that people have got addicted to their phones. Mobile phone users carry their phones for the whole day; even they keep it by side at night.

According to Variety.com, U.S. users check on their phones, 52 times a day. The increase in mobile phone usage is not only affecting social lives but also transforming business ways.

Due to smartphone addiction, more and more businesses are getting involved in mobile apps development. This is how businesses minded people leveraging mobile phone addiction, but what about a common user?

Technology advancement is of no use if a common user is unable to benefit from it. The same is the case with your smartphone. You are investing a good portion of your time using a smartphone, but have you ever thought about the real advantages that you can avail with your smartphone?

This blog addresses the ways you can utilize your phone to its maximum potential. Keep reading to know more.

1. Transfer Files on the Go

You should not limit your smartphone usage for clicking pictures and social media sharing. There is much more ahead of that. Many of the users don’t have the idea that they can make their lives easier with smartphones.

If you are a busy professional who often needs to transfer important files, then Google Drive is your go-to option. You can quickly transfer data to different devices using Google Drive.

2. Keep yourself Organized

Do you know that it is incredibly easy to get yourself organized while using your smartphone?  You can place all your favorite apps at a single place. All you need to do is create a new folder, and drag all your preferred apps there. It will simply save all your most-used apps at one place on the homescreen.

3. Set your Mobile View like a Pro

If you are reading something important and finding it hard to read don’t worry, your smartphone will get you cover. Simply, tap Settings, go to Accessibility and finally tap on the Magnification gestures. With the help of magnification, you can easily adjust the size of whatever you are reading.

4. Exploit the Phone Storage

Just like every other user, if you are also anxious about your phone’s storage, then you can smartly save your phone storage with a simple trick.

Make a list of apps that you never use, go to Settings, then Apps, search for your app and tap Disable. Note: you can also enable such apps when needed. It particularly for Android users’. Disabling useless app will maximize your phone storage, and you will enjoy a faster mobile experience.

5. Keep a Track of Important Dates

Smartphone is not less than a computer; it’s a mini-computer literally. You can use your smartphone in multiple ways. If you are poor in remembering crucial dates and days, then why not trying remainder? It will remind you your most essential to-dos, plus, it will never let you forget the birthdays of your loved ones.

6. Make your College Notes

Smartphones are the lifesaver, specifically for the students who constantly need to write notes. Now you don’t need to write lectures. You can simply open your phone recording app and start recording your teacher’s lecture otherwise, take a snap of the board and let everything be saved in your device.

7. Secure your Data with Encryption

Protect your data with encryption. Leverage the encryption technology to save your data from hacking. Go to Settings, select Security, and then Encrypt Device. The encryption process solely depends on the phone model that you are owning. In some smartphones, the process may involve additional steps. The best way to encrypt your device is to search your device’s encryption feature and complete the prescribed levels.

8. Find Misplaced Device

In case if you have lost your device, then you can get it back. You need a few essentials to process:

  • Turned on location
  • Signed in Google Account
  • Connected Wi-Fi
  • Visibility on Google Play
  • Find my device feature switched on.

Make sure all the mentioned features are turned on, then Google will help you in finding your lost device instantly. You can search to find my device at Google.com and Google will indicate to you where it is.

9. Enable Battery-Saving Mode

Everyone wishes to maximize mobile battery life, but the constant usage gets the battery drained instantly. Luckily, we have a way to enhance your battery life. Go to Settings, enable power-saving mode. Moreover, you can also select when you want this feature to work automatically either at 15% or 10%.

10. Set up your Event Schedule like a Pro

Are you struggling to manage multiple events? Don’t worry, you can easily set up your core events via your Android phone. Google lets you create a shareable calendar. With Google calendar, you can share core events with your friends so that you and your companions never miss an opportunity to hang out together. To activate this option, go to Google setting > My Calendar> Create a new calendar> setup calendar with description and date> share calendar.

Use your Phone For Betterment!

It’s a good idea to use the phone in downtime; however, if you feel like you cannot live without your phone, then try to explore all of its potentials. Dive deeper and understand its core features also how to activate such features. Smartphones are not limited to clicking images and socializing. There is much more you can do with your phones.  Let’s be productive, you can manage your fitness plans, hang out a schedule, get traffic updates, weather predictions and a lot more with your smartphone. We hope that this article helped you understand that your smartphone can be your real power tool. What are you waiting for? Let’s try these amazing hacks today to be productive and realize the new dynamics of your smartphone.

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