Boost Test Automation in Six Best Ways for Agile Development

The agile approach to software development has transformed the entire SDLC. The reason for the modern software development industry’s continual progress is companies believed in Agile methodology and have started adopting the practice religiously. In its 23rd US CEO survey, 2020, PWC states that “83% of US CEOs plan operational efficiencies to help drive growth … Read more

How to Protect Your Mobile Commerce Apps in 2023| App Owners’ Guide

Mobile devices nowadays allow us to do almost everything with just a simple click; we can access multimedia, social media and even allow us to transfer and pay to anyone. We can do online banking, access files remotely, store thousands of Gigabytes of data, Track our fitness, and control internet of thing devices in our … Read more

Responsive Websites Vs. Dedicated Mobile Websites

Introduction Today, more than ever, people can easily access content on electronic devices. In fact, we can now access content while on the move. The faster and easier accessibility of content can be attributed to mobile devices, which have become the primary way to access information. Considering all the advancement that is being made, businesses … Read more