About Us

Area 19 Delegate is a stage particularly made for the Bloggers of Z age. Area19Delegate is a One Stop Blogging destination for those who are looking to Technology write for us and Want to Submit Guest Post. The Blog centers on digital marketing which has got answers for Startup and Small Business Owner. We believe motivations to write for us for more Exposure and Online Presence.

We, through this stage, collect all the Top Academic and in addition Web Content Writers and relegate errands and obligations like Academic Writing and Web Content Writing to you, as a writer. Our past involvement in this field helped us to build up this stage to give the scholars an entry where they can create and investigate their written work abilities.

Who are we and why should write for us?

We act as a bridge to create relationship between various bloggers and readers who work simultaneously to outline this stage to discover and allocate errands identified with Writing, Editing, and Proof Reading and other comparable sources, to the general population who have ability, skills as well as the professionalism to cater to the needs of the clients.

How can it Work?

The working is basic, we either welcome journalists/perusers/editors or we enlist new aspiring writers by letting them join and access the content. The writers working with us come with information collected over the time which can be classified into two categories Bloggers and Writers. They sometimes come to our website looking to post the articles as a guest post or sometimes write for us in the digital marketing category. They are asked to create a login for themselves from where they can post some content in the write for us digital marketing category or sometime in the technical category. As a writer, if you log-in your first article is reviewed thoroughly before we post it on our webpage. Errands alternative will be kept covered up until the point when you don’t finish your profile and haven’t breezed through the test. Once your content test gets approval then you can access the rest of the category on the website.

Why are we doing it?

When you write for us, we make sure to take the posted content to various channels so that your content gets marketed in a proper frame. This helps in getting promotion done as well as earning a name for you.

What sort of content can you fetch on our website?

If you are an avid reader, then you can get ample to screen through which includes various promotional blogs and articles. These articles are written by some of our expert authors wherein they write for us technology, art, and lifestyle and in many more fields. Explore more, and you can use this content after you buy to promote your product which you have subscribed to us as an advertising. Hence all of the blogs posted on our website are 100% plagiarism free and undergo three level of checks for grammar, sentence structure, and royalty suitability so that you can completely rely on our content.

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