Advertisement is truly in. If you own a business then definitely you need advertisement for the same in order to promote the business as well as to make it profitable enough to cater to different needs.

How does Area19Delegate help you in advertising?

Area 19 Delegate is a top-notch platform wherein people come and explore various technologies, as well as they, stream information on various products. As advertisement is quite important, we run a strip ad on the bottom of the webpage which generally features the products related to the blog or the services offered on the blog. If a person shows interest, they can click on that relevant product, which takes them to another page. This page belongs to the product’s manufacturer or the seller from where he can buy the product at will. Ample of blogs promote various services directly hence, our blog acts as a one-stop solution wherein you can write for us and get paid simultaneously promote the product listed on the blog.

It definitely works as a bridge between the consumer who comes as a reader on our page, gains information about the product and then buy it. There are some guest posts which are written by bloggers or digital marketers in order to create backlinks for the main product or service.

Cost of the Advertisement:

There is nothing which we charge in case it is promoted indirectly by our blog, however, if you want to run an advertisement on our page, and then we may seek our charges for advertising as well as for promotions. You can check out from our promotional packages and choose the one which suits the best according to your needs.

How does it benefit you?

Maximum Reach

According to our data, nearly 3500+ new visitors come to our website, which means every day your ad is reaching 3500 new customers without doing much. This is definitely more than what you can reach by the door to door marketing.

Organic Traffic

Your website gets a ranking automatically thanks to the link promotion which is done on our website. This helps you on the dual course:

  1. Gets you more organic traffic on the website.
  2. Promotes you on Google, Higher Ranking Yields quality result

Choose the platform and see the difference when the prospective user gets converted into a buyer of your services. All that you need is a relevant blog promoting your services.

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