10 Gaming Platforms to Make learning Fun and Rewarding

Who doesn’t want to play games? Now that we are mostly in our homes in a partial lock-down, the consumption of games on a daily basis has increased tremendously. And if you can learn while playing, that’s even better, right?

But if the games that you want to play are on a platform that is either too slow or hard to go about – the fun ends. That’s why, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best learning platforms that make gaming fun and rewarding.

10 Gaming Platforms to Make learning Fun and Rewarding


We know it is tough to search for a complete list of free platforms. So, we did the hard work for you. Go through each one on this list and see which best suits your needs.

  1. Miniclip

First and probably, the oldest gaming platform in the market is Miniclip.com. It is a free flash player gaming website where you can find unlimited games. The site has hundreds of games in each category. Are you an adventure lover? Your games will be waiting for you. An action lover? Miniclip has all the games that you need.

The best part? It features a lot of learning games like puzzles, crosswords, logic-based games. In some games, you also get a scoreboard that lets you check your rankings in comparison with the rankings of people around the world.

Some of the games available on Minicliphave more bandwidth, so the site may take some time to load them. You can also find a free version of Battle Royale, PUBG, and other top-rated lists of Google Play games.

  1. Mini Me

A fairly new addition to the digital arena, Mini Me is changing online gaming for good. If you are into gaming platforms that offer lots of learning games on the plate especially for kids, then that’s what the AirG Mini Me platform is doing.

It is adding new games to the list every day, and you will find tons of games in each category of your choice. The platform charges a small subscription fee and allows you to play all the top-rated games that are fun along with no violence or scary stuff, offering unlimited entertainment.

  1. Addicting Games

Addicting Games is another great gaming website for bored people. The addicting games website features tons of new launches. Also, it has the most extensive list of games available for each category, even beating Miniclip. Addicting games focus mostly on logic and puzzle games because these are the two types of games people love to play online.

It is owned and operated by Nickelodeon, and it aims at teens. However, this doesn’t mean that adults can’t play their desired games on the website.

  1. Pogo

Remember Plants vs. Zombies game? Well, Pogo was the launchpad for that game, and it is also the launchpad for many other award-winning games available online.

Pogo is known for its high-quality games, but the only catch is that you have to create an account on this website to start playing. Pogo also offers many premium games and some games with in-game purchases. It has a variety of games that can keep you entertained for months!

Just like Miniclip, some games may require more loading time, so wait for them to load because nothing can beat quality.

  1. AGame

Another great website for free games is Agame.com. It is just like the Miniclip website, but most of the games available on AGame are flash-based games logic and puzzle games. This means you won’t be playing MMPORGs on this website. The benefit, however, is thatAGame offers a small dose of fun if you are bored or if you have a lousy PC that can’t withstand heavy games.

AGame is completely free to use. It mostly focuses on adventure, racing, kids, and action genres.The best part is that you don’t have to sign-up to play AGame because everything is available right on the home page. It’s just that sometimes games take more time to load, so this can be a problem for the impatient ones.

  1. Stadia

Stadia is the cloud gaming platform offered by Google. Most people can now play some of the highly-awaited games for almost FREE. Moreover, Google promises that each game will run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic range.

How is this possible, you may ask? Well, Stadia is an RDP based gaming platform. You will be using your browser to run the game, and it won’t impact your hardware performance except for the video resolution.

All the game-based processing will be done on Google servers. The service is available for $9.99 for as many gaming titles as you want to play. The best part is that you can play these games on your browser, your smartphone, your TV, and even on Google Chromecast.

  1. Steam

Steam is one of the oldest gaming websites. Here you have to buy games separately from Steam and then download them on your system to play. Steam does offer discounts for games so you can make more game purchases for a lower price.

Nonetheless, it is a great gaming platform for gamers who want to download only a single title and play it. Steam games require that your computer system supports the hardware requirements of the game that you want to play.

  1. Kongregate

Next, we have the Kongregate gaming website. The platform is completely free to use but requires that you signup using your Facebook account. Unlike Addicting and AGame, Kongregate offers some long-lasting titles that users can play for hours at end without worry. The platform is perfect for anyone who would like to get out of the rut and enjoy some free time.

The only problem with Kongregate is that you will get mid-game advertisements – which can be bothersome at times.

  1. MMO Games

MMO Games mostly offers multiplayer online games that people can purchase, download, and install on their systems to play. However, it is a great gaming site for anyone who is looking for low-end multiplayer games. The site also has a huge library of games that can be played online. Apart from games, MMO also offers gaming industry news in real-time.

  1. Armor Games

Armor Games is a developer of many action-oriented gaming titles. It has changed its name from games of Gondor to Armor games to make it more attractive. The site is a den for nerds, geeks, and all sorts of gaming lovers. There are some low-end games that you can play directly on the website. Some games need to be purchased and downloaded on your system.

Most of the games are made using HTML 5, so they load pretty quickly, making your stay on the website fun. You can also sign up with your Google or Facebook account to record your progress in most games on the Armor Games website.


Gaming is always fun if you are playing the right game. The list we offered has a wide variety of games that you can play online. Most of these games are completely free to play, so try each one of them and see which of these makes gaming fun for you.

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