10 Instagram Tips To Be On Top Of The Feed

10 Instagram Tips To Be On Top Of The Feed

There are billions of users on Instagram at this moment in time. In fact, half of the population of the world is actively using Instagram. Of those, a quarter of a million are using a business profile and use it to promote their brands with the help of things like Instagram stories. Instagram is a great way for businesses to promote their brand, as it offers the chance to reach millions of people that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This is why so many of the business owners using Instagram look for a growth service, as if they increase the number of followers their account has, they can increase their reach. This legit Twicsy overview explains how a growth service works and why you might consider using one.

Here is the Complete Guide to make you stay on Top of the Instagram Feed:

  1. Choose Sponsored Ad Option

Why you need a Sponsored Ad For Instagram Posts?

In order to reach a broad set of audience and gain more potential customers choosing the sponsored ad option would be the best. If you are new to Instagram and you have a new Business Account, then Instagram Sponsored post will be the right option to look more authentic. Instagram sponsored ads may differ based on the Cost-per-Click and the impressions that is obtained. Cost of the Instagram Sponsored Ad may vary from post to post.

  1. Utilize User Generated Content

What is User-Generated Content? Many of the frequent users are not aware of the term, but the Instagram Users produce user-Generated Content and other people promote it and they give the credit for the user who has created it.

It is one of the practical techniques used by many Brands to promote their products. User-Generated content benefits the Brand in such a way that it will be easier to reach among many Audiences easily.

When you are planning to take your Brand to the next level, make use of the User Generated Content for gaining more popularity.

  1. Experiment With New Layouts & Features

Instagram offers a wide range of features, which will be helpful for your post to be more natural and authentic. A variety of layouts are available on Instagram for making your posts look attractive to the audiences and Followers.

Here are a variety of layout Apps for making your post captivating to the users:

But When you are posting frequently about your brand then maintaining the tone and theme of the posts consistently.

# Square Layout

When you choose Square layout for your pictures, it looks more elegant. Choose the filters and vibrant color for the image that you are going to post. Choose the best beautiful color so that your picture looks more clear and brings more potential customers. Getting the attention of many customers becomes more natural and simple.

# Diagonal Grid Layout

This Diagonal Grid layout has been used in recent days and is getting more popular. It is one of the best layouts where you don’t have to do anything complex. All you have to do is choose a photo and a color and drop the pictures inside the grid.

# Tiles Grid Layout

Most of the Brands, especially Clothing and accessories Brands, are using this Tile Grid layout for making their posts look more consistent. Captivating hashtags that used along with that of the products will make your audience engaged. Your Followers will also get to know what you will be posting the next and what your theme would be.

  1. Brand Awareness & Maximum Reach

Creating Brand awareness is the significant thing when you are running a Business. Reach your audience and gain more visibility with the frequent social presence. How frequently you update matters for having more followers for your account. People start to engage with the Brands that are socially present actively almost all the time. Many Brands are struggling to get the User Engagement since they are not proactively offering on Instagram.

Most of the Best Brands are having a good benchmark when connected with the customers. Maximum reach to the audience will help in efficient promoting of the product. Having a good post and the one that the audience are interested will get you more potential customers.

  1. Look & Feel Of Your Posts

Your post will be displayed on top of the feed if you have an engaging content. When it is an interesting content with good look and feel then it the post will get the maximum reach. Instagram Algorithm works in such a way that the better posts you have on your profile the more Reach and the traffic for your post is obtained.

  1. Build Partnership

Build Partnership with the other Influencers of the same Niche so that you will be able to increase the number of Followers for your account. Get the contact of the Influencers of the same field and implement the strategies together for getting more Followers.

  1. Post Informative

Instagram is filled with many posts and videos. To stay in the competition, always post in such a way that it is informative for the audience. Whatever product that you are about to promote the use of the strategies of giving the most insightful information which makes the user feel more trustworthy Brand.

  1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are yet another best way to promote your Brand and the products of yours. Use the link and provide that in the Instagram Story so that people will be able to see the products directly. It is one of the easiest and quickest methods of promoting.

  1. Conduct Contests

Contest is yet another strategy to bring more audiences and make them engaged with your posts. Contests and giveaways will make many more new users to participate in that. Brand reputation is also built. Conducting Polls and contests will be the best strategy used by most of the Influence marketers.

  1. Get The User Engagement

User Engagement is the essential factor for getting more traffic for your posts. Make people recognize your brand and improve the Quality of your posts. Improve your ranking with practical usage of your profile. Use all the features of Instagram and also post videos and Instagram Stories to use it as a strategy to promote your products.


To be on Top of the Instagram feed the main thing is to get the user engagement. A good post which will be helpful and informative for the audience will get the maximum response rate. When the Audience and the Followers are very much interested in your post, then your posts will be displayed on top of the feed. If your posts are displayed on the top of the Instagram feed, then more new followers will be obtained.

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