10 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Generating high-quality leads isn’t a walk in the park. Due to high competition and raising awareness of digital marketing, many B2B marketplaces have gained social and online presence. However, there is still a way out for you, if you wish to edge past your competition and boost your lead generation. That way is none other the content marketing.

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Content marketing isn’t just publishing content on the internet. It’s a strategy that involves research, brainstorming,and high-quality content production. If you can manage to create content that’ll shed a tear or leave a mark on your reader’s heart, you’re definitely in a win-win position.

Having that said, here are a few more reasons every B2B marketer should focus on content marketing for lead generation.

Ten Key Reasons to Consider Content Marketing

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1) Brand Awareness

There was a time when businesses had to use millions of dollars to market their brand and gain awareness. Without any doubt, we can’t deny that these expensive traditional marketing techniques did work, but it would take up more than half of your overall expenditure.

However, with the help of content marketing, you can publish sales pitches, product details and even marketing content for zero or sometimes minimal cost. In addition, people are also more interested in what the product is and how it’ll benefit them. You can’t show that in 2 minutes add commercial. However, a 1000 word article may do the trick.

2) High-Quality Content Benefits Your SEO Approach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy initiated to boost your ranking on some of the top search engines. If your website is optimized, then it will appear higher for the keywords you target. With the help of high-quality content, you’ll have a better chance of getting your keywords ranked.

Google loves content that is informative and well written. Therefore, if you know how to give your content a magical touch, you’ll undoubtedly witness a better ranking for all your indexed pages. In addition, with a better ranking, you can expect more traffic that can turn in to potential leads.

3) Content Builds Trust

With cold calling becoming an ineffective sales technique, salespersons need to understand the fact that content is the modern day tactic they need to use. Due to a rise in fraudulent deals and spammers, prospects prefer those brands they can trust. How do you build that trust? With high-quality content that is both useful and entertaining.

4) Who Doesn’t Love a Good Story?

Humans run all businesses, right? Therefore, if you are a B2B platform targeting other business owners you need to make sure that your marketing approach feels real. On the other hand, even if you are a B2C company, you’ll still need to produce content that is interesting and engaging.

To do that, use a story to capture their attention. The story can be just about anything related to your business or any trending topic. If you have a compelling history of how you started your business from scratch and led to success, I believe many people would love to read it. On the other hand, many platforms have a blog page on their official website in which they cover even trendy news. This will definitely attract potential readers who may also visit your product pages after digesting your engaging content.

5) Boost in Organic Traffic

We believe that organic traffic is the best source for generating traffic. Organic traffic can come either by typing in your URL directly or simply via search engine results. As we mentioned above, high-quality content can give you a better rank in search engines. You can use this opportunity to enhance your daily organic traffic.

With more visitors to your site, you can easily convert them with attractive call-to-actions and newsletter popups to gather theirpersonal data for future marketing purposes.

6) Give them a Reason to Come Back

Alright, you made a sale today. However, will that customer ever return before they wish to buy something else? They will if you have something else to offer that is valuable. The content you publish is what will convince your potential prospects to return every now and then.

While they return, you never know when they’ll turn in to a lead and eventually convert. – No wonder content is called king!

7) Attract Ideal Buyers

Even if you manage to produce breathtaking content, that doesn’t mean you’ll attract ideal buyers. Remember, your ultimate goal for content marketing should be to generate high-quality leads. Adaily reader won’t bring any ROI for you!

We advise all content marketers to first go through extensive research. Plot all topics that are both engaging and interesting for your target audience. If you find success in doing that, then you’ll attract more people who have even the slightest chance of converting.

8) Break into Social Media

What should you do after publishing a new piece of content? It’s simple, use it to gain a presence on social media. If you have written a new blog, share it on your Facebook profile to generate more traffic. On the other hand, if you’ve made a new tutorial video, YouTube is the platform for you. Wondering where aInfographic can work? LinkedIn and Instagram are the ideal networks for that.

9) More Backlinks

Backlinks increase your website’s credibility and are also useful for SEO. If you produce good content, your readers will merely start sharing it on their social networks. In addition, if it has valuable data, people may even provide a link to your content in their next blog as a resourceful destination. This will increase your content’s value and increase your chances of getting more traffic and potential leads.

10) Content Marketing Will Polish Your Traditional Methods

Traditional marketing results have seen a steep fall and businesses need to recover from that fall. If you start using content marketing in line with traditional techniques, I believe that it can turn the tables for you in your favor. For example, if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on creating a TV commercial, but it didn’t perform well, you can reuse it and publish it online with a high-quality blog that tells everything the ad does in detail. That way, both the video and blog will increase value for each other.


Content marketing isn’t something you can start today and receive results instantly. This process is time-consuming and is best for long-term goals. Though many may consider this as a drawback, if you would have started using it a few years back by now you could have been at the top.

It’s never too late! The reasons we’ve mentioned above are convincing enough for you to start investing your resources in this approach.


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