10 Vital new trends for mobile app development

10 Vital new trends for mobile app development

There is a lot happening in the mobile app development market and by the looks of it, 2019 is going to give your smartphones a virtual facelift. New innovations are being made every single day so that the apps we use reach optimum efficiency.

2018 was a great year for mobile app development and 2019 is turning out to be no different. Technology developers are currently working on the latest platforms and designs for the users’ convenience in the domain of mobile apps.

Therefore, it becomes very obvious that the future of mobile app development companies either it be for iOS or Android is full of bright prospects.

There are literally tons of new trends that we’ve seen and are expected to surface later this year, but here we are going to discuss the 10 most vital trends for mobile app development that will blow users away. These top trends won’t only be amazing for the users, they’ll also bring in some good business for the leading iOS app development companies and Android app development companies.

So here are top 10 new trends that we’ll be seeing for mobile app development in 2019.

1. Blockchain Technology

Although the Blockchain technology was introduced a few years back but it became part of the mainstream technology in 2018 and since then every mobile app that is associated with financial transactions one way or the other have tried to incorporate the blockchain technology into their apps.

According to a research, blockchain technology is anticipated to hit the mark of $20 by the year 2024. This implies that we will probably be seeing blockchain technology making the headlines in 2019 as various mobile applications are ready to capitalize on the devolved currency platform.

The blockchain technology is more of an opportunity that app developers will be acute to tap in. There are various ways through which this can be done and one way is by making this technology accessible more to investors along with people. Therefore, if you’re a mobile app developer then you should be highly attentive to follow this field.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Like Blockchain, AR and VR too have made a huge impact on the current technologies. You might be thinking that AR and VR are basically into the gaming industry but this is where you are wrong. AR and VR have also penetrated social media, making them the coolest technologies around.

There are many social media apps that use both AR and VR but the largest ones that are practically being used by everyone are Snapchat and Instagram. They have proven to be the fastest growing social media platform that have implemented various applications of AR and VR.

Currently, there are millions of individuals who use these applications daily. And it can be said without a doubt that these technologies will boom in the near future.

3. Artificial intelligence

Ai is also known as machine intelligence that performs human-like tasks. AI and Machine learning are by far the most advanced technologies available today. They are being widely used across many industries.

We’ve already seen Siri and Genie that are AI-powered apps in Andriod and iOS operating systems and from the looks of it, it seems that we’ll be seeing many more apps like these in the future. Therefore, AI is a vital new trend for mobile app development.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

From smart bulbs to smart thermostats, IoT is present in almost all kinds of wearable technologies and this doesn’t stop here. In the coming years, IoT technology will definitely be widely implemented for mobile app development.

Internet of Things is a revolutionary breakthrough that is making our lives easier by simply performing everyday tasks through the devices that are connected over the internet.

According to a research, more than 5 billion people will be adapting to the IoT technology in the next 5 years. Which means that the IoT technology is again a viable trend for mobile app development.

5. M-Commerce

To put it simply, M-commerce means the transactions that are made via mobile devices. Smartphone over the years have become an essential device for us and now it has become a means to do business as well.

There are people who are managing entire businesses just over a smartphone because you can make real-time transactions on it along with the sale and purchase of products.

M-commerce apps aren’t just meant to run businesses, it also provides customer query clarifications via images, text, voice and video call along with an instant messaging solution.

6. Chatbots

We are going to see a lot of chatbots in 2019 especially in the communication sector of mobile app development. This is primarily attributed because of the need to have real-time interaction between customers and service providers. Chatbots by-passes the need to have human to human interaction in different fields.

Companies these days are partly making a profit because of customer engagement. Usually, mobile users abandon the apps they use after sometime, to tackle this issue, Chatbots are being introduced.

Furthermore, firms have already started to outsmart each other by implementing innovative chatbot applications, so we’ll be seeing a lot more chatbots in 2019.

7. Low-Code Development

Earlier mobile apps used to have dense codes which made them stuck every now and then but that has changed and now Low-code apps are being developed that aims to make work seamlessly easy by crafting such apps that can go with the least amount of code possible. The low code apps are much faster and more efficient to use.

8. Cloud-Based Mobile Applications

Cloud technology has many uses but its primary use is to store enormous amount of data across various industries. Most mobiles have a limited onboard storage capacity that is why the latest mobile app development companies offer cloud management randomly because one can never have too much space.

Apart from being spacious, cloud technology is much faster, easy to deploy secure and less expensive which makes it the perfect fit for the top 10 trends of 2019.

9. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps have become the first choice for many business owners and mobile app developers because of their less data usage and rich functions in mobile apps.

The average smartphone user spends around 90% of his/her time moving around a few specific apps. This makes all the more sense to create Progressive Web Apps (PAWs). Because of their qualities, we will be seeing many PAWs in 2019.

10. Mobile Payment Services

With everything that’s been happening, banking platforms will not be left behind when it comes to mobile app development. You will be seeing many mobile payment options in 2019 because of the rapid growth of various digital services along with e-commerce that will push banks to make payment methods much more convenient.

The goal of all such apps will be to save the time and energy of its end users, they will no longer have to run to the bank to get their money as they can do it all while sitting at their home.


It seems pretty clear that 2019 is going to be huge in terms of mobile app development. Developers and customers alike should expect substantial growth of all these trends which includes blockchain, AI, AR, and VR, etc.

All things considered, mobile app development has been through many technological breakthroughs and 2019 is going to be full of innovational surprises for all of us.

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