20 Best Ideas For TikTok Video Content That Can Increase Your Followers

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In the last few years, the word TikTok has taken the world by storm. TikTok is one of the hottest and trendiest social media platforms in the world.

There are 800 million active users and 1.5 billion downloads in the year 2020.

The platform allows you to create short-form videos of 3 to 15 seconds and 60-second videos also. TikTok allows everyone to create various videos like lip-syncing, dancing, facial expression, and meme videos.

Nowadays, a lot of people make videos on TikTok because they want to be popular on TikTok. Also, some other people are more popular on TikTok because they making amazing videos shortly.

Now it is the fourth most downloaded and sixth largest social network in the world. The main reason for the app’s popularity is its potential growth and usage. TikTok is more prevalent among teenagers and youngsters with an age limit of 16 to 24 years.

Today, we will discuss some TikTok video ideas that will help you increase your followers’ growth.

Let’s get elaborate.

1. Create Trending TikTok Video Effects

Create Trending TikTok Video Effects

The hottest part of TikTok is its videos, lots of ideas and features are there to create massive videos. One of the excellent video strategies is to generate trending effects.

Use trending effects in your videos to make them interesting and attractive because most of the people watching videos have more attraction and effects in videos.

TikTok is one of the world’s trendiest platforms; a variety of trending contents live and die on TikTok every day. So, if you want your videos to stand out from others, make sure to use trending content.

2. Dance videos

TikTok is an excellent place to show everyone’s talent; TikTok is filled with effective dance videos. Most of the creators are using this platform to showcase their dancing talents, and even they invite other people to perform group dances.

So, if you have any dancing talents, TikTok is the right platform to spread your dance worldwide, and it will help you get more followers quickly.

3. Follow Regular In Your Content

Consistency and regularity are essential to reach and retain followers. The mark of a good account on any platform, including TikTok, is to upload contents regularly. You should post your content on a daily or weekly basis.

Regular content helps to keep your audience laughing and entertaining. Even it allows you to build up your followers’ growth, and they are awaiting your next video.

You need to find and filter the best time to post your content on TikTok and when your audience is active online. Then make a schedule and follow that timing to gain more visibility and reach.

4. TikTok Makeover Videos

Makeover videos are more popular on TikTok; many fashion and beauty influencers have made makeover videos to engage their audience.

These videos show people dressed well and poorly, their attitude, and interacting style. You can create any makeover videos like hairstyle, cooking, makeup, or something else.

Most people love to see the makeover videos, and they will try it. It is more engaging for others to make their videos with your theme.

5. Share Educational Videos

Few of them think TikTok is just an entertaining platform, but it is an amazing platform for sharing informative content.

TikTok is the perfect platform to reach teenagers and young adults who need informative content.

Many educational institutions are using this platform to provide free and paid courses with online certificates.

If you have a coaching center for any field, you can use TikTok to give some tips and make videos of what is currently going on in your industry. It helps to gain more audience for your TikTok page.

6. Upload Mimicry Videos

Mimicry type of videos goes viral quickly. These types of videos are very funny and get more attention quickly. When we do an excellent mimicry with a celebrity or actor’s voice, people watch these types of videos more carefully and repeatedly so that they enjoy it a lot.

7. Create Duet Videos

Create Duet videos

Millions of people upload different types of video clips on TikTok every day. Duet videos are the magical power of TikTok. These kinds of videos are more engaging and entertaining to people.

You can see two creators together in the same video on TikTok Duets. If you are doing duet on TikTok, you can make your clips similar to an original one as a comment or reply format.

Both original and your videos appear side by side. Duet videos can bring more entertainment and gain more followers for your page.

Here are the steps to create amazing duet videos:

If you do a duet video on TikTok, you need a mobile with TikTok, a TikTok app, and a TikTok account.

  • Open the TikTok app and tap on the “share” button
  • Click the duet button at the bottom of your screen
  • The selected video will be playing on the right side then you can start to recording your video
  • You can edit your video by adding some special effects, filters, and texts if you have.
  • Then click on the “next” button and add hashtags if you need them.
  • Then type your video description and share your video.

8. Make Videos With Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are responsible for your social media reach. It helps your audience to find your post quickly. It is an effective way to get more followers for your TikTok profile.

If you want to increase followers for your TikTok account, you can get instant TikTok followers. It is one kind of way to boost your account with millions of followers.

But making sure to create a video with trending hashtags relevant to your video is a must.

9. TikTok Slow-Motion Videos

Slow-motion videos are more popular on TikTok. In recent days, most of them create more slow-motion viral videos because people like these kinds of videos very much and it helps to increase your popularity.

Here are the steps to make slow-motion videos on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and click on the + symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose a slow song that is relevant for your video
  • Now click the speed option on the right
  • Choose the preferred speed for your video that pops up at the bottom line.
  • After doing it, use TikTok filters and effects to make your video more beautiful, then upload it.

10. Use TikTok Videos With Other Social Platforms

The more platforms you use, the more people and reach you will gain. Cross-promotion is one of the effective ways to spread your posts across the world.

If you want to reach a wider audience quickly, you need to share your posts on other social platforms.

For example, post your TikTok video on Instagram or Facebook. Suppose you have more followers on these apps, your followers will notice your posts, and they are engaging. You will get a chance to follow back you on TikTok.

It is an effective way your TikTok posts will be popular on other platforms also.

11. Partner With An Perfect Influencer

Working with an influencer on TikTok gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with their audience.

It is great for marketers to reach their brand around the world. Most people make a purchase based on the influencer’s and popular celebrities’ recommendations.

Here are a few tips to partner with Influencers:

  • Account Takeovers: Takeovers will be cross-promoted on both your account and influencers’ account. So, it would help if you allowed a TikTok creator to post their content directly from your account.
  • Hashtag Challenge: partner with influencer helps to promote your branded hashtag challenges on their TikTok account.
  • Endorsements: get perfect influencers to promote your brand, product, or services on their own channel as a part of an influencer campaign or a product review.

12. TikTok Questioning Videos For Engaging

Questioning videos on TikTok is more viral and famous. Also, it attracts people to respond to your videos.

If you ask people a few questions about your TikTok videos, it will increase engagement, and they will start promoting your videos on their own channel.

Then your video will reach more and more audience, and it goes quickly much more viral.

13. Create Challenging Videos

The most trending and interesting part of TikTok is its challenges. Alway challenges going viral on TikTok quickly.

If you create a challenge in your TikTok video, your audience and other users also share your videos with their friends and followers to complete such a challenge.

It helps to become more popular among other people and makes your video go viral very quickly.

14. Food Or Cooking Videos

It is similar to YouTube videos, but the video timing is short. Like tutorials, it didn’t add commentary; make your videos as fast-moving and self-explanatory.

If you like cooking and do it at home, you can shoot your cooking videos and post them on TikTok.

If you are not a cook, you can post videos of the food that you eat.

15. Daily Life Videos

It is one kind of inspirational video because some people have used TikTok to post about their daily life videos in general.

Find some most memorable and inspirational moments in your life and turn them into interesting TikTok videos.

16. Post Current Events

Many viral contents live and die on TikTok. But the current events get more engagement on TikTok. Because nowadays, everything is growing into social networks and websites.

Most people get their daily news online, and on average, people spend 54 minutes per day on TikTok.

So, the current events are getting more reach on TikTok. Making sure to share truthful information is important.

17. Use Branded Filters

Like other social platforms, Instagram and Snapchat, creators can use lenses, effects, and AR filters to their videos to create special effects.

Most brands can take advantage of using these filters to make an attractive look. But when you do well on your TikTok videos, it helps boost brand awareness and increase audience growth. Also, it is effective to generate a ton of TikTok on-brand content from their fans and followers. 

18. User-Generated Contents

The most important content strategy on TikTok is to make user-generated content. It helps to engage your audience with their content based on your team.

The perfect example of user-generated content is TikTok challenges.

The social media channel TikTok is more concentrated on user-generated content; because it improves their online communications and connects quickly.

User-generated content builds your credibility and trust, especially for trusted creators. Also, it saves your time and the cost of content production.

So, create your videos based on user-generated content that engages and encourages your audience.

19. Upload Contests And Giveaways

Upload Contests And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are more effective and the right fit for marketers to build their overall marketing strategy.

Before you start your contests, you can set your goal like how it fits your campaign. Then draw the rules and regulations of your TikTok contests. Contests and giveaways make it easy to get more fans and followers on TikTok.

You can allow users to participate in contests and giveaways to the following actions.

  • Follow your profile
  • Visit a profile
  • Like a video
  • Watch a video
  • Share a video
  • Comment on a video
  • Branded hashtags

20. Track Your Account Performance

Track Your Account Performance

Finally, metrics are essential to improve your content strategy and develop your TikTok account into the next level.

You need a TikTok pro account to track your analytics page. TikTok shows the analytics on the following three bases, they are:

  1. Overview
  2. Followers Insight
  3. Content Insight

The overview tab gives the result of your TikTok account’s overall performance, such as the overall contents performance, profile views, and video views.

The follower’s insights help to know your follower’s growth in the last 7 to 28 days. Also, it is the perfect place to understand which content gets more engagement among your followers.

The content insights help to understand your content strategy in the last seven days. They are which type of content goes viral on TikTok and what kind of content gets more likes, comments, and sharers in the previous 7 to 28 days.


Hopefully, these 20 types of content ideas inspire you and help you to create killer videos for the platform.

It’s all about the great ideas for you to create eye-catching TikTok videos to improve your fans and followers.

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