5 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for Amazon Associates

               5 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for Amazon Associates

As time passes on, affiliate marketing has been getting more and more popularity all over the world. In the field of affiliate marketing, Amazon plays a big role as it has the largest affiliate program. It’s not only an e-commerce website but also the largest affiliate program in the world.

Fortunately, to make things easy for Amazon associates, WordPress comes up with plugins that facilitate Amazon associates to execute all the affiliate marketing process in the best possible way. Apart from generic affiliate plugins, WordPress does offer plugins specifically for Amazon associates. But the problem is there are a lot of plugins for Amazon associates which is pretty confusing to pick the right one.

That’s why I have come up with this article to exclude your confusion in choosing the right plugin for your Amazon affiliate program. Here, in this article, I have listed 5 most efficient Amazon affiliate plugins in WordPress for serving your purposes. So, let’s take a look at the whole article to resolve your confusion.

1. AzonPress


AzonPress is a wonderful premium plugin for Amazon associates that is used to add and manage Amazon affiliate links on your site. This is a powerful plugin and using this plugin, you don’t need to leave your site to manage affiliate marketing process. It will automatically generate the respective product link on your site by using the Amazon API Key. It simplifies the whole process of affiliate marketing with Amazon.

Using the plugin, you will get a wide range of features and functionalities to manage your affiliate program. There are 8 different template layouts available in AzonPress. You can get templates like Grid, Box, List, Table, Featured Widget, Widget Small Template, Bestseller, and Product Element etc. Moreover, you can get two default table creation process named comparison table and product table.

With an easy setup procedure, AzonPress comes with detailed documentation for its users. You also get dedicated support from the developer side of the plugin. You can see the various demos created by the plugin. Let’s take a look at the core features of the plugin:

Core Features:

  • Easy Integration with your site.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fully responsive product tables.
  • Supports 8 template layouts.
  • 2 default tables type.
  • Shortcode facility for adding product tables on your post page.
  • Complete user manual.
  • Front-end editing option using Appearance Settings.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Cost effective.
  • SEO friendly plugin
  • Gutenberg compliant.


AzonPress offers 3 different pricing plans for its users. They are:

  • Single Site License – $39.00
  • Business License – $79.00
  • Unlimited Site License – $199.00

2. Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP)

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP)

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for Amazon associates. It allows you to insert and localize Amazon affiliate products for your site remaining on your site. You don’t need to adopt the manual process rather the plugin allows you to do all these things dynamically. You also experience the demos of the plugin visiting its official website. Let’s take a look at the core features of the plugin:

Core features:

  • Easy integration with your site.
  • Automatic price updates through API.
  • Creating product comparison tables for numerous Amazon products.
  • Dynamic table creation.
  • Create automated bestseller lists.
  • Detailed documentation.


In pricing, AAWP offers 4 different pricing plans. They are:

  • Personal – €39
  • Plus – €99
  • Pro – €199
  • Ultimate – €299

3. EasyAzon


EasyAzon is another standard and popular Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that is used to earn more commissions saving your valuable time. This is a wonderful WordPress plugin to control Amazon affiliate marketing on your site. You can create links for the respective product and can open it in a new window when the link is clicked. There are a bunch of advanced features of the plugin. Let’s take a look at the core features of the plugin:

Core Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Dynamic affiliate link creation.
  • Display product pop up.
  • Cloak for SEO purposes.
  • Automatic link localizer.


AzonPress offers 2 pricing plans for its users.

  • Developer Site Use Right – $67
  • Multi-Site Use Right – $47

4. AmalLinks Pro

AmalLinks Pro

AmalLinks Pro is another quality plugin for Amazon associates. Using this plugin you can earn more commission from Amazon marketplace on your site. The plugin covers all the essential features to monetize your affiliate website. As you can see the plugin comes with custom blocks designed to work with Gutenberg editor. Let’s have a look at the core features of the plugin:

Core Features:

  • Easy to use and manage the affiliation process.
  • Gutenberg friendly plugin.
  • Custom block design layouts.
  • Compliant by Amazon.
  • You can create custom CTA buttons.


In pricing, the plugin offers 3 pricing plans. They are:

  • Basic – $67
  • Premium – $97
  • Platinum – $397
  1. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links is a quality freemium plugin for Amazon associates. Using this plugin, you don’t need to go for a manual process rather the plugin manages all the process dynamically. Moreover, the plugin supports 10 Amazon locales and works perfectly JavaScript disabled browsers. Here are to core features of the plugin:

Core Features:

  • Easy integration with a simple interface.
  • You will get 5 different unit types.
  • Supports 3 languages.
  • Shortcode facilities.
  • Sidebar widget supported.
  • Various unit options.
  • Custom buttons.
  • Option to create a black and white list.


The plugin is basically free and you can get the free version from the WordPress directory. But the plugin also offers a premium version with a minimum cost. The pro version of the plugin costs only $20.

Final Thoughts

In this competitive world of affiliate marketing, earning commission from affiliate marketplace like Amazon is much more challenging. Using the right tool for the whole process can make things easy for you. You can use any of the plugins from the list above as they all are the quality plugins. I tried to pick the best plugins out of the rest.

For me, I highly recommend you go for AzonPress as it’s the latest dimension in the field of Amazon affiliate marketing. The most important viewpoint of the plugin is its handy usability with a bunch of advanced options.


I hope this article helped you to eliminate your confusion and figure out the right plugin for the right purpose. All the plugin listed here does the same task with no big differences. The same plugin may not work in the same way for everyone. Therefore, you can give a try and find out which one is the best-suited one for you. Moreover, If you want to share anything regarding the context, feel free to share by leaving a comment in the box below.

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