6 Recommended tools to Improve Writing Skills

6 Recommended tools to Improve Writing Skills

Do you want to write content so that people can’t keep their eyes away from your text?

Writing down an impressive piece of content is not something you can do without practice.

However, practice alone does not make you perfect. You have to keep in touch with the emerging tools buzzing around on the internet.

It is also important from the marketing point of view. Well, if you are a content marketer, you better be on your toes to bring writing tools as part of your marketing strategy.

This article is all about the best tools that will help you create a well-written sales copy or a blog post.

So, bear with me for a while and read this article thoroughly.

How better writing skills are a must for marketing?

You must be aware of all the stuff going on the internet. While searching for something on Google, you end up getting a slew of answers.

The next thing you do is open all the related tabs and search for what you need. Have you ever experienced one thing while reading those articles?

You immediately skip the websites that give you kind of vague and hard written text. You actually get bored as if you are being forced to read that bulky text.

On the other hand, you love to read and can’t keep your eyes off the text that is well written and engaging.

That’s the reason why some blogs perform outstanding while others simply get dumped into the heap of useless text.

So, good writing skill is a must for a marketer. Writing the content that converts people into valued leads or customers does not come overnight.

You have to be good at playing with words and putting ideas into perspective. That’s why you have to write with flair.

Only then you will be able to follow the best guidelines of search engines. That SEO part helps you get ranked among your competitors and get lots of views.

So, good writing, in general, is essential for a content writer who has just started a blog for a business.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to learn those writing skills.

  1. Marketers have to convey ideas clearly.
  2. The digital world is based on written content.
  3. Marketers need to write for a huge and varied audience rather than a bunch of readers.

Six suggested tools that help you write better:

Well, you can’t waste your days churning out words or can’t spend sleepless nights sharpening your writing skill.

This just does not work better for a writer now. It’s not that writing practice is bad for better prose.

It’s just the old school method and it takes an eternity to develop a knack. It’s like reinventing the wheel.

If you just love to labor with your writing, then you are good to go. With that said, we have brought several tools that can save you from the mindless effort.

You can turn your little writing efforts into something worth it. Thus, you need to know about these tools.

Obviously, the world has changed dramatically when it comes to tech. And there is no denying the fact, that you can see a bunch of tools for literally everything.

There we have provided six tools that can make you a better writer. Let’s check them out.

Check Plagiarism:

Check Plagiarism

A writer has to keep an eye on his content’s authenticity whether he is writing a blog post or a social media post.

That’s why this plagiarism checker is an asset for freelance writers and bloggers. Being a content writer, you can check plagiarism in your content.

It is after all necessary to identify duplicate content. Because such content affects your credibility and creates a bad impression for both search engines and readers.

To avoid Google penalties, you can check your content with this tool. Some awesome features are why this tool is worth mentioning here.

Like every valuable similarity checker, this tool gives you free as well as paid services.

For instance, if you want to check a limited number of words, you can go for the free version.

However, its free version provides a way greater number of words than usual plagiarism checkers.

Using this free tool, you can check up to 15,000 words in one go. That’s a huge range of words.

It means you can find plagiarism worth a small ebook. Having said that, you can also avail premium features of this tool.

Yet, its premium access is better for those writers who need a continuous flow of content for their own blog maybe.

Because with the premium tool, you can detect an unlimited number of words for plagiarism.

So, as a whole, this tool caters to the needs of every kind of content writer. As far as the accuracy and speed of checking are concerned, checking plagiarism is at par with any best working tool.

The moment you enter the content and hit the check button, it scans billions of web pages and gives you instant results.

You don’t have to wait for even minutes to get comprehensive results. On top of that, it scans every line of your text analyzes the semantics of your text.

It also provides you the sources if any sentence isn’t authentic or contains copied content.

You can go on the source website from where you copied that text and the original text easily.

Its features do not stop here, as you can even check up to 5 files at one time to speed up your plagiarism checking.

In a nutshell, those content writers who suffer content’s credibility can know exactly why there are lagging behind their competitors.

Hence, creating authentic content is necessary for every writer and this tool may help you in one way or the other.



If are into writing for quite a time, chances are there you may already know something about Grammarly.

We are talking about a text editing and formatting tool that has worked so far so good since its inception.

A content marketer should express his ideas clearly so that the readers get what he wants to convey.

This tool will never let you down when you are having problems with your comprehension.

Sometimes, writers suffer from mind fog as they find it hard to put ideas into words.

In that case, you can go for Grammarly premium to cut down excessive clutter and express ideas with clarity.

Grammarly is your free grammar assistant but it does more than just keep your grammar uptight.

You can remove grammatical and spelling errors, check plagiarism, and even set the tone of your writing.

It comes in two versions. One is free and the other is premium. With a free version, you can only remove grammar and syntax-related issues.

However, the premium version gives a variety of solutions. You can enhance vocabulary, check plagiarism, check punctuation and context, and use peculiar writing styles.

The best thing about Grammarly is that it has different plugins for the web, offline word processors, and google docs.

So, you need not worry about your writing issues whether you are working offline or online.

On top of that, this tool is trusted among millions of users because of its efficient results. Your content does not get stolen and remains safe.

With Grammarly, you can enhance your writing skills through real-time suggestions as they help you know your writing flaws.

Article rewriter:

Article rewriter

Have you ever got stuck into writer’s block? There are all unnecessary reasons to stand up from your writing desk and give yourself a break from writing.

However, now you can keep on creating unique content with this article rewriter. Because it helps you rewrite an article with new words.

Thus, if you have any reservations regarding plagiarized text because you think it may hurt SEO or may affect the user experience.

You can use this article rewriter to produce fresh and unique content providing value to your readers.

Using AI technology understands the text and helps you rewrite it perfectly without losing the meanings of your text.

That’s why is sentence changer is one of the best tools available for content writers.

Apart from that, you can use its three different modes of rewriting. You can change synonyms, change complete sentences or go for the plagiarism remover.

A feature you would not see commonly on other article rewriters is a grammar checker.

This feature helps you rewrite your text and remove any grammatical mistakes from it.

Thus you can get the features of a grammar checker and a rewriter combined in this tool.

Being a writer, you always need the skill that helps you create exceptional content.

So, you can express one idea in so many different ways. That’s the reason this article rewriter is best for you.

Hemingway editor:

Hemingway editor

It got its name from Ernest Hemingway, a known author for his succinct style of writing.

Actually, this tool is just like the common editing tool you can see over the internet. But some peculiarities make it worth using.

These include highlights of the issues in your writing. Being a writer, you sometimes have to submit your work to tight deadlines.

Thus, you end up getting grammatical mistakes and other advanced issues in your writeups.

By the end, proofreading becomes a hell of a task for you and you may never know you are doing it right or not.

Maybe you still forget to make changes in some sentences. To save yourself from all the mess, you should use Hemingway.

It highlights different issues in your text and tells you what you should do to remove them.

Another important thing you should know while writing is your text comprehension.

Being a content writer, you never get the desired readership if you don’t see your text from the reader’s perspective.

For instance, you wrote down a blog post and after editing, you think it is perfect to publish it now.

You even publish it but then nothing happens. Much to your dismay, your bounce rate increases.

So, even after proper proofreading and editing what mistakes you did? The problem lies in clarity and focus.

You didn’t realize that your readers aren’t as familiar with the topic as you are. That’s the sole reason they come to your blog and want to read your content.

So, you can use this editor to know how much your content is readable. You will get a readability score for your content.

Ultimately, it helps you to make your content more succinct and eloquent.

Google Docs:

Google Docs

Word processing tools are a must for writers. Irrespective of the writing project, you need to have something to write on.

While you have usual offline mediums like MS Word, you should move towards other more interactive tools.

Google Docs is one of them. It is developed by Google for writing and documentation purposes.

Mainly Google docs differ from conventional tools for its sharing and collaboration.

While working as a team of writers, you need to share your documents with others. In that case, you can use Google Docs to collaborate with others.

Moreover, it provides all the necessary formatting tools you need to make your content more appealing to readers.

In essence, it helps you write your text, edit it and set the formatting. So, it’s a very fruitful tool for content writers and bloggers.

Headline Analyzer:

Headline Analyzer

This is another important addition to your writing arsenal. A headline analyzer is important, particularly for content marketers.

Good headlines entice the readers to continue reading your copy. Ultimately, they help you convert readers into customers provided that you have written a superb sales copy.

So, you can use this tool to make interactive headlines and check your pre-written headlines.

Final words:

There are a lot of tools that help you in your writing. Writing as a whole is a vast skill. You can’t find a single tool that helps you improve your writing skill.

That’s why you need to have a set of tools. These six tools help you grow through different stages of your writing.

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