6 Things that make you an ideal agency for Small Businesses with PPC needs

Small Businesses with PPC needs

Although SEO makes the inner filling of a cake for long-term improvement in organic ranking, PPC forms the top layering that attracts clients quickly. If the cake’s icing is not good enough, it takes time to instill interest among people to take the plunge and try the filling.

Likewise, PPC works to enchant people to a small business in the short run, helping them boost their search engine ranking. To be precise, pay-per-click (PPC) is an umbrella term for all the digital marketing tactics employed to ask platforms and publishers to direct traffic to the target site.

SocialMediaToday reveals that 7 million plus advertisers invested in PPC in 2017, which totaled to $10.1 billion. Moreover, eMarketer highlights that Facebook and Google Ads will take the top slot in the digital platforms that will get the most investment in the coming years.

The same source also anticipates that Facebook’s ad revenue will overtake the print industry in 2019. While the significance of pay-per-click campaigns is clear, what is it that makes you stand out as an ideal agency for small businesses with PPC remains unanswered?

In this regard, let’s dig into six chief factors that can make you the best pick for satisfying the PPC requirements of small businesses:

1. Extensive knowledge of the industry

Before serving a specific clientele, it is crucial to know about its background, basic details, common pain points, and frequently faced troubles and challenges. Small businesses have a small team at the helm of their affairs, which translates into fewer employees.

In contrast with large or regular-sized businesses, their annual revenue is cropped, which means that their budgets aren’t large. Hence, such ventures are consistently looking for ways to multiply their growth and revenue at a shoestring budget.

On top of that, small businesses are fragile with the US Small Business Administration saying that more than 50% of the small businesses fail in their first year. Not to mention, 95% fail within their first five years. You need to learn all the nitty-gritty about small ventures and craft a plan to assist them in their digital marketing effectively.

2. You are entirely focused on your goal

Another excellent tip that helps you cut through the clutter is your focus. A successful company can quickly identify an ideal client that it wants to work with. You can also target clients as per their location, for example, serve as a PPC agency new york. From there on, it all boils down to lead nurturing until the potential client turns into a favorite client.

Your next step is staying focused on delivering positive results to your clients. Hence the a-z of the process as an agency owner depends on laser-focus. Julie Bacchini from Neptune Moon Marketing advises in this regard.

Bacchinipoints out,Think of it like dating – know your short list of must haves and deal breakers and stick to it. Stay focused on good fits.” One skill that complements your focus is strong communication. Not only do you need efficient communication within your team but also outside it to work effectively with your clients.

3. You have a portfolio or case studies to share with your potential clients

Stepping into the shoes of your customers, you’d note that a proven track record is critical to strengthening trust. Small businesses live on a small budget most of the times. This means that they don’t have money to splurge or experiment with varying companies to get the desired results.

In simple words, such ventures have limited investments, so they plan on working with the best only. Looking at things through this lens shows that you need to take all the measures to earn the trust of your prospective clients.

The best tool to this end is a convincing portfolio or case studies that showcase the results of your efforts. Case studies give your prospective clients a glimpse into how it is to work with your agency. Their chief objectives are to attract and convert clients by building trust. What’s more, online reviews and customer testimonials can also help you bolster trust with your perspective.

4. You can guarantee their success

As discussed earlier, small businesses do not have the budget for Big Macs. They are good to go with a regular meal. Besides, they require a value for their money. This is why it is significant that you guarantee them success.

Mounting research and statistics are in favor of the results that pay-per-click campaigns yield. Formstack concludes that PPC ads fall among the top three generators of on-page conversions. Furthermore, research underlines that PPC traffic converts 50% more than organic traffic.

There’s no denying that PPC ads reap a desirable outcome. However, the results are best only when the underlying strategy is strong. As an agency that meets the PPC needs of small startups, it is imperative that you should master the art of PPC campaigns. Once you are confident about your skills, it wouldn’t be hard to convince prospective about the results.

5. You understand their goals and budgetary framework

Generally, small ventures have a small budget. Specifically, however, different businesses have varying budgetary frameworks. Some understand that spending on marketing is a surefire way to entice their targeted audience and boost sales.

Others, however, may be skeptical in the initial rounds of investment until they see the results. Likewise, you need to comprehend your client’s goals and subsequent PPC requirements.

A small business that has survived the challenging early stages of taking off has different PPC needs than a newbie venture that is at the launch pad.

Hence, another key factor that makes you an incredible agency for delivering the PPC needs of businesses is that you have a proper grasp of their goals and requirements. Once you’re on the same wavelength about these factor with your client, only then you can work to the achieving the results.

6. You have a landing page with undeniable offers

Have you noticed how supermarkets offer ‘buy one, get one free’ offers that are simply too good to refuse? At the end of the day, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself against purchasing the item, you give in because the deal wasn’t the one to be put down.

An enticing landing page with mind-blowing offers works similarly. Besides the right skill sets, attracting the ideal clients, and sharing your case studies, you need to ensure that your clients land on a customized landing page with a clear call-to-action.

Besides, consider adding offers that your perspective can’t deny. Compelling offers can convert your leads significantly. Therefore, offer something along the lines of discount code or a free consultation.

Key takeaway

The Independent highlights that 2017 witnessed nearly two million reported online fraud incidents. These are expected to swell in the present year. This sets the stage for presenting yourself as an ideal agency to your small business perspective so that they can trust you better.

To this end, it is essential to position yourself as a reliable, trustworthy, and outcome-oriented company that assist other businesses with their PPC needs. Excellent communication skills, an enticing landing page, understanding of the clients’ industry, challenges, budgets, and goals are some of the best ways to idealize yourself as a great agency.

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