7 Irresistible Reasons to Invest in Travel App Development

Gone those days when we used to call travel agents and family friends to plan a trip. When we used to pack our bags and start making the arrangements months before. Now, a single tap on a travel mobile app is enough to do everything in real-time. Isn’t it so?


From ticket booking to accessing useful information in real-time, travel apps are changing the travel scenario for users in numerous ways. They are simplifying the lives of travelers. But, can we say the same thing for the travel agencies? Are these applications boosting their business anyhow? Should the brands invest in travel app development?

If you too are struggling with these questions and are wondering if having an app is good for your business, this article is a good read for you. Here, we will discuss the 7 reasons why traveling business should look forward to having a business app, followed by how to choose the right travel application development company.

7 Reasons to Consider Travel App Development

1- Higher User Attraction

With customers sticking to their smartphones day and night, there’s no better platform to connect them besides a mobile application. A travel mobile app, residing on their device’s screen, can remind them about your brand continuously. It can help you to target users both locally and globally – without facing the time difference issue.

2- Personalized Services

57% of travelers, as per the market research, demand services tailored as per their personal preference. While you might be using the best of the traditional customer service methods, a travel mobile app can come up as the best medium here.

A mobile travel app, embedded with numerous advanced technologies and features, can make it easier for you to offer personalized services to your end users. You can, for example, target people of a particular location using geolocation technology. You can keep them revisit your application frequently via push notifications. Besides, you can offer a plethora of services from booking tickets to booking hotels, restaurants, checking the weather, tracing the location, reading the reviews and blogs, and much more. Also, you can embed a chatbot into your mobile application that communicates with the customer, understand their preference, and make bookings for them. And this way, cater their needs in a personalized manner.

3- 24 x 7 Business

Thanks to travel mobile applications, you can run your business beyond the working hours.

You can connect with the customers even in the mid of the night and serve them with customized services, resulting in better customer experience and elevated customer acquisition rate.

4-Higher ROI

Another major advantage of investing in travel app development is higher ROI. According to a market report, 36% of travelers are ready to pay more for getting services personalized as per their personal details and traveling history. In such a scenario, having a mobile application that simplifies the process and caters their needs in a personalized manner can prompt them to make bookings more often, and thus, drive higher ROI.

Besides, the travel application by streamlining the internal working optimizes the processes and cut down the need for more workforce, again resulting in lower investment and higher ROI.

5- Streamlined Internal Processes

A travel mobile app is also a perfect addition to your business for streamlining the internal processes. The application can keep all your employees connected to the same platform. You can easily check their real-time schedule, communicate with them, analyze their performance, and much more.

6-Effective Marketing

A mobile application itself can be considered as the best marketing tool for your business. You can easily target the location-based user base, keep them hooked with push notifications and personalized services, and ask them for feedback. You can also integrate the cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR to share a glimpse of the traveling experience to the customers and help them take the decision earlier.

This, as a whole, can enhance your app market presence. Besides, you can encourage users to share your application with their friends and family, improving the download rate.

7- Competitive Advantage

As per a survey in the USA, 26% of the travel searches were made on a mobile device. Whereas, the rate was higher in other parts of the world, with Europe holding 47%, Asia 40%, and the Middle East and Africa observing 38% of share. From these figures, it is evident that having a travel business app is a boon to the travel agencies. But, do you think all the travel companies are on mobile? Sadly, no. There are many business leaders who are still sailing in the sea of confusions and fears, implying you can easily get ahead of them by launching your own travel app sooner.

In other words, a travel app can cut down the competition in the market and help you rise above swiftly.

Now as you are familiar with these 7 advantages of having a travel business app, what’s your next move? Are you ready to invest in travel app development? If so, here are the steps to choose the right travel application development company:

Steps to Hire the Right Travel App Development Company

1- Look for Skills and Experience

Every industry has its set of technologies and challenges. So, it is better to go with one having experience in the travel industry to build a market-centric application, without worrying about how to deal with those challenges.

2- Consider Portfolio and Client Reference

Though every travel application development company claims to be the best in the industry. You should look into the portfolio to know what kind of development services you will get. Besides, you should talk to the existing clients or check their feedback on numerous B2B research firms like AppFutura and Clutch to see their market reputation. This might be time-consuming but helps to get an escape from frauds and get the right application at your door.

3- Check Service Package

While some companies offer individual app development services, others provide a complete package of services right from market research to design, development, testing, and app launch. Comparing the price with the services offered, take the right decision for your business.

4- Focus on Communication

Regardless of whether you opt for in-house, local, or outsource app development services, you should consider communication as an indispensable element in the selection process. A proper communication between the two end parties can ensure that you both are on the same page and a perfect travel mobile app will be delivered at the stipulated time and cost.

Keeping these four major constraints in mind, you can easily hire the best travel application development agency for your business needs. So, what are you waiting for?

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