7 Must-Try Ecommerce Marketing Techniques

As an Ecommerce brand, you must have various distinctive marketing techniques to obtain new customers and keep track of the old customers as well. Since every business owner has understood the value of online presence, the concept of an Ecommerce store has changed the whole idea of how people buy and sell products.

A recent study shows that by 2040, 95% of the purchases are expected to be done through Ecommerce stores. Hence, you should better be ready and organize your business by applying unique Ecommerce techniques to entice more customers to your website. In this article, we are going to teach you how to bring traffic & build relationships with customers through 7 proven Ecommerce techniques. But, before that, let’s understand what exactly Ecommerce Marketing stands for?

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

A concrete Ecommerce marketing plan is a combination of three important points:

  1. Goal
  2. Strategies
  3. Tactics.

These three primary elements work together and help your ecommerce business achieve sustainable traffic growth that eventually results in sales.

In common words, Ecommerce marketing is the process of bringing awareness to your online store through different strategies such as Publishing Creative Content, Leveraging Social Media, Building a Website, SEO, and many more.

Overall, you can use these  marketing techniques to drive more sales for specific products. You can also use several Marketing Automations software,  Without further ado, let’s check out some essential Ecommerce marketing techniques to promote your online store effectively.

7 Efficient Ecommerce Marketing Techniques

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the main attraction for any Ecommerce platform. It is the process of creating online material such as blog posts, videos, infographics, images that entice your potential customers. However, this strategy won’t directly help you sell your product, but it could be a way to spread awareness about the product to your target audience.


It is essential for every Ecommerce store to regularly consider blogging to connect with the customers and achieve a better ranking in search engines. Hence, we recommend you to feature your blog on your online store as well. Moreover, creating long-form content & guest posts also helps you guide customers in a better way.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most useful promotion ideas for most online stores, and additionally, it emerges as the best communication channel between customers and businesses. When you inform your customers about their recent purchases or the latest offers, it somehow creates an element of trust, which helps your business maximize genuine traffic.

Email marketing still remains the number 1 communication channel, even if we have many social media and chat apps. As a study shows, 91% of the customers daily check their mails, and hence email could be the most profitable way to draw customers onto your Ecommerce store.

3. Facebook & Instagram Integration / Social Media Advertising

Social media integration with your Ecommerce website and product promotion through social media advertisement play an integral role in defining the success of your business.

Facebook and Instagram still remain one of the most powerful advertising platform available to Ecommerce marketers. Having such social media apps integrated with your online store certainly helps increase product sales.


The first thing you can do is make a profile on relevant social media channels after launching your Ecommerce store. By using clear product images and descriptions on Facebook, you can promote the business. Same with Instagram, by using proper hashtags, posts & stories, you can draw the customer to buy the product through social media.

4. Introduce Mobile App

Many of you have noticed that more often than not, you are forced to switch to a computer to order your desired product even if you have been dreaming of it through your mobile.

In such a scenario, having a mobile app for your Ecommerce store surely helps you with the online business. It is proven that mobile applications tend to load more quickly than the website so that users can efficiently purchase more items.

More importantly, with the mobile application, you will have the option to send a push notification to your customers to make them aware of the latest offers and product availability.

Therefore, if your business is running successfully, and you want to take it to the summit, a mobile app is an excellent way to boost sales and achieve unprecedented growth.

5. Mobile Friendly Website with Easy Navigation & Search option

All websites, including Ecommerce ones, should be mobile friendly as more and more people nowadays switch to mobile devices for browsing and shopping online. Mobile-friendliness means the user should be able to access your Ecommerce site in the same way across all smartphones. It is essential that the theme you have used on your website remains responsive and works well on all mobile devices.

mobile friendly

If your website manages to provide a better user experience to the consumers, then you will obviously get more traffic on your Ecommerce store. Mostly, buyers always look for advanced search options and straightforward navigation to explore the products quickly.

Hence, use intuitive and simple navigation along with an advanced search function to make your product available easily.

6. Optimize Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization should be an essential mainstay of your Ecommerce showcasing plan. All things considered, organic customer traffic coming in through web engines convey the most noteworthy ROI as an Ecommerce marketing channel.

There should be two main optimizations considering your Ecommerce store:

1] On-site optimization – This includes website content, meta-description, and alt-tags based on the keyword research;

2] off-page optimization – This includes the development of backlinks, blog posting and social media networks. These all together increase the chances of enticing genuine traffic to your online store.

7. Personalized Buying Experience for Customers

You need to make sure that your customers feel like your store is the one-stop solution for them and continuously help them pick the right product with ease. You can personalized name in your emails, suggest new products based on their old purchases, make them aware of the latest edition. This is a great way to build up the trust element with your customers.


The efforts you put on your Ecommerce store shows how much you care about your customer as a brand, and you are always willing to understand their needs. Giving your consumer the best buying experience leads your business to the next level.

The Final Say:

We have explored many tactics that can be very helpful in developing Ecommerce Store, and we have illustrated seven of them that we assume to be the best. Hopefully, this article would help you in engaging more consumers to your online store. If you have any spectacular tips for the same, you can surely share them with us.

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