9 Best Tricks that Make Video Marketing Easy for Small Business

As thousands of videos pop up everywhere on the web, you need to ensure yours is able to grab the eyeballs and engage the customer.

Video Marketing Easy for Small Business

Everybody is saying that Video Marketing is the best method to boost sales like a rocket engine. But, it’s not easy. Video Marketing is an extensive task and requires expertise in terms of creation and marketing. Because of its stellar conversion results, Video Marketing is slowly becoming necessary for ambitious brands.

People are watching more and more videos on the internet. Statistics show that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded social video. Videos help you get your message across in a way that is engaging, memorable, and clear. But when starting out, there are umpteen chances that mistakes will follow you more than success.

Mistakes are teachers and they do help you get better but when you can use some proven tricks, why waste time there? In this guide, you are going to read about fail-proof techniques to hack the success of Video Marketing.

Why is video marketing effective for small businesses?

Making video content for your brand marketing can be very overwhelming. Although, if you have a limited budget, it can be challenging to create meaningful and great videos on social media for the marketing of your brands.

So how to know if video marketing is worth your time? Well, it definitely is worth your time and resources. Let’s uncover the key benefits.

There are several benefits of video marketing. It allows you to show your customers that the brand values are real. Showcase the usefulness of your products with explainer videos, how-to tutorials, and highlight features of your product with video marketing.

Video content is 95% more effective than any other form of marketing content. A viewer retains the message effectively after watching the brand video rather than reading or listening. A survey says 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to reading articles, infographics, ebooks, and presentations when it comes to discovering new products or services.

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. So if you are ready to leap into video marketing, we have curated an in-depth and detailed guide on the best tricks and tips used to create great and wow video content for your brand marketing.

Make your brand video stand out with these nine tricks!

Strategy, Concepts, Ideation, Storyboarding, Illustrations, Animations, Voice over, Motion Effects and so much to do.

Ahhh! It sounds overwhelming to hop on the video marketing strategy?

Well, if you do video marketing without learning about it, it will become a daunting task. But we have brought you the easiest and quickest hacks to make the process simpler yet effective. In this article, you’ll learn nine easy tricks that will make your video marketing experience easier!

Put Quality over Quantity

When it comes to creating compelling and effective content for a brand, the number one principle would be – “Never Compromise with Quality”

This is non-negotiable when you are marketing to grow. Quality content generates leads and builds trust in your audience. There is much research behind the user experience and ways in which digital algorithms manipulate user experience. Producing impactful and high-quality videos will help you create effective video marketing strategies for brand awareness.

Too much content is not always good for your marketing. Your brand video should be meaningful and impactful with quality content, not just too much content. For communicating with your customers, you need to make sure that they watch your videos to the end. Make your content snackable and on the go. Creating a bit size 30 seconds video is found to be the optimum length of brand videos. However, there is no hard rule for the length of the video. You can decide the length of the video according to your campaign needs.

The video marketing content should be creative and emotionally engaging. If your brand needs just an explainer video, the bit size content would be more impactful than long hours videos.

Create content that educates your audience

The number one category of videos on Youtube is explainer videos. So if you’re looking for effective video marketing for your brand, just start sharing your knowledge with your audience to reach out to them. The more you share, the more the audience will follow you.

Rather than sharing expensive paid advertisement videos, if you reach out to the public with simple how-to videos that educate them, it works better. Creating high-quality content does not necessarily mean you create high production value. But it means that your audience must receive knowledge from your videos. Your video must offer solutions to their problems and answer their queries.

Growing audiences with video marketing needs creativity. Explainer videos relate to the concept and tell your audience how to do something. These videos create a conversation between you and your customer and ultimately generate sales for you. The central idea behind any marketing is to get you in touch with your potential buyers. And if you want to do it with video marketing, you need to make qualitative and educative videos for your audience. Start sharing tips and tricks with your audience and sharing behind the scenes with your fans to grow your audience.

Use Keywords

The whole idea of video marketing is to reach out to the potential customers and growing audience for your brand voice. With the use of the right and relevant keywords, you can reach customers and make your video marketing effective. Many video marketing experts suggest that using keywords in the first few minutes of the videos enhances the SEO of the videos.

Youtube auto transcribes their videos, and it is intelligent to use the relevant keywords at the starting of the video to make them searchable. Focus on mentioning keywords in the starting and throughout the videos in a natural way to enhance the SEO of the voice.

The video content can be optimized with titles, tags, and descriptions with the use of relevant tags. With the use of keywords, you can make your videos available to the relevant and target audience, which increases the impact of your marketing on your small business. You can also add keywords to the transcripts once you have uploaded the videos. This increases the chance that your video will be available to the maximum number of people out on the internet. However, you can’t just throw a bunch of words in your video. Use proper keyword research techniques for magic.

Impact within the first three seconds

Yes, you just heard right!

You just have 3-seconds to grab the attention of your audience, so make it count. Digital customers will come across your videos via social media. When someone is scrolling through videos on Instagram or Facebook and stops at your video, pack a punch line in the first three seconds to capture their attention.

Social Media analytics suggests that if the viewer watches your videos for 3 seconds, it is imperative that he will watch the entire video. You may have created an enticing video about your business with an exciting message. All of this is for nothing if the first three seconds of the video aren’t engaging and intriguing. Hence you need to plan your video start in detail and very strategically.

The best way to grab the attention of the viewers is to use hooks and amazing thumbnails. Your video thumbnail should create curiosity in your audience, while your hook should grab their attention to push and play your marketing video. You can create videos to create awareness and answer the problems of the customer. Open the video with emotional and action-packed scenes. Else your viewer will be ignoring your video like tons of other videos.

Optimize your content for different channels

The marketing videos are created for social media. However, you just cannot float your marketing videos on any platform just because they are social media platforms. For making the marketing campaign work, you need to identify your potential and target audience. Once you have identified the target audience, you must research which social media and channel they mostly follow for content.

If your brands are looking forward to creating lasting impressions on customers, you need to design your videos innovatively and in alignment with the formats supported by the target channels. Your videos must be optimized according to the channel of distribution for effectiveness.

A survey reported that social media feeds on mobile phones have increased incredibly. And not only millennials but also adults crossing the age of 50 use mobile phones for watching social videos. It means that when you design a marketing video for a small business, you must use the mobile format of the social media platform for which you have targeted a campaign. Your feed should suit the screen format of the platform. Also, all the social media platforms have adopted vertical video formats to maximize the viewing area on smartphones so that viewers don’t have to turn their devices.

Don’t overthink video marketing

Many businesses have shown their hesitation with video marketing, whether its budget or production cost. Using the video marketing technique helps businesses to use the approach to reach out to potential customers.

The brands dealing with tight budgets can always go for homemade simple explainer videos. Just use your smartphone for filming a video and float the video on the internet. Let your audience know about your brand and the faces behind the brand. You can also use simple tactics like behind-the-scenes videos or simple packing and delivery of the product videos. These videos might make a fortune, but they will help you connect with your customers, and you can tell them about your business.

As a small business, you need to start somewhere. Video marketing offers you a chance to connect with your audience and show the human side of your business. It starts conversations and helps you understand your customers better. Many small brands have used channels like Live videos on social media platforms to connect personally with their audiences.

Use Video Testimonials

Use Video Testimonials

Another great tip for making your video marketing effective and impactful is to use testimonials from your satisfied and happy customers. Customer testimonial videos are the best way to communicate with your potential customers and tell them that your business brings our results. A real customer testimonial video has the highest effect on the audience.

With these kinds of videos, you can send a message to your audience that they can trust your brand and compel them to message you as they are being recommended by a real customer. If you have customer testimonial videos and you are not using them for marketing, then you are losing the competition. With the testimonial videos, your viewers are likely to retain information about your brand.

You can use the testimonial videos on the landing page. Use them effectively on your landing page to boost conversion and also prove that your product works. However, you must ensure that the video content of the testimonials talks about the content on the landing page. For example, if your landing page is explaining the importance and benefits of your product, the testimonials must also talk about the same. It’s all about relevant and quality content, after all.

Use Live Video

Every small business needs to connect with its followers and increase brand recognition with positive notes. Live sessions with your audience help you to connect with your customers and understand their viewpoints on your products and services. There are many video marketing formats that include humanizing brands and starting a conversation with your audiences, but Live videos work best when you want to create a special connection with your customers.

For Live sessions, you can plan Q&A sessions with your followers, let them ask questions about your brands or products or about their problems in general, and you can reply to them in Live sessions for more authenticity. Another reason Live videos work is that your viewers also connect with your brand for increasing brand recognition.

Company Vlogs

Another hit way to build a loyal customer base for your brand is to create weekly or monthly company video diaries for your customers and prospects. You can create regular vlogs for your company and tell your audience about your company, what you are doing currently, how you plan to move ahead in the future, and many more.

Company vlogs create a personal connection with your prospects, and it helps in building trust with your cutworms. You can convey information to your customers and build loyal relationships with them.

All you need is a relevant company official having a charming on-screen personality and someone with the knack of storytelling to connect with the viewers.

Wrapping Up!

Video marketing is a great way to get your message across to customers, but it can seem daunting to get started. We wrote this blog post to provide nine easy video marketing tricks that you can use to improve your video marketing strategy. Whether you’re just getting started on the video marketing front or you’re already using video but want to improve, these tips are sure to be useful.

Video marketing has become easier than ever to do for small businesses. It’s almost like the world is finally catching up to the tried and true methods of the internet.

With services like YouTube and Vimeo, you can easily record your own explainer videos for your company, products, or services. Even if you feel like you’re not a “natural” at making videos, don’t worry! You can work with video marketing companies to help you get the best results without worrying.

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