Advanced ways for chat and Video call using Viber Clone

Advanced ways for chat 

Advancement in Communications :

Ten years back the only way to talk to a person while looking at them was by meeting them. With the advancement of technology, this problem was sorted out and people no longer had to wait for a meeting to talk to a person while looking at them.

The solution to this problem was Video calls. With the introduction of video calls, Distance did not create communication problems at all. All the miles between two people could be eliminated by a single video call.  Video calls have always been preferred over voice calls as face to face conversations enhance the talking experience and include a more personal touch.

Now video calls have become more of everyday necessity than a luxury. Along with video calls, special chatting features like stickers, emoticons, voice notes and video recordings have enhanced the older form of text messages. These advanced features provide users with better communication experience.

Applications that have enhanced Communications :

There is rat race amongst the applications to provide beet communication services to the user. Customers shall always prefer the application that ensures them a smooth message and call features. Better the texting and calling features, more popularity will the application gain. Snapchat, Skype, Google Hangouts, Tango, Viber are some of the famous applications that provide the user with interactive communication facilities. Viber has been recently gaining popularity due to its excellent features that make communications easier and provide the user with the best texting experience.



Viber and its applications :

Viber is an application with advanced texting and calling features operated by Japanese multinational company. Due to its special features, it is becoming the first preference of users. To use Viber all you need is telephone number and it is supported by Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.

It allows you to make calls, send text, pictures and video messages free of cost to other Viber users. All you need to make calls using Viber is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your mobile device or computer. Reports from 2015 say that Viber has as many as 236 million active monthly users and is giving a tough competition to Whatsapp. Viber has all the common features like end to end encryption, instant messaging, voice and video calls, platform independence, free of cost services, group chats and much more.

It also has some special features that add to its value and help to make communication better. Here are some advanced features Viber provides to enhance the experience of the user:

  1. Viber Out It is a really useful feature and is not found on other applications. While other applications allow you to interact with other users only if they also use the same application, Viber clone app includes Viber Out, a VoIP feature which allows you to make worldwide calls to mobile and landline numbers at very fewer charges. Hence you can make international calls to users who do not use Viber at very low cost. International calls to other Viber users can be made free of cost.


  1. Voice calls with desktop apps While other applications allow you to instant message using Mac and Windows desktop apps but you have to switch to the mobile version for making calls. Viber solves this problem by providing calling options with desktop apps. Viber has gained a lot of appreciation because of impressive desktop apps. Vibe also has a Linux app, adding to more number of users.


  1. 3. Hiding chat options Viber provides with a Hide option to secure any chat. You can hide your messages with any person by simply going to Chat Info options. You can set a password for hidden chats so that the information remains secure. This reliable technique of storing sensitive information is not provided by apps like Whatsapp.


  1. Inbuilt Games Along with excellent messaging and calling features, Viber also lets you enjoy providing you with an option to play games with your Viber contacts. There is a list of inbuilt games that you can enjoy playing in the Viber.


  1. Public Chat options Unlike other applications that offer only private group options, Viber allows you to join Public chats like groups related to special interests like music and Politics hosted by brands or celebrities. These groups help better interaction between brands and audience.


  1. Self-Destructing Messages It is a feature that very fewer applications provide. With this, the messages automatically disappear after a certain time. It helps tonsure more safety.


  1. Smart Notifications This is one of the most useful features, as it makes apps function better. With smart notification, you can custom select the contacts you want to be notified about and hence avoid unnecessary notifications.

Hence it can be summed up that Viber has brought into the technological world more advanced ways to chat and call. Viber has been gaining popularity ever since it has come to existence and is now giving tough competition to other messaging apps.

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