Amazing Tools to Measure the Popularity of your Hashtags

If you create ad campaigns for social media, you are already aware of the immense power of hashtags in reaching out to a huge number of audiences. It is equally effective for any mega phenomena like#solareclipse, to important movements like #metoo. Studies reveal that 75% of the people who use social media utilize hashtags. Some typing hashtags like essay typer education hashtags like homework, ExamTime, coursework etc. Hence, the hashtag is used widely by every marketer on today’s date. But, using them is not enough to turn your campaigns into a success. You will also need to track its progress regularly.

Amazing Tools to Measure the Popularity of your Hashtags


By tracking your hashtags, you will get to know what people are saying or talking about your company, the conversation that is going on about a specific topic or content that you have created through your hashtag;all of which will help you to improve the online reputation of your company.

Monitoring the hashtags you created can become much easier if you learn about the most effective tools for doing the same.

Below are the best tools that you can use to discover useful hashtags for your campaign, and also ascertain the popularity of your hashtags:

1. Hashtagify

This tool will help you to discover the hashtags relevant to your original search query. Along with this, you will also be able to find out who the top influencers for each hashtag. Through Hashtagify, you can see the all-time popularity, the recent popularity, and the increase or decrease in the monthly and weekly trend of a specific hashtag. The pattern of usage for your hashtag, like, when the hashtag is being used the most, and other information regarding its performance, etc. can be learned by using this tool. Hashtagify has both free and paid features. To carry out an Instagram research on the hashtag, get email alerts, or compare between hashtags, you will have to pay them.



2. Trendsmap

This tool lets you see the location wise trending twitter hashtags. Trendsmap can be very useful for marketers who want to target the people of a specific location. Using the locally trending hashtags, you can reach out to a specific segment of the audience more effectively than by using a global hashtag.



3. Seek Metrics

This free hashtag generating tool helps to find out hashtags related to the search query, in which the exact terms are included. Even though it shows a long list of hashtags, all of them won’t be useful. Therefore, you will have to put some effort and time into to find out the best hashtags for your campaign.

Seek Metrics


4. Hashtracking

You can get the last 24 hours data of your hashtags through this tool. You will learn about the number of times the hashtags have been re-tweeted and mentioned. You can also compare different hashtags to know which one has reached out to the maximum number of people.



5. Socialert-

This user-friendly tool helps you to see a quick summary of how your hashtag has performed. You can see the total posts, users, how many people have reached for it, total impression, etc. by using this tool. You also get the option to know what people are saying about your company or about the hashtag on the different social media platforms.



6. AgoraPulse

With this paid tool, you can easily track your hashtags. It can show you the exact number of people using the specific hashtag in their posts or messages to interact. Thus, you can see the reach of your hashtag and analyze how popular it has become.



7. RiteTag

This tool can almost train you to increase the reach of your social media posts. To access it, you will have to sign in using your account on Twitter. Following this, the hashtags you’ve been using will be judged by this tool to evaluate if they are appropriate or not. Along with this, you will also be able to see a list of the hashtags that are trending at the moment and other relevant statistics. RiteTag also lets you add other tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. Apart from this, there are other features like the instant feedback feature, etc.




Here, you can easily get a word cloud by entering a hashtag. You can also click on each of the words that were generated by this very user-friendly tool. It can show you information regarding the users of this hashtag, the possible reach it can get or the impression it can create, etc. By using this tool, you can find out hashtags related to a particular theme.


9. ExportTweet-

This tool allows you to keep a track of keywords, hashtags, and also of accounts. By using this tool, you can see the top tweets, the data of the influencer, geographic location, related hashtags, etc. You can get the data of the past one hundred tweets for free, but, after that, you have to choose from the available paid options. From these paid features, you can choose to buy the report of the real-time tracking of the hashtags and purchase the historical data. You can get URLs, videos, spreadsheets, images concerned with the hashtags.



10. #tagdef-

This site provides you with several lists of popular hashtags according to the timeframe. You can see the top hashtags of all time, of the week, or of the current time and so on. Along with this, each hashtag is clearly defined by the site so that you can understand the right meaning of the hashtag before using it in your content. This site can help you to avoid looking like that clueless fellow who uses hashtags to show him/herself as being trendy without even knowing the actual meaning or understanding the context behind the usage.



With the increasing usage of hashtags, it has become extremely important to focus more on using the same in your marketing campaigns. To create the perfect social media campaign for your company, you will need substantial data. The tools mentioned above can help you to gather enough information for using hashtags in your campaign. You should select the one which is more useful for you and meets the requirements of your business.

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