How Is VPS Hosting the Best Solution to Host Your New Website?

No one likes to lose profits.

Moreover, the problem of some may be higher than it is with others.

vps hosting windows

If you’re considering starting a new website, but the thought of VPS hosting upsets you, you probably shouldn’t own a website. There are several details and caveats about VPS hosting you should know to increase your chances of winning.  That’s the subject of this article.

VPS hosting India

Let’s dispense with the mystery and take a look behind the veil.

When you step into an online market platform and want to host your website, one of the challenges is to choose between different hosting packages. Many newbies have a tight budget that leaves them with a few options to choose from. Shared hosting can be a seamless option for your new website. But, you may face a more significant risk with it, especially when you would like to grow your business very soon and outgrowing the capacity of your website would become a must.

Also, if you are an e-commerce store, shared hosting can’t be the right piece of cake. You need high end hosting resources. In such a situation, a virtual private server or VPS hosting India can be the best bet since it can offer you better security, features, and advantages for a slightly higher price.

What is VPS?

VPS Hosting

When you choose VPS hosting, you can get your website hosted on a virtual private server on more powerful hardware.  Your physical machine will be divided into many virtual compartments; server software will be configured on them separately to enable each unit to function independently.

Thus, while other websites are hosted on the same physical hardware, yours will be the only one to be hosted in the virtual compartment allocated to you. No other website can affect your productivity and performance.

It will be just like setting up your systems in a separate room with sufficient resources. You can have complete control on the server like a dedicated server. You will be more secure and protected. Not only that, you will get a virtual dedicated server for a much lower price and get high performance for your website when compared with a shared server.

Shared, Dedicated and VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is different from shared and dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting:

In general, shared hosting means your website using the server/resources, like CPU, RAM and disk space, used by many other websites. It’s available at a lower cost, but you have limited bandwidth, administration, and performance capabilities. It’s like living in an apartment where you are given common amenities in the building such as swimming pool, lift, gym, etc.

Dedicated hosting:

In the dedicated hosting, the entire server is placed at your disposal. No websites or users can use the resources. It’s like staying in a separate home where others residents do not share amenities. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive of the three. It’s ideal if your recumbents are too big and they need the care of a VPS.

VPS Hosting

It’s not wrong to say that VPS hosting is a brainchild of shared and dedicated hosting. With it, you have the benefits of shared and dedicated hosting. It’s much cheaper than a dedicated server and better than a shared server.  In the VPS hosting, you are not supposed to use shared hosting unlike in shared hosting. No other websites can affect your resources. This is a cutting-edge platform where you enjoy all the features of a dedicated server at a much lower price.

Key Benefits of VPS Hosting

The advantage of VPS hosting is manifold. Here are the most significant ones.

No Maintenance:

With VPS hosting India, you enjoy zero maintenance. You need not worry about maintaining your server. The owner or the service provider is responsible for the upkeep.


With the VPS hosting, you can have flexibility in choosing the operating system and software you want to install on the server.

Multiple Virtual Machines:

Your virtual servers can be designed into more than one virtual machine. This means you can access many VMs on a single server. Or, you can share your server with the data from other companies.


Since the VPS allows you to have your allotment of resources, you can enjoy faster load speed and times.


You have more stable resources unlike in shared hosting. The activities and traffic of other VPS websites cannot affect your operation.

Dedicated Resources:

Though you have not spent much on dedicated hosting, you can enjoy all the features of dedicated hosting. VPS can provide you with more disk space, CPU, and RAM.  Read here – A Complete Guide to VPS Hosting

Integrated cPanel:

The pre-installed cPanel with window VPS enables you to manage your hosting environment effectively. It allows you to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and much more within a minute.


Cost is one of the most critical factors in choosing VPS hosting. Since multiple customers can bear the price, the enhanced security, increased performance, better control and much is available at lower rates when compared with shared hosting. It lets you enjoy a significant cost advantage.

However, it’s essential to compare the costs of more VPS hosting providers in India before making a final deal with a company. Value always has a pivotal role to place. You never sideline it. Remember that hosting providers charge more with a higher level of resources and managed the server. Choosing a plan which is most suitable for your requirement is dependent on you.

Final Takeaways

VPS hosting is an advanced solution to host your new website. If you want to grow your business and widen the capacity of your website, then there is no better and more affordable solution than the VPS hosting. There are many service providers in India, but not all of them are worth the prices. So, it’s crucial to pick one that is known as the best service provider at the best price.  A reliable VPS solution can only meet your hosting needs in your budget.

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