Which One is Better PC or Mac and What to Choose?

Two main families of computers are available on the market: PCs and Macs. Each of these families has its advantages and disadvantages, which the consumer must be familiar with. He must also learn about general trends and define his own needs.

A PC or a Mac?

Choosing between a Mac and a PC is an eternal debate between users of computer equipment. In general, the choice must rest on the one hand on the personal preferences and on the other hand, on the needs and the budget of each user. Various models of Mac and PC computers are available on the market and each of them has its own characteristics.

The advantages of PCs

By opting for a PC, the user has a machine compatible with existing hardware and software on the computer market. Microsoft Windows occupies approximately 90% of the market and most computers produced by large companies, such as Compaq and Dell, have a version of Microsoft’s operating system. It can be considered that Windows is the standard platform for running the majority of available software. This criterion is especially true for players wishing to acquire the latest games available. In addition, people with a minimum of computer knowledge can change the configuration of their computer with the Windows operating system by themselves. They can among other things configure the memory part, graphics part and other hardware components. Moreover, the choice of a PC computer is always less expensive to buy. Finally, the range of PCs on the market is wider than for Macs.

The benefits of Macs

On the other hand, Mac computers are known for their level of security. Indeed, on a Mac, the risks of attacks by viruses and malware are reduced or even null thanks to a very advanced design architecture. In addition, all machines on sale include many innovative applications, which are usually enough to work. In addition, Mac OS X, the operating system of all Macs, is supposed to be very powerful. Indeed, the performance of Mac computers have been proven many times by many independent tests. As for ergonomics, it is the strong point of these machines.

PC and Mac user profiles

According to recent studies, there are some general trends in the use of PC and Mac computers. On the one hand, Mac users would prefer these computers for their originality, aesthetics and uniqueness. These users would like to take risks and describe themselves as conceptualists. This is probably the reason why Macs are the reference computers in companies such as start-ups, large law and accounting firms, architectural firms, the health industry, universities, retail and the self-employed. On the other hand, Windows users would be people who do not like to take risks and who would like to be in tune with their peers. The same studies reveal that these people have more traditional tastes and place more importance on a job well done than to tackle big challenges. Thus, Windows systems are common in schools, hospitals, banks, public institutions and individuals.

PC or Mac, the best choice

Opting for a PC or Mac depends largely on the intended use of the machine. Each of these two computers displays their own characteristics. In reality, it would be difficult to decide in a global way on the primacy of a family of computers or another. The purchase decision is based on evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each family and each model and adapting it to their own needs. On the other hand, it should be known that in general, one can very well carry out the same activities indifferently on the two types of machines. Whether it’s surfing the Internet, creating documents and presentations, writing e-mails, listening to, editing and creating music and videos,

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