Big Data Analytics Trends and Data Science Careers of the Future


2017 was very much the same as 2016. We have been talking about how everything as we know today is set for drastic changes. The differentiation with each passing year is the speed with which these changes are being stacked upon companies, people, and the world. The other differentiation would be small changes that are coming every year.

The big question in big data analytics trends and data science careers is- what’s next? It’s very easy asking and expecting this question to be answered but difficult to answer at the same time. How do you answer this question when everything has its underpinnings in prediction and, then, making those predictions true?

For the most part of 2017 and 2016, we were talking about artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, edge computing, digital twins, serverless computing, and blockchain involving the practices and techniques of big data and data science. 2018 will be very much the same- advancing a little more with the advancement.

Talking about data science careers– if you have real skills, the employers will show you the real handsome money (whatever you call handsome money for yourself). The data scientists are high in demands and so are the educational certifications and credentials. You need to constantly access new certifications and keep proving constantly the knowledge mettle you are made up of by upping your ante with every certification you take.

There is currently a loud noise about the intelligent digital mesh. As propelled by research from Gartner, the physical world meets the digital world with the entwining of services, data, humans, and machines. 59% organizations are already building enterprise-wide artificial intelligence (AI) strategies and the rest 41% companies are already there.

The continuous overlapping of layers surrounding digital and physical universe and the coming together of parallel universes has made the future even more exciting. The more we become connected, the more there is left to be connected. These are interesting times and the trends we have laid down here are groundbreaking too. Read here:

Event-driven techs: Businesses are driven by events. Different business events have important business moments which can be a deal maker or breaker and can be very crucial for future prospects. These moments call for business actions to be implemented for multiple parties, business partners, and various separate applications.

Security: Digital business needs adaptive response built on trust. This has to have consonance with automated work, mobile platform, and cloud. The security measures can be taken care of by CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment) which is a sophisticated strategy in technology.  

Smart apps: Another of the major big data analytics trends. All enterprise resource planning systems and platforms are racing with one another to go fully automated with existing systems being brought on par with AI-enabled systems. This offers value-addition and greater performance and includes the usage of virtual services and digital assistants.     

Intelligent things: Regular gadgets will be overhauled to make our lives easier. They will go smart with semi-robotic versions and will be expanding at rates unprecedented and at greater rates for different parts of our life.

We are racing ahead much greater in speed than we can actually supply the market with skilled labor as many studies even claim it. There’s a shortage of 181,000 individuals in data science this year only, think of the expansion of the industry and the number of individuals required to fulfill the demand. Those candidates who have additional skills in data handling, data analytics, and big data have a positive career and future ahead of them.

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