Covid-19 Crisis: Boost your Restaurant Business by Developing Online Food Delivery App

Covid-19 is a major catastrophe that has affected almost every business sector, such as Real Estate,

Environmental, Finance, Information Technology (IT), Transportation, Travel, Communications, Education, Food Industry, and many others.

Covid-19 Crisis

In this pandemic situation, people around the world are competing for food – one of the most important aspects of survival. Globally, an enormous number of workers are attempting to return to their native place. As a result, this will lead to an increase in the chances of Coronavirus cases. However, some people can manage food from restaurants. They still face difficulty in this situation, as they can not order food because the restaurants do not function due to a lockout. To overcome this, online food delivering apps has become a luxury for many restaurant owners.

By facilitating the food delivery apps, ordering and delivering food to food lovers across the city is possible at any time. The customers have to buy their preferred food and enjoy it at home without the risk of getting infected with the virus.

When choosing to start an online food delivery service, restaurant owners will have to face challenges such as:

  • Cooking Area: For the most part, the vital part of the food processing site must be clean and virus-free because there is a greater risk of being contaminated by someone operating in such a scenario.
  • Food Sanitization Process: It is essential to sanitize the food since there is a high possibility of transmission of infection. Food sanitization should be practiced on a broad scale before beginning to cook food products.
  • Chef Safety: Chef is the only person responsible for the preparation of the food. The chef must clean his entire body well, primarily his hands, and cover his face with a mask.
  • Delivery Boy: Delivery Boy is the person who comes face to face with the customer while delivering the ordered food. The coronavirus spreads quickly by touching or spitting out of the mouth. Based on these requirements, the Government has made it mandatory to wear a mask when a person wanders around the city for such critical work. Therefore, the delivery boy must have a sanitizer ready at any time, and before delivering the food, he must sanitize his hand before delivering it.
  • Customer Handling Facility: The Customer’s primary duty is to pay online. By this, there will be no risk of transmitting the virus by currencies. The process is simple; the delivery boy calls the customer as he arrives at their location and keeps the food next to their door. After receiving the food, the customer rates its delivery process.

Here are some of the restaurant owners’ agendas to enhance business ideas when migrating to online food delivery apps:

1. Marketing opportunity: The marketing opportunity means to expand the delivery of food to a larger society of restaurants and customers. Instead of dealing directly with aggregators, the competitive demand for food delivery players is growing. However, if restaurant owners believe that outsourcing logistics is more reasonable, it is likely that sooner, even lower-end traditional-delivery restaurants will turn to modern delivery. In this way, food delivery will, in any event, bring the necessary threat of uncertainty to aggregators.

Two sources of customer demand drive the growth in food delivery. These sources are initially a replacement for dining in a restaurant. With food delivery, customers will eat at home with the same quality food they would enjoy at a fine restaurant. The second cause of demand is to replace food arranged and consumed at home.

2. Enhancement in orders: No matter how unique your chef’s special pasta is or how classy your restaurant’s menu is, it is not very worthy if customers don’t know about it. Apps make it evident between you and customers that they can reach you without any issues. An informative work area highlighted in your eatery menu asking for system application will allow you to connect with them, text and book a table instead of standing in line or calling. You should consider the below points if you want to enhance your order:

A) Customers Review & Feedback: Customers can also express their feedback or ideas in real-time. You don’t need to search your log register or rely on your manager for performance reviews. Even, if you follow up on your customer’s suggestions to boost your service, they’ll keep returning for more. Customers enjoy feeling valued, and this will further increase customer experience and create a loyal user segment along the way.

B) Appealing Food Images and Simple Menu: Customers are bound to order from your restaurant in case they can certainly see your menu on their mobile phone. Instead of just clarifying what the dish is all about, they rely on their eyes. Instead of depending on the versatile web sites, an easy-to-access application menu with pictures that you choose will spike your sales and get more customers.

  • Satisfactory in Models: The order and delivery model is an integrated concept in which service providers carry out direct orders and requests to restaurants and have their own logistics network to deliver orders from food suppliers with their fleet of private couriers. The order and delivery model is beneficial for restaurants, as they do not have to put services in place to deliver food and pay couriers or maintain vehicles. Drivers are paid based on the distance travelled to the end of the delivery. These days, companies provide higher rates at peak hours and charge far beyond the standard delivery rate. Order and delivery services cut the expense of order by 20 to 30 percent and may charge customers a flat delivery fee.
  • Best Competitive Advantages: Food delivery apps have become increasingly popular and have modernized the food industry, no restaurant and food joint can shy away from the opportunity they bring. Now, let us go through some advantages:

A) Easy and Smooth Customer Experience: Food delivery applications allow restaurants to deliver a comfortable and smooth customer experience leading to increased sales in the least time-consuming. Food delivery apps have made the way to ordering and delivering food at the doorstep incredibly more comfortable, with more customization and more power in the hands of customers. Most importantly, customers can order the food they want from their favourite restaurants without any obstacles. Besides, customers may be responsible for product decisions as well as for precise delivery times and other delivery requirements.

B) No Bar For Targeted Audience: As a food lover, you can consider ordering food from local restaurants that can afford to deliver food to your doorstep. However, if you are applying for a food aggregator, you can potentially arrange your favourite food from different parts of the city. By this, restaurants will perform on a higher battlefield, competing on a broader demographic in and around the area.

C) Boost To Customer Retention: Customer retention is not only crucial for steady sales and growth but is also a critical component of branding and reputation management. On-demand food ordering applications will also help restaurants keep their clients in many ways. By giving customers a food discount to support their brand loyalty through incentives and exclusive offers, food delivery applications can allow restaurants to attract customers in several ways. Through building up a daily link with customers, the Food Delivery App will remind about offers, discounts and unique menu choices from time to time and make them order more regularly.

D) Broader Scope of Personalization: Irrespective of whether you like the food to have less salt or need additional toppings to zest up the food according to the preference, food delivery applications give you an enormous amount of versatility of your food delights according to your choice. You may also choose restaurants with the shortest delivery time and give directions to the delivery man. Overall, food delivery applications give customers a much-personalized experience that was historically impossible with traditional restaurant delivery.

E) A Win-Win Situation For Everyone: Food delivery applications are a win-win environment for both players in the food chain. From restaurants and delivery people and customers and food aggregator businesses, everybody appreciates a portion of this energy industry. Although restaurants can enjoy greater exposure, branding and sales opportunities, customers can enjoy a highly personalized food delivery service that has a positive impact on their busy luxury lifestyle. Also, many individuals will get jobs as a delivery person, while implementing the aggregator to ensure quality control can flourish with income and popularity.

In addition to it, the restaurant owner reserves the advantages of the multiple app’s features like:

  • GPS Enabled functionality: This feature keeps customers aware of the status of their orders. They will, for example, verify when their order is placed, processed and on its way. This is an extraordinary tool to keep the customers engaged.
  • Tracking System: Food delivery application helps restaurants to accept orders, track activities, current location, manage status and gather feedback from customers on the move.
  • Push Notification Strategy: Push notifications help restaurant owners, and customers notice their offers. They encourage restaurant owners to send timely, appropriate messages to customers who already have an interest, increase the probability that they will respond on the offer that the owner just sent them, and increase sales.
  • More Referrals: Referral strategies such as inviting friends and winning or exchanging this deal to win a discount, are a fantastic way to attract new customers. Rather than promoting yourself across media channels, people do so personally for you.

Below are some questions that you need to ask before developing a food delivery app for your restaurant:

For a successful business, you have to ask yourself the right questions, and you need a strategy to deal with any problems before you go forward. To carry out any business, it is essential that you ask yourself the right questions and find answers to them before you go any further. Connect with professionals, friends with a professional background. It’s better to be prepared in advance of time.

  1. What recipes and products can you place in your app and order?
  2. How are you supposed to price the dishes, and what will be your gross profit?
  3. What platform would you like to choose to build an app for your restaurant?
  4. How’s your app supposed to look?

What will be the impact of developing an online food delivery app via app development companies?

App development companies will help you develop a useful framework with an easy-to-understand interface, a quality solution for every android, iOS, and responsive and compatible food delivery app. Professional UI/UX experience for the ideal results and consistency guidelines for your app. It will enhance the customer’s experience due to the illustrative on-demand management system of the platform.

With the mobile trend, a rising number of individual businesses are approaching their own mobile-friendly websites or apps. Whether it’s the corner boutique down the road or the expensive spa in your area, an online presence is a must-have in this relentless, mobile-driven world. This is the case, particularly concerning restaurants.

Applications overpower our world one bite at a time. In either case, everything gets off the ground, whether developing a versatile food delivery app merits your time and investment or not. Besides, the proper answer lies in sales, the main aim of everything that we do is to sell the product.


You’ll discover many alternatives, but first, you need to get rid of cheap and outdated sources on the internet. Do extensive analysis whether you like or need assistance from different app development companies that have experience in developing applications.

Mobile apps are genuinely excellent and least expensive instruments that can boost and simplify business processes. Everything is possible for you from reducing employee payroll costs through online orders and sales within the app enhancing the quality through reviews.

Mobile app development is the need for the hour for the food delivery app. However, the cost of bringing the dream app to your restaurants can be a little higher if you have the designer, developer, tester and other resources. Understand, the goal of developing a food delivery app for your restaurant is to give your customers a more significant and more seamless experience. From the login page to the checkout, the experience of the customer should be flawless. The majority of the features you choose to implement will rely on the kind of food delivery app development company you select.

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