Digital Transformation Trends to Look For in 2023

In the modern era, technology has continued to evolve at a rapid pace. Technology is helping organisations and individuals in solving their daily problems. Digital solutions such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing are helping businesses and consumers in getting more work done within shorter timespans. However, in order to stay up to speed with your peers, it is critical to keep an eye on the latest digital transformation trends. This article focuses on the five major digital transformation trends that you need to look for in the year 2020.

  1. Internet of Things

Perhaps the most important trend that is likely to change our lives is the increased use of technology in daily use products. Right from your mirror to your lightbulbs, everything is increasingly becoming connected. Each year, technology companies around the world are coming up with solutions that could help in simplifying the lives of people. In the year 2020, it is expected that the Internet of Things will go one step beyond, and become an integral part of our lives. More and more appliances and gadgets will be able to connect with each other. This will make it easier for us to monitor and regulate their performance. Another potential benefit of this technology will be that we will be able to control our appliances and gadgets remotely. Even if people are away from their house or their workplace, they will be able to control things. It is clear that this technology is also likely to face certain challenges, such as the possibility of being hacked. But companies are working towards negating these threats so that the technology can become popular among the masses. It is likely that this popularity will only increase in 2020.

Internet of Things

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  1. Personal Digital Assistants

Another trend that is going to have a major impact on our lives is the rise of personal digital assistants. Such assistants will help us in being more productive, especially in our professional lives. These personal digital assistants can help businesses in getting more work done with much lower investments. In addition, the capabilities of such assistants extend well beyond human assistants simply because they can provide you with accurate solutions to your queries instantly. Such personal digital assistants are likely to make businesses run in a much smoother manner. In terms of our personal lives, these assistants can again prove to be of great help. For instance, they can help us in locating the nearest places of interest without having to type in and research the area manually. Personal digital assistants are likely to become mainstream technology products in the year 2020.

  1. Blockchain

It is expected that Blockchain technology will also play a major role in our lives over the next few years. According to IDC, Blockchain spending is likely to reach $12.4 billion by the year 2022. In comparison, the spending on this form of technology stood at just $1.5 billion during 2018. This indicates the rapid pace of growth that is being recorded by this form of technology. Blockchain is likely to lead a digital transformation revolution, both among businesses as well as in the lives of individual consumers. Blockchain has become even more popular in the form of BaaS (Blockchain as a service). It allows companies to streamline their processes and shorten the time span that is spent during the production phase of a product. The technology has also been used in unison with other latest technologies such as artificial intelligence. This phenomenon is known as Hybrid Blockchain. Additionally, another great benefit of Blockchain is that ownership of assets can be transferred easily. In the year 2020, it is expected that Blockchain will gain prominence and impact our daily lives even more.

  1. Conversational UI

Conversational UI is another digital transformation trend that is going to improve our lives. People around the world are already using their voice to converse with search engines, smart speakers, and smartwatches. Going into 2020, it is likely that this trend will gain momentum. More and more devices are likely to be compatible with voice commands. Such technology will benefit us by reducing the time taken to search for anything. In addition, this technology can also be deployed by businesses around the world. Dealing with vendors and placing orders for raw materials can also be done by making use of conversational UI. Companies of all sizes are likely to use conversational UI as it would help them in becoming more efficient. Apart from mobiles and computers, automobiles around the globe are also being equipped with conversational UI capabilities. This has made it easier for consumers to operate these vehicles. It is likely that this trend will continue its growth in the year 2020. More vehicles with conversational UI are likely to be developed. This will help consumers in saving more time while also presenting the opportunity to businesses to market their products better.

Conversational UI

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  1. 5G

5G has been on the technology radar for a long period of time. However, the majority of people around the world are yet to see the actual implementation of this technology. 5G is likely to transform your workplace as well as your home digitally. The technology will radicalise the way we use the internet. High-speed internet would become available to the masses, allowing them to download content in an instant. This technology can also be used by businesses around the world. Companies can easily interact with their partners, communicate with their clients and conduct meetings with employees in remote locations. 5G is also likely to improve the video conferencing capabilities of individuals. 5G is a technology that will also help us in staying connected wherever we go. The high speeds will also mean that it becomes easier to sync and transfer content between your devices. This will improve your life to a great extent. Tests for the deployment of this technology are already underway, and it is estimated that 5G will become a part of our lives in the year 2020.

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