Effective Link Building Strategy for 2020

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Creatinghigh quality, interesting content that attracts readers is only one half of your marketing strategy. The other half is to keep your content SEO friendly and build links and domain authority that brings traffic to your platform.

You can use an SEO article writing service that provides professional quality content to meet the first goal. For the link building part, you will need to evolve your strategy to keep up with changing market trends. Things that worked one year ago are no longer relevant.

With that in mind we look at some effective link building strategies for 2020.

Link Building Strategies

Link building strategies can be divided into three main categories. These are

  1. Community based links
  2. Research based links
  3. Content based links

Community based links are promoted through social media, sponsorships, testimonials, and referrals.

Research based links are promoted through authority website resource pages, directories, broken link building, and competitors research.

Content based links are built through creative content production such as professional writing, web development, video production, etc. and sharing through more popular platforms.

Let’s look at some of the popular methods for each link building strategy.

Use Social Media Links

Social media is powerful. It is like a magnet for attracting user activity. Hundreds of millions of users around the world use social media everyday and major social networking sites rank pretty high on search engines.

Trends that go viral on social media have a follow up on search engines because people like to find out what’s happening. Search engines see the potential and links on social media get a boost on SEO ranking as well.

When your businessbecomes active on social media, you can easily create links to yourwebsite and boost in-bound traffic. Encourage your followers and subscribers to like and share your content.This will help you spread the word about your brand and site URL to more people than you can do on search engines. For free!

It is a great way to improve your link profile and increase your overall visibility.

Resource Links from Industry Authorities

Putting in-bound links from trusted websites offers two benefits. First, it helps to build credibility for your business. Second, high traffic platforms that link to your website help increase your business ranking at search engines.

Good examples of authority sites are media and business news websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Investopedia and The Balance etc. These websites have high visitor traffic and links back to your website will improve search engine results.

Links placed on the Chamber of Commerce or trade association websites for your industry are also useful. These organizations have resource pages where you can create links to your business website.

Last, you can contact private business directories and database organizations that provide listing services for other businesses. You can create a business page with all the relevant information about your company, contact details and links to your website and social media pages.

All these links help improve SEO ranking for your business.

Guest Blogging

An increasing number of businesses are adopting blogging as a way to boost their website ranking. Businesses that post new blogs regularly on their website generate twice as many inbound leads and get higher traffic on average than businesses that don’t use blogs.

Guest blogging is where you post your blogs on other popular websites to improve visibility. It is a guaranteed way to get viewers, especially if the platform ranks within the top ten search engine results for relevant industry keywords. A blog on your own website may not give you that level of exposure but a blog on a popular blogging platform will help you get the word out more effectively.

Subject to the blogging site’s conditions, you can place links to your own website within the blog, or include it in your author’s bio. Generally, placing links within the blog is frowned upon and seen as blatant marketing. Some blogging sites prohibit it while some consider it an acceptable practice.

Evaluate Your Link Profile


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A link profile is used to assess the overall strength of all the inbound links to your website. There are six factors to consider here.

  1. The total number of inbound links to your website. A general rule is, the more the better.
  2. The quality of the links. Spammy links reduce the quality of your link profile.
  3. The diversification of link sites matters as well. Ten links, each from a different website are better than ten backlinks on a single website.
  4. Relevancy of the linking site is also important. If you sell home building equipment, a link from a construction platform is more relevant than a link from a retail trade association.
  5. Link freshness is another factor. Links on newly created content are fresh and give you a higher link profile than links that were created months ago.
  6. The domain authority of the linking site also affects the strength of backlinks to your website. If your website is linked from a lot of high ranking websites, search engines will give it a higher preference.

A healthy link profile shows search engines that your backlinks have been earned fairly without cheating. If you spam links to your website on another platform it will indicate to the search engine that although you have plenty of links to your website, you gained them through shady practices.


In the new age of digital marketing, SEO is crucial for staying relevant and growing as a business. The two parts of SEO marketing involve writing great content and growing your visibility through effective link building.

Building a great inbound link profile takes some effort. Experts advise using a comprehensive approach where you use multiple strategies to get your website linked at other popular platforms with high domain authority.

If all of this sounds too technical, you can use an Article SEO writing service that can help you design and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

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