Five Reasons to Launch a PPC Campaign Using the Google AdWords Platform

If you’re new to PPC advertising, at some point you’ll wonder whether using the AdWords platform is a good idea to reach the audience and increase business revenue. Read on to learn what makes AdWords such a powerful PPC marketing channel.

Wide Audience and Targeted Campaigns

Google AdWords is the largest PPC network on the internet. With Google PPC AdWords services, you can tap into the huge audience base of Google users – this includes users of the Search Network as well as searchers on the Google Display Network. AdWords allows you to advertise in front of people who are actively looking for a product/service related to your business. You can tailor Google PPC ad campaigns to target specific locations, languages, timeframes and devices.

Quick, Cost-Effective Results

Compared to other digital marketing channels such as SEO, Google PPC ads give you immediate results, within hours of your campaign going live. SEO strategies, on the other hand, take a few months to kick in and involve a lot of work such as site improvement and content development.

SEO is cost-effective and a useful way to get exposure on organic search engine results but advertising through the AdWords platform is a great way to appear at the top of search results and in front of a targeted audience.

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Flexible and Scalable

If you’re looking for flexibility and scalability, Adwords PPC marketing is the perfect solution. Not only can you choose from millions of keywords and search terms to target your audience, you can start, pause, stop and adjust bids at any time to make the best use of limited finances.

Once your PPC campaign turns profitable, you can increase daily spend to get better ad positions or you can increase bids on high-converting keywords to increase ROI.

Measurable Results and Accurate Insights

Adwords PPC marketing gives you measurable results. Thanks to the amazing range of analytics and inbuilt charts that AdWords has, you can successfully track campaigns and see how well they’re performing. You can measure a wide variety of metrics including number of impressions, number of clicks, average cost-per-click and conversion rates to name a few and compare these with your campaign goals to make well-informed campaign decisions.

Effective Tools to Prevent Fraudulent Clicks

In PPC marketing, you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad. There have been cases of fraudulent clicks that cost advertisers a lot and increased their average cost-per-conversion. Thankfully, AdWords provides some safeguards such as the ability to add certain IPs as exclusions to your campaigns and you can discuss fraud detection/ blocking tools with your PPC agency to stop fraudulent clicks.

So, yes, AdWords is definitely a cost-effective platform to advertise in front of millions of potential customers and it can be a profitable investment if an expert develops and manages your campaign. If you’d like to use AdWords to grow your business, partner the leading PPC advertising agency in Australia!

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