Here are Quick Ways to Solve a Problem with the Business card design

When it comes to introducing your business to somebody, what do you think comes as a handy tool? Of course, it’s none other than the professional business cards! It can be seen everywhere from the stash in a wallet to the top of a desk. In general, they are everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s a necessity for any business and we all know it very well, but unfortunately, we often fail to make most out of it.

It’s time to unleash its potential for a better marketing campaign. After all, it’s handed out to people for some reasons. 

Here, we’ll bring you a quick way to solve problems related to your business card design. Let’s make it a sale boosting tool, rather than just a fancy card.

1. Consider the purpose

No business card design shall pass overlooking the purpose. Here, we aren’t just referring communication. Multitasking cards will make people contact you more than an average business card. You can turn it into anything you like such as a bookmark, note card, sticker or scratch card. Transform it into an interactive piece and people will automatically start talking about your business.

2. Ditch the generic design, try something new

You may find many look alike professional business cards. And, if your card looks exactly how your competitors’ look, forget about making a lasting impression. With cheap cards, you might find short-term success, but in the long run, they’re going to have a negative impact on your branding campaign. It will also show your potential clients that you lack attention to detail.

To solve this problem, go for quality designs. Include an SKU or QR Code to look different but meaningful. Devise an incentive, coupon or discount plan. Inform the recipients whenever they check your site; they’ll be entitled to get any of the above plans. While the SKU or QR Code will help you track how well your card performs, clients get something worth for keeping your card.

In case the current plan doesn’t work, there is always scope for the other.

3. Match the color coordination

A quick fix to color blunders is to match it with your brand’s logo. Make color coordination otherwise it will adversely affect your brand’s identity. Make sure your card’s design displays the colors used in your brand’s logo accurately. Turn to a specialist to let your colors come out of your cards and catch the attention.

4. Correct the missing or incorrect info

How do you want your potential clients to get in touch with you? Wrong or missing information is one of the major problems of the business cards. This is what affects the overall design. Here are some quick fixes to such issues.

Don’t include your address if you lack set-up to receive potential clients.

Include your city, state, and province in case you only offer local services.

People like standard email addresses. Therefore, your business shouldn’t be @hotmail or @yahoo unless they are relevant. Always consider getting your business a professional email address like Gmail is an exception as it’s acceptable in business fraternity.

Exclude underlining it or highlighting it with the blue color. When you write an email, stop using the word “email” just next to it. The same goes for web address as well. Everyone knows what “” and “” mean. However, if you still want to give people a hint, use icons next to it.

Faxing is no more in use. So, stop using fax number in your business card design.

Remember, the objective of providing email, phone, web address or any such information is to help people find you easily. So, double-check it for any mistake or missing information. 

5. Say no to cluttered back, yes to white space

Sometimes, we fill our business cards with so much information that it looks cluttered. Literary there is any room to write any random number or take a note of something important. We often do that when in hurry, isn’t it? For businesses, it’s really helpful in getting clients’ eye-rolling. Use white spaces strategically, in case you are going to print company info on both sides of a business card.

6. Take charge of quality

While the optimum quality of a business card ensures success, minimum quality drowns the marketing efforts. Here is how to take charge of quality parameter for professional business cards. 

When it comes to finalizing the printer, choose one with the best print quality. While the ink of ink-jet will smudge once wet due to sweaty fingers or even rain, the prints of laser printer break off over the period.

Now, talk about what to choose— glossy or matte finish. While there is no doubt that glossy business cards are fabulous, it’s hard to write on them. Imagine a situation when a client has nothing but your glossy business card to note down something very important. If he can’t write on it, why would he remember your company? So what to do about it then? Well, the best way is to choose glossy finish at the front and matte at the back.

Pay close attention to color, contrast, and font. Professional business cards should have a readable font and impressive color and contrast.

The bottom line

With the above tips in mind, keep the design simple. Too much bling or decoration will ruin the whole aesthetics. Also, don’t forget the importance of good quality paper to design an impressive business card.

Follow the above ideas to quick fix your business card design mistakes. If you’ve discovered some other ways, do let us know.

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