Hop on These Tech Trends This Year of The Rabbit 2023

Hop on These Tech Trends

This 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, will hop you to the fantastic and must-know technology trends that may help you in your lives, work, and even when you are just having fun!

As machine learning and natural language processing technologies develop, artificial intelligence will become particularly prevalent in 2023. Using this technology, AI can comprehend us better and carry out more complex things. In addition, future working and living practices are predicted to experience a transition because of 5G technology.

However, many more changes have occurred this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made IT professionals recognize that their job will change in the smart world of the future. Also, in 2023-2024, some IT professionals will be expected to learn new things continuously.

Which tech could be lucky this 2023?

In 1951, the first-ever successful AI software was produced. A year later, Christopher Strachey’s work would later be a player of checkers. The Year of the Rabbit will again align its fortune to Artificial Intelligence (AI) because of its power to improve innovation, well-fitting for those born in this year: ingenious and ready to adapt.

Nevertheless, luck is in the hands of anyone willing to innovate or adapt to existing technologies. Take a look at the next section and find out where you might be missing and which ones you can integrate into your business.

List of Tech Trends This 2023 and Beyond

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI, which has created a lot of discussion over the past ten years, is still one of the newest technological revolutions since it significantly impacts how people live, work, study and have fun.

AI will also power the latest automated programs that retailers are developing and implementing. An increasing number of employees will need to become acquainted with interacting with machines to do their jobs.

  • Metaverse

The industrial metaverse is one of the sector’s and Industry 5.0’s biggest hopes. Several businesses use this environment to enhance their services, provide a different brand image, or develop relationships with their clients.

Also, there are several uses for this technology, including the digitization of the physical world, the understanding and enlarging of data in virtual settings, and the fulfillment of sustainable development through revenue.

  • Smarter Devices

Our world is now more intelligent and well-functioning because of the large part of artificial intelligence. It makes our lives easier and more convenient through automation and the performance of repetitive tasks.

As data scientists develop AI household robots, work devices, appliances, sensors, and more, these more innovative products will be around well into the future and beyond 2023.

  • Web3

Today, Web3 is the result of innovation in the technology industry. People need to be aware of this change in the digital world if they are to benefit from the opportunities it provides. Also, this newest version of the network is frequently referred to as a metaverse or a shared virtual environment where digital reality is improved electronically.

Moreover, it is not unexpected that this industry would open up new channels of labor and connection with technology, given the significant improvements that such a new version of the web provides.

  • 3D Printing

In recent years, the 3D printing market has grown remarkably fast. In the years to come, growth is expected to be much more significant. The manufacturing sector is anticipated to undergo a revolution when the 3D printing market reaches a value of more than $30 billion in 2023.

We anticipate significant advancements in 2023. New developments in 3D printing technology are making the process quicker and more precise. As a result, customers will have more options for customization, and businesses will be able to develop better products more quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Genomics

The development of successful immunizations, the removal of various diseases, and the continuous growth of our understanding of biology and medicine are indeed a few of the ways that genomics can become one of the popular trends of this year.

Through portable DNA analysis, it is possible to detect diseases and better identify a fitting therapy that will specifically work for you. Genomics can have interesting applications but it needs to be more affordable for the public. In addition, this can aid in the analysis of your genes and lead to the discovery of diseases or other potential complications that may later become health concerns.

Think something like a portable device that can accurately diagnose any problem using just a few drops of blood (not Theranos!).

  • Datafication

This aspect of our existence can be turned into data-driven hardware or software. In essence, datafication is the transformation of human activities and functions into data-driven software. Data is set to stay for longer than we can recall, from our devices, machinery, and desktop apps to AI-powered gadgets. As a result, maintaining our data in a protected and controlled way has become a valued competence in our society.

  • Quantum Computing

This development in technology, quantum computing, is a kind of computation that uses quantum phenomena, including aggregation and quantum theory. It is so simple to access and utilize the information from sources.

In addition, this remarkable technology trend can also help to stop the spread of the coronavirus or other viruses or diseases and develop viable medicines. Moreover, banking and finance is another industry where quantum computing is being used to minimize credit risk, support increased transactions, and detect and prevent fraud or scams.

  • New Energy Solution

Everyone has decided to go with sustainable doings to benefit our earth’s natural scenery and the resources we consume. As a result, many households use greener options like renewable and solar energy, and vehicles run on electricity or batteries. Much better, people are aware of their wastes and chemical emissions, so reducing them or using them to generate sustainable energy is even more beneficial.

With the assistance of proactive service, artificial intelligence may help and significantly increase the advantages of renewable energies like wind and solar power. Also, it is possible to identify inconsistencies and predict problems in advance to save a lot of money.

  • Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation or RPA may relate to artificial intelligence and machine learning. It automates business operations, including software processing, payment services, data handling, and even mail response.

Its central feature is how it helps to automate repetitive tasks that workers previously completed, giving them up to engage in more innovative and profitable work. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of inaccuracy, increases revenue, cuts time spent on employment operations, and saves expenses.

Therefore, it is conducive to gathering and maintaining different information in areas such as finance, customer support, or talent management. It helps companies make the most out of their people skills.

  • Edge Computing

Users have become aware of the limitations of cloud technology in various situations as the amount of data they handle continues to grow. They are replacing the delay brought on by cloud services and transferring data directly to a computer system for processing.

Edge computing is created to assist with some of those issues, and it can be located on “the edge” storage, if you will, so nearer the location, calculating must take place in a short time.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain technique provides security that is beneficial in various ways because most individuals only associate it with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Also, blockchain may be characterized as data you can add to, not change, but it is safe and secure because the past blocks cannot be changed.

Moreover, blockchains are also trusted, implying no one organization can control the data and eliminating the requirement for a reliable third party to supervise or verify transactions to prevent unnecessary problems.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These technological advancements, virtual and augmented reality, should become more prevalent this year. AR and VR have great potential in teaching, enjoyment, learning, business, and even rehabilitation care.

Also, they frequently function in connection with some of the other new technologies, such as in programming. Either may be used to improve theme parks, train surgeons to do surgery, provide museum visitors with a more in-depth experience, or even improve marketing styles.

  • Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a system of interconnected sensors and equipment that can gather information on everything from residential heating to traffic congestion on city streets.

In addition, if data is gathered and processed, the IoT may help businesses be safer, more efficient, and capable of making better decisions. Predictive maintenance, better medical treatment, improved customer service, and other advantages that haven’t even been considered are just a few of its potential uses.

In 2023, it is anticipated that overall spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) will total 1.1 trillion dollars. New technologies, including 5G, are expected to accelerate sales growth in the upcoming years.

Lastly, IoT can help you learn about data security, some basics of AI and machine learning, communication, electronics connections, analytics, robotics, the familiarity of integrated systems, and device and design that you must have.

  • 5G

Whereas 3G and 4G technologies allow us to access the internet, use real-time applications, enhance streaming connection speeds for Spotify or YouTube, and do much more, 5G services are expected to improve our daily lives substantially.

The improvement in data connection also allows for the advancement of other technologies, such as VR and AR, in conjunction with cloud-based services. It is anticipated that it will be utilized in industries, HD cameras that help with traffic control and safety, smart grid management, and smart retail.

  • Cyber Security

Cyber security may not seem to be an evolving technology because it has been around for a long time. Yet, it is developing much, like other technologies. Threats are continually growing, which is one reason.

Cyber attackers attempting to gain unauthorized access to data can’t be prevented anytime soon, and they will keep looking for loopholes in even the most strict security systems. Also, cybersecurity will continue to be a popular technology as much as there are hackers since it will be developed to counter them sooner.

Which developing tech should an entrepreneur focus on?


In relation to the Year of the Rabbit, entrepreneurs should focus on the tech trends that continue to develop, including the internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, cloud computing, and the 5G network.

These technologies are combined in innovative solutions for enhanced working, flexible and remote operating, corporate decision, routine, and imaginative tasks in ways that complement one another. This takes us closer than ever to our ability to develop sophisticated companies where technologies and systems work together to conduct routine and tedious tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 2023, there would be fewer impediments in terms of achieving improved production processes, better effective logistics lines, more productive marketing and advertising, improved customer service, and services that are more aligned with customer requests. Also, new apps and interfaces enable business access to all of these technologies via various platforms.

Whatever technology befriends an entrepreneur, whether it stares them right in the face, already in their grasp, or in their mind, it should be utilized to help solve a problem, aligned with their expertise.

In A Nutshell

The delivery and utilization of services, technology, and security are changing as we look forward to the upcoming year. We foresee a sustainable, immersed future that calls for emerging technologies developed with new economic models in mind.

In addition, the technology trends mentioned above provide significant employment prospects both now and soon. However, technologies are continuously developing and charging within us.


Which technologies are becoming outdated in 2023?

2G and 3G cellular connections will continue to be phased out this 2023. Windows 8.1 has already been discontinued, but Windows legacy systems will continue to be used by industries but attacked by malware. However, old tech such as typewriters, dot-matrix printers, cassette tapes, floppy disks, pay phones, and fax machines will continue to be used this year. Also, iPhone 14 will become outdated after the release of the iPhone 15 (just kidding!).

What’s the biggest tech company in 2023?

Apple will continue to lead the tech industry this Year of the Rabbit, especially with its finesse for innovation. The AR/VR headset might also be released this year. Apple is already “organized for innovation,” according to HBR, so it is not surprising that its market cap will continue to grow in 2023. They could also adopt the 3nm process technology, especially for their mobile systems on chip.

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