How Area Pages Can Improve Your Site’s Organic Traffic?


Here is a Case Study of How We Achieved the Same for Our Website

It is the age of information technology and the internet has significantly turned the word into a global village. Internet managed to do it by connecting people all around the world and it is the same principle the internet itself works on.

Basically, internet is like a complex web where each fibre must be connected to the other in order to make it workable.Therefore, it is important to learn how things work on the internet and the sooner you learn the better.

A few months ago, we did an experiment with one of our websites that covered cargo services from UK to Pakistan by adding area pages. To our surprise, it was a very successful endeavour and attracted a large number of visitors to our website. Before we start, let us discuss briefly the terms associated with our case studies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There was a time when a new website did not have to do much to appear on the search engines, however, things have become more complicated now. Search Engine Optimization is a must do if you want to increase the organic traffic towards your website.

Basically, Search Engine Optimisation or SEOis a term that is used to cover all the ways and means you can employ to ensure and improve the presence of your website along with its content on the search engine results pages.

There are two most usedapproachesof search engine optimization, one is on-page SEO which you do on your website. Whereas, the other one is called off-page SEO which involves techniques such as link-building and social media marketing which you can employ to promote your site’s visibility high up the search engine results pages and get maximum organic traffic.

So,what exactlyis Organic Traffic?

In the language of internet, the organic traffic refers to the visitors who find your website by inserting specific words into a search engine like Google. These words are known as keywords and they play very important role in directing visitors towards websites of specific niches.

Organic traffic analytics offers you a clear picture to show how well your website is performing in terms of attracting visitors. You can maximize your digital presence by examining your website’s organic traffic and correcting the errors and removing the weaknesses in your website.

The Case Study of Our ‘Cargo’Website

There is one thing quite evident from the debate above, and that is ‘your website needs more traffic.’ Because the more the visitors, the more the impressions, sign-ups and services acquisitions. This is one of the basic aims of any website admin.

We developed a website a couple of years ago, with an aim to provide cargo services from the UK to Pakistan. We extended our services and offered them to all over the UK. However, we did not add particular areas to our websites initially.

The importance of Adding Area Pages

It did not take long before we grasped the concept of adding locations and area pages to our website where we provided our services. Our marketing team analysed the latest trends and keywords and they came to know that people fill the search boxes with the queries of sending cargo from particular areas of UK.


We, in turn, compiled a list of most searched for areas and added dedicated pages on our website for all those areas. For example,Cargo to Pakistan from London,Cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham,Cargo to Pakistan from East Ham, Cargo to Pakistan from *9-Yorkshire,GlasgowandLeicestershire etc. This strategy worked as a charm for converting organic traffic to our website.

Increased Organic Traffic

The results were very encouraging. The organic traffic which was initially at 1000 visitors/month, surged to more the 6500/month in a matter of a few months. Furthermore, in a year the website started ranking at the top for all major keywords. We further analysed that there was a huge increase in our services acquisition and in turn the revenue generation.


Increased Conversion Rate

We also noticed an increasein the conversion rate which means that a bigger percentage of people signed up for our website after the insertion of area pages than it was before. According to our analytics, the conversion rate upgraded from 16% to a whopping 25% thanks to the area pages. Moreover, the increased conversion rate allowed us to reach more and more customers.


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