How Power Outages Can Impact Your Security

In this age, we take many complex technologies for granted. Electricity allows us to live our lives seamlessly, performing daily actions like cooking, accessing the internet, lighting our homes and more. But what happens when the power suddenly goes out?

Maybe a passing windstorm knocks down some essential power lines, or a lightning strike hits a nearby transformer. No matter why it happens, life almost comes to a stop when the power goes out.

Making it worse, if a power outage occurs late at night or early in the morning, you’re probably dealing with it in the dark. And unless you have a security flashlight or a rechargeable survival light nearby, you’re going to have a hard time doing anything.

What does your safety look like during a power outage, and how can you improve it?

You Aren’t Safe When Your Power Is Out

When the lights go out, you, your home and your family are suddenly vulnerable to your surroundings. But what is most likely to harm you during a power outage?

Trip Hazards

When transitioning from a light to a dark setting, it takes your eyes at least 30 minutes to adjust and several hours until you can see optimally at low-light conditions. Without the ability to see clearly, you’re opening yourself up to potential fall hazards. Whether you trip over the family dog or your child’s toy, your chances of falling and becoming injured are noticeably heightened in the dark.

Trip Hazards

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Home Invasions

While a power outage might feel like nothing but a burden, it can be much worse than that. There have been multiple instances where criminals use power outages to invade and rob homes at their most vulnerable times. But why do criminals rely on power outages?

There are a few reasons criminals take advantage of power outages, such as:

  • The lack of lighting lowers their chances of being seen, caught or identified.
  • If a house has a home security alarm system, it likely won’t function when the power goes out.

These vulnerabilities need to be addressed before they occur if you want to guarantee safety within your household.

How to Maintain Safety During a Power Outage

Power outages happen, but while all of them don’t lead to dangerous circumstances, some of them do. To improve safety within your residence, it is necessary that you have the right tools available for you and your family. It’s important to have flashlights and lighting devices at the ready as well as backup power sources.

How to Maintain Safety During a Power Outage


Keep A Flashlight on Hand

In the moments following a power outage, a security flashlight is one of the best items you can have. Choose a high lumen flashlight that provides ample illumination. You should keep a few stashed throughout the house. One flashlight is not enough because each family member should have a light source of their own. If you have kids, give them small flashlights to keep in their rooms. Place extra flashlights in rooms, hallways or stairways to provide ample lighting.

Furthermore, flashlights are essential during break-ins, too. They will allow you to confront the intruder (if you decide to) in the dark. Hopefully, you can scare them off or get a look at their face. Tactical flashlights make great self-defense weapons if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Get A Home Security System with Backup Power

Having a security alarm system is one of the first steps to securing your home. But if it is only attached to mainline power, it is bound to be disabled and shut down once the power goes out. To protect against this, you should invest in an alarm system that features a built-in backup-power system or connect it to a localized, long-lasting generator.

Depending on its location and the wiring of your house, you might be able to connect other necessary devices to your generator, too. You must have your alarm system connected to some form of backup power, whether it be a solar charging bank, an internal rechargeable power bank or a physical generator. Alarm systems are essential in diverting crime. Even if there is a power outage, criminals are more likely to flee once they hear the first sounds of an alarm.

Home Security System with Backup Power


Power outages happen regularly for people who live in areas with frequent strong weather events. To protect your home and your family, you must invest in portable lighting devices. Similarly, it is always a smart idea to keep a charged generator nearby. You never know how much you need your alarm system until it doesn’t work during an intrusion. Take the first steps toward protecting your family today by storing flashlights, survival lights, and tactical lights in your home.

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