How to Balance Creativity and Search Engine Optimization in content – Ultimate Guide

If you are going to read this blog, this means that you are aware of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and how the content needs to be written properly. Well, let me tell you that creativity and SEO work well together for most of the part and help really well in developing a visible and engaging product.


Balance Creativity & SEO

However, even though it might look perfect, it never is, because nothing is simply perfect in this world. When you are about to create and are creating a creative content for your website, it is not always meant to be in-sync with the technical side called SEO. There is a balance that needs to be found when you are letting your creative flair out of your mind and also trying to make it optimized with the keywords. You just cannot choose one among the creative content and SEO because one alone cannot help the website in its growth. So, here are some tips for all of you who are looking for the perfect balance between the two most important things related to the world of blogging.


Many of you might have heard people saying that all you got to do is write naturally. It is obvious that the content needs to have a natural flow and full of quality and must not be stuffed with various keywords. The thing that is important is that it is not enough to have a solid content with the natural tome in which your keywords or SEO is present at the same time. It is not wrong but it is not even something that is perfectly right. Yes, write naturally and also optimize your content with the keywords for SEO, but do not focus on this stuff only. Do not get yourself trapped in ensuring that the content is not optimized properly with the creativity that you have put in it. Write the quality content that is well researched with the keywords and information. The content that you are going to write needs to reflect the serious points that you want to share with the world. If the sentences are inserted in the content for the purposes of sounding natural with the SEO, then you must stop it right away.


Headers are the sneak peek to the content usually, which I say should not, exactly. Headers need to be catchy so that the audience gets interested in reading what is it written inside. It must make your audience want to read instead of telling them what it is about. But sometimes, this might create an issue with SEO by not fitting well with it. At such times, you need to bring the balance to the headers for SEO and creativity.  Well, all you could do is divide. Let some of the headers show the creativity that you have and let other headers get right to the point. With this, your creativity will be showcased and the SEO will be boosted too. It is not as easy as it seems though.     You can choose the headers with the keywords for points where it is going to be obvious, whereas for other, let your creativity flow.


The story is simple and it says that if you want your content to get the search engine optimized properly, it needs to be organized properly. Search engines tend to have their own format which they prefer, obviously and we must consider that above any other format. So, the first thing that search engines do is the primary thing. If the content you have written has the keywords and start directly without any story, it is probably going to rank first because according to Google, it is primarily as the important words are in the beginning.

So, if you have a content which you want to get ranked on the keywords, it’s better to use it up beforehand smartly. It is tough for all the creative people because it is not that easy to put up the keywords in the beginning while writing the content in a really creative manner that can keep the readers hooked to your content. After doing this, it becomes easy and good for you to use creative headers! The reason being, SEO keywords have been used already in the beginning and it is the time to show some creativity now. Plus, if you want to do more SEO, when will the images help? Image SEO is also an important aspect of SEO which is usually ignored by many bloggers. So, do not forget it and use it well with your creative and SEO optimized content.


SEO or search engine optimization is an art in itself just like writing a creative content is. Though these two arts differ and also complement each other it gets tough sometimes to get them both blended in a way that will look delicious and just great. Search engine optimization is a really important aspect of blogging because it is the thing other than social media marketing that can bring the audience to your website for a longer term. Social media brings the audience for sure but for a shorter span of time. For longer times, SEO is the only thing recommended and preferred by everyone.

But SEO will only be done if you have quality content because believe it or not, content is the king. So, write a content that is creative and brings out the true and actual facts and figures. If the content is just written as a fiction, it is likely to get rejected by people. Nobody would like to read the fictitious content that has no real facts and figures. Instead, make your content authentic and creative, so that when SEO is done on it, it simply ranks higher and higher and loved by people who are going to read it. People must stay and come back to your website again and again, and this is the only way of doing so.

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