How to Build a Profitable Marketing Communications and Brand Strategy?


The modern era has blessed businesses with advanced technologies to reach the clients and customers worldwide. Market communications are general messages and media used to communicate with prospects in the different parts of the world. Moreover, this can also be referred to as the strategy used by a company or individual to reach their target market through various types of communications. It is usually the promotional part of the marketing mix.

There are basically 3 building blocks of a marketing communications strategy which includes a message, medium and target audience.

Marketing communications strategy defines the entire range of activities you need to do to market your products more efficiently.

Generally, the process involves 3 guiding principles of an integrated marketing communications strategy. And all the principles are discussed as below:

Brand Alignment

It is very important for marketing channel to resemble it’s brand perception. If you are selling some accessories then it is necessary to build relationships with its entrepreneur rather than publishing in a local newspaper.

Customer Alignment

Always make sure of reaching your targeted audience. It is of no use if your customers are not aware of the products which you are providing. Be sure and try to pick those channels where your consumers are already active. Advertising on the social media platform like Facebook and Instagram can really prove to be very fruitful.

Budget Alignment


Always go for that marketing channel that fits your budget wisely. If you don’t have a sufficient budget then getting an ad program will not prove to be a wise decision.

Steps involved in creating an integrated marketing communications strategy:

There are several principles which should be kept in mind while making an integrated Marketing Communications and Brand Strategy. Here are the key steps to follow:

Understanding the targeted audience:

Before you step ahead in a strategic communications plan, it is very important to understand the target audience. If you are supplying some other products and the audience is looking forward to some other products, then this can prove to be very non-profitable. The marketing plan has to be formulated in such a way that it specifies a group of target customers.

The simplest way to do it through various surveys, interviews and so on. Always keep in mind about these things.

What are the common demands of your consumers in bulk?

Why are they opting your products or services?

These questions are very crucial for creating highly targeted marketing messages. Marketing messages generally describe what you want to say and how you can say. This part includes your whole story.

You should make sure of investing some time to stay in touch with the latest demands of the customers. Always avoid using an inside-out approach.

Make sure of using unique selling proposition:

Unique selling proposition is the foundation of every integrated selling marketing communications plan. The USP should be reflected in every message that your brand sends across every communication channels.

A clear USP will always ensure that your brand messaging is clear, consistent and recognizable. This will help you to a great extent in compelling media pitches.

By doing the SWOT analysis you will get to know about your company in depth.

Knowing about the marketing communications mix:

Marketing communication is generally the combination of channels you use to reach out to the potential buyers. The marketing mix usually includes:

  • Online advertising on social networking sites
  • Offline advertising on the print media or TV
  • Direct marketing
  • Personal selling
  • Events
  • Content marketing
  • Sponsorships

Define branding elements:

Branding is a significant part of any business. At the basic level branding is about having a consistent look. However, at a deeper level, branding is all about the core identity of the company.

Defining success metrics:

After planning the promotional mix for your integrated marketing communications plan, you also need to plan the right set of success metrics for all communication channels. If someone wants to know about your success in public relations then it can be measured by a range of outcomes. Here are a few metrics:

  • Number of website visits or sign ups from each article
  • Website visits through social media shares
  • The track of the number of leads and sales


After the marketing communication process is ready then you can easily execute these marketing strategies, measure your success and modify your process if necessary.

Benefits of integrated marketing communications:

When it comes to creating a Marketing Communications and Brand Strategy, it’s important to consider the amazing benefits which are being provided by it.

Develop more trust:

If you are providing your client with consistent reliable services then that client will start trusting you. But always make sure of providing consistent services without any interruption.

Your brand will be more easily recognized:

If you are consistently looking the same way, speaking the same way and giving the same clear message at every point, then this helps the customers in recognizing you faster and more easily. In this manner, your brand can achieve great heights.

The budget goes further:

When everyone in your organization is focused on the same message and end goal, things get quite affordable. Transactional costs are minimized through standardized branding design and print costs will benefit from being scaled up.

Likely to make more profit:

There are several case studies which show a direct benefit from integrated customer journeys.

Moreover, in some cases, integrated marketing has shown to produce a double sales value year on year.

The message becomes more concentrated:

Instead of opting indirect message approach, you’ll be now focusing and concentrating on its effect which includes both your customers and internally within your organization too.

It’s what your customers are looking for:

Customers are crying out in market for consistency. If you will be providing consistency then there are chances for you to make a great profit.

There are some cons of the integrated market too. Not everything is so easy in this field. You have to do your homework otherwise all the other organizations would eat you. So it is very important to know about this field before heading forward.

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