How to Develop Social Video Sharing App? A Detailed Guide

Social media websites and apps are getting immensely popular among users. These apps are not only useful for finding new friends but also offer a wide range of features that keep the users entertained for hours. As of now, there are plenty of social media apps including Facebook and Instagram. However, we are not going to talk about them. The kind of apps we are going to focus on here is the social video sharing app, just like TikTok.

TikTok has gained enormous popularity in the past few years, and the app is highly popular among the new generation of users. The app not only lets the users show their creativity on the web, but also offers a great new way to get new likes and gain popularity.

What is a Social Video Sharing App?

Social Video Sharing App

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Social video sharing apps like TikTok are getting amazing responses from across the world and if you are looking to try hands-on and entertaining new ways to gain popularity. TikTok has numerous entertaining features that are hard to find on other similar apps available in the app stores. Before digging deeper into the TikTok, let’s have a look at what the social video sharing apps actually are.

Social video sharing apps are those special kinds of social media apps where you can share, watch, and comment on the videos. You can also make entertaining videos by using numerous filters and animations that are exclusive to the apps and are extremely easy to use.

So, if you are using the social media apps to share your short videos and gain popularity, then instead of using the normal apps, we will recommend you to try hands on the social video apps.

Guide to develop social video sharing like TikTok

If you are an app developer or a businessman who is looking to gain profit by developing a  mobile app, the social video sharing app is going to be the most efficient and reliable way to make money and gain popularity. You can try your hands-on building a perfect app that has all the features of TikTok along with better security and other options that are currently not available on the platform to get an amazing response from the users and get a brilliant profit.

The popularity of TikTok can be seen by the fact that more than 800 million users are currently using the app, and it is one of the most downloaded apps in both iTunes and Google Play Store. So, if you are planning to reach the users and want to build a popular social media app, a social video sharing app like TikTok would be an excellent choice for you to go with.

Features of Social Video Sharing App

Though there are numerous social video sharing apps available in the market and almost all of them differ from each other in terms of usability and features. However, as a developer, there are a few features that you should target. This will help you get a better response from the public. Let’s have a look at some of these features that a social video sharing app should ideally have while planning for the social video sharing app development.

  1. Login Security

Login security is one of the first things that you should consider while developing a new social video sharing app. IF the users feel that the login page is secure enough to deal with, the app will have better security options than other new apps available in the market. So, be sure to provide better safety features and secured login to the users.

  1. Notifications

Another important thing to consider is to manage the notifications. Be sure that the app you are developing provides notifications to the users for almost every new event on their profile. The users should be notified about the new likes on his post, new comments, and other important things that he may be interested in. So, be sure that your app works well with the notifications and keeps your users engaged in the app.

  1. Filters and animations

The main reason for the popularity of social video sharing apps like TikTok is the number of unique filters and animations. These apps provide users a great way to record and edit the videos before sharing them with the public. And, that’s why you should keep an eye on the filters that are popular among the users and offer them with updated and more entertaining features before the other similar apps in the industry.

  1. Video quality and performance

The modern devices are equipped with high-quality cameras that are capable of shooting high-quality videos. So, along with the animations and features, it is also important that your app fully utilize the device’s camera to capture high-quality videos and images without compromising the speed and performance of the app.

  1. Usability

One of the most important features to look for while developing a social video sharing app development is usability. Make sure to provide the users with the simplest to use UI and better features with the least complexity. If your user can easily use the features of the app without going too deep into the technicalities, then your app will surely be a hit.

By providing the users with the above-listed features in the most sorted out way, you can easily gain more popularity and profit from the app.

Social Video Sharing app development: Things you should know prior

While developing a flawless social video sharing app, you should keep a few things in mind. BY this, you will be able to develop a better app that is more likely to get popular among the buyers. Have a look at the following points and keep them in mind while preparing the blueprint of a social video sharing app like TikTok.

Features you need to work on

Another important thing to consider while developing an app, especially one like TikTok is the features you want the users to have. Whether it is about AI or animations, be sure to provide them a bug-free app that is free from crashes and lags. By this, you will be able to attract users even if your app has fewer elements than other similar apps in the market.

  1. Social media integration

Most of the users on social video sharing apps use their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. So, be sure that your app integrates well with social media platforms. With flawless performance and integration with social media platforms, you can attract more users who love sharing their videos on their social media accounts.

  1. Uniqueness

As discussed, there are several social video sharing apps on both mobile OS platforms. And in order to make your app popular among the users, it is essential that your app looks fresh and offers the users with better and more reliable features. Try to make a unique app in terms of features and functionality.

  1. Performance of the app

The last thing to care for while developing social video sharing apps is performance and reliability. Make sure that the app you are developing is stable enough to be used on smartphones with low resources. Developing a low profile and easy to use the app for your users can help you earn a lot of profit and reputation from the app.

So, try building an app that performs well and offers great value to the users to develop an app that can compete with several similar apps in the market.

How profitable is it to build a video sharing app?

TikTok and similar other video sharing social apps are amongst the most profit earning apps in the store. Regardless of the platform, you are using, these apps have a large fan base and popularity. Besides being extremely popular apps in the industry, these apps provide a great profit margin to the developers too.

Talking specifically about TikTok, the app generates its revenue from mobile advertisements, fundraising, and other in-app purchases. With over 800 million active users, the app has generated revenue of over $180 million.

So, by choosing a social video sharing app like TikTok, you can easily earn a good amount of profit and get the desired fan base in the market. Try your hands on the social video sharing platform and earn enormous profit and popularity.

Steps to follow for developing a perfect video sharing app like TikTok

video sharing app like TikTok

So, to conclude, here’s a step-to-step guide that you can follow in order to develop a perfect social video sharing app that can compete with TikTok and other similar apps in the market.

Step 1: Prepare a blueprint

The very first step is to prepare the blueprint. Be sure that what you are targeting from your app, and how you are going to achieve it. By having a proper blueprint in hand, you can easily achieve your target, whether it is popularity or profit.

Step 2: Target your audience

The next step is to decide the target audience. Try to figure what kind of users are going to use your app and whether they can afford the in-app purchases. Attract more users by providing free stuff and offers exclusive to your app.

Step 3: Hire a qualified and experienced team of developers

If you are a business person, it is essential to have an experienced team of developers that can handle all the technical issues like a pro. Be sure to hire a complete team of developers who can develop, test, and run the app and can handle any glitch professionally.

Step 4: Get a base version of the app

Instead of entering the market with a feature-rich app that directly competes with the market leaders, try your hands on the basic version of the app, and then build your app according to the reviews and feedback. This will be a more cost-effective way to enter the market, and if something goes wrong, you can easily work on it.

Step 5: Act on the users’ feedback and reviews to build your fan base and a better app

The last step to develop a popular app is to listen to your customers. Make sure to understand their feedback and know what they wish to see in your next update. Providing the apps according to your users will help you grow a better fan base and if you are looking to hold a good position in the market, this step will help you a lot in gaining the purpose.

These five steps can help you get a perfect app that has the potential to earn popularity like the many other apps available in the market.

Time Estimate For Developing Social Video-Sharing App like TikTok

  1. Approximate Time Estimation for Developing App with MVP Features similar to TikTok

Here we have enlisted all those vital MVP features which are essential to building TikTok like a social video sharing app along with the estimated time for the development.

Sr.No MVP Features Estimated Time for The Development
1 For Developing Basic UI 60 to 65 Hrs
2 For Creating User Profile and other personal details of users 70 Hrs
3 For creating User Login 60 to 70 Hrs
4 For the development of Geo-location Features 120 to 135 Hrs
5 For the development of posting features like videos, images, editing, smiley’s, and so 340 Hrs
6 For building social sharing features 120 to 130 Hrs
7 For creating a search option for a name and other hashtags 60 to 65 Hrs
  1. Approximate Time Estimation for Developers to Develop App Like TikTok

Here we have elaborated the approximate time needed for developers to develop an app similar to the TikTok social video sharing app.

S.No Development Time
1 For App Development in Android Platform 250 – 320 Hrs
2 For App Development in iOS Platform 250 – 320 Hrs
3 For Developing Backend & APIs 250 – 320 Hrs
4 For conducting the testing operation and QA 60 – 90 Hrs
5 For Project Management, Support, and Project Deployment 60 – 90 Hrs

Social Video Sharing App Development Cost

The most important thing that you should be careful about while planning an app is the cost of development. Though it can vary based on country of origin and the place developers you are hiring from. In general, developing an app similar to the TikTok will cost you somewhere between 60,000-75000 USD. So, plan accordingly and start developing the app by the step-by-step procedure.

Also, if you are falling short of budget, we will suggest you start with the basic features first and then introduce new features with frequent updates.

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