How to Integrate Magento Themes

If you want to run an online business then it is recommended to go with suitable themes as per the current tend to hit high traffic in very short time. Hence most of the site owner search ends up with the Megan to themes which are suitable for the all type of the website and works well on the website to derive more traffic in a fine manner. Even though there is a number of the themes in the market but the Magento become the right option due to its powerful theme systems.

How to Integrate Magento Themes

Therefore you have to go with it and learn how to choose the Magento in a fine manner. It is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms and it obtained by millions of the people. At the same time, it is user-friendly to install without meeting any risk of it. With the support of the right magneto website improves the business level to high and it attracts the number of the potential customer in a winning way.

Here you must follow the below steps to integrate with the Magento

Steps 1: Disabling caching:

At first, you make sure and do is disable the cashing. Why because, it prevent the Magento Web Development from crashing and also show them incorrectly. To come out such these problem, you must disable the caching and then obtain the Magneto dashboard.

  1. Obtain System -> Cache Management
  2. Choose all checkboxes by click on select all button option
  3. Now choose Disable in the Action drop-down list
  4. Press submit button to make sure action

Steps 2:

After, caching is disabling, then you go with the wish themes to download and click on it to install. Before going to download the theme, the user must create account on the Magento Connect so that it allows downloading and installing in a fine manner.

  1. Once you complete the making an account to this administer dashboard and navigate to System>Magento Connect >Magento connect Manager Section.
  2. Now you can get fresh login window will open, then you must enter the username and password. Then hit enter on log in button to obtain the Magento connect manager.
  3. Over the fresh page hit Magento connect button
  4. By hitting the button, then you can simply redirect to Magento website and you can browse different themes. Then pick the best theme as per the category of your website.
  5. On you decided, then you can choose theme and click on its name
  6. Now make sure all the theme is compatible with the al type of version and hit enter button
  7. Now you can view the fresh windows to choose Magento to connect and choose the checkbox to make sure that user needs to agree to extension license agreement. Then hit over the Extension key option.
  8. Code will found during the button pressed on it, then hit select key in order to copy the key in faster manner.

Step 3 – install the Theme through Magento connect manager:

On getting the code, then you have to go back to the Magento administrator dashboard and then flow the below steps

  1. Obtain Magento connect manager and then paste the respective key into the extension key to install and make sure once and hit the install button
  2. Magento will make sure of the package. When you views status become ready to install, then press the process button
  3. Now installation process is started and you are supposed to wait until it gets completed and then press the refresh button and step up to the next level.

Step 4: Activate the theme

On completing the above process in a successful manner, then you can follow the below step to active the Magento theme in a winning way.

  1. Choose to Magento dashboard-> design section
  2. On completing design section, then hit Add design change option
  3. Now press the arrow to next customer design from the menu
  4. Choose the theme and upload the list and press save button on it.

Hence you can simply integrate to the Magento template and works well on it to promote the site to the high ranking position in very short time with no trouble of it. It is quite simple for the customer to promote the website to the high ranking and make more traffic with no trouble of it.

This theme builds on the unique features which are listed below:

  • Analytics and reporting: This script is well integrated with current norms of the Google Analytics and also it generates the different report.
  • Product browsing: it has the number of the image for the different products and also has the various option for the collecting the extensive reviews and much more
  • Catalog browsing: it is simple to navigate and also product comparison and also filtering systems to the customer.
  • Catalog Management: it has new inventory management and also has different tax rates in a fine manner.
  • Order management: it has to make an order via admin area and make the number of invoice shipment in a fine manner
  • Shipping: it has many addresses, support UPS and also other support for the customer
  • Check out: it has SSL support, check out without having the account and much more
  • International support: it can provide multiple languages and also currencies list which allows for the registration and shipping localization with no trouble and risk of it
  • Site management: it can provide effective control of many websites and fix tax rate with an assist of the US and another international market.


From the above, you can collect the clear ideas about how to integrate with the Magento and also major features of the Magento in winning way. Hence it will be more comfortable for the customer with no trouble with it.  Even if you have any doubt, you have to go with   customer support and they provide clearideas to getrid fromthe majorproblem while installing such magento themes.

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