How to Market and Distribute Your Mobile App With the Right Strategies?

The fact that there are millions of apps out there is no secret and thus the competition is quite heavy whoever your app’s target audience is. You can’t simply sit back and relax after developing an app, you must look at marketing and distribution too to ensure that it is a success. These require a lot of planning and understanding of how the market works and we intend to shed light on some of the best practises in the industry when it comes to these aspects with this blog. As a leading mobile app development company, we’ve had our fair share of app launches and successes and we’ve detailed some of the best strategies that you must follow to ensure your app’s success; read on.

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#1: Exclusivity and striking ahead of competition

It was reported in Apple’s press release that in 2017 alone, the revenue of iOS developers was 30% more than that in 2016 and amounted to about $26.5 billion.

Such being the revenue generation capability of the platform, the competition is neck deep and marketing your product based on how exclusive and unique it is can help you connect with your target audience better. Offer exclusive offers for your apps to promote its usage; after all what the user gets out of your app that the competition doesn’t offer will be its selling point. This is one of the important strategies to attract users. Also, if your idea is fresh and aims at solving a specific problem for a user, you should try to market it before competition and thus release early in the market. This will attract attention and ensure that a fair share of the target audience is conversant with your app before competition hits the market.

#2: Optimization is the key

You may have optimized your app for speed, performance and responsiveness and thought you are done with all the work. This however isn’t the truth! You need to optimize your app for the App Store if you wish your app to be picked up when a keyword is searched. Consider this akin to SEO optimization; only here you are optimizing for the App Store instead. Work on keywords in your app’s title, description and meta data. In our experience with iOS application development, we’ve found that app optimization for the App Store is important to help your app get picked up during related searches.

#3: Keep up those update and future releases

Once your app is launched, you aren’t done working on it. Ensuring future updates that fix issues mentioned by users, that have optimization-based updates and newer feature additions is the key to sustaining your users’ attention. Once you have their attention, to maintain it and keep them focussed on your app, you need to focus on feedback, reviews and pain points and resolve issues promptly. Not only that, studying user preferences and working on new features and updates can help your app stay alive and relevant.

#4: Focus on generating attention prior to your app’s release

This is like the PR that celebrities do for their movies and campaigns. Generating buzz about a product helps focus the user attention on it and doing it prior to your release ensures that there is a lot of expectation surrounding it. Focus on exclusive aspects, offer previews and beta launches to keep the talk going about your app before its release. In fact, we believe that generating buzz for feature updates and releases too that are ground breaking can bring in new users and revive lost interest in your app.

Make sure to plan for marketing and distribution along with your iOS application development and have a game plan ready for it. We are a mobile app development company and we have enjoyed a lot of success owing to our focus on marketing and distribution apart from app development. We believe that you should too if you wish for immense popularity and success!

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