How to use Google Dorks to find low Competition Keywords.

find low Competition Keywords

Are you a blogger or a website owner who is looking for some keywords which can actually drive some traffic towards your website?

Then let me tell you, In order to get well ranked on the Search engines you will need to focus the keyword with low seo difficulty. Now wondering what are low competition keyword lets have an example below

You had right a post with a focus keyword”Bitcoin” and you are thinking that you will get huge traffic with this keyword. But wait wait wait. . . Why will Google rank you high for this particular keyword?

There are a lot of high authority websites which are already ranking for the above-focussed keyword. You will not be able to rank your website against these high authority websites. So what is the solution “how can you drive traffic to your site?”

The answer is “Finding low competition keyword” which are easy to rank.

How to find low competition keywords?

We are gonna use google dorks to find the low competition keyword. Wondering what are google dorks well you can follow this tutorial.

To find low competition keyword you will need:

  • Google
  • Microsoft Excel
  • A little idea what you are going to do.

Open the MS Excel and create four different columns(As shown in screenshot) namely.

  1. Keyword
  2. Search volume
  3. All In title
  4. Keyword difficulty.

Open the Google search homepage and enter the keyword you want to focus.

e.g. ” Find low competition keyword

Check the average monthly search of the above keyword. Use google keyword planner or a chrome extension” Keyword keyword everywhere” to check the search volume of the particular keyword.

For the keyword “Find low competition keyword” The search volume is 110

For the keyword “Bitcoin “The search volume is 13,600000.


Finding low competition keywords

Fill your particular keyword in “Keyword column”

Fill the search volume in column no. 2

Finding low competition keywords

Now time to check the All in title of the keyword. To check the All in search volume simply put” allintitle:” before your search query and you will get some search results like above.

For the keyword “Find low competition keyword” The allintitle results are 4.

For the keyword “Bitcoin “The allintitle results are 2,26,00000


Now note the no. of search results from the search bar and fill it in “allintitle” column of excel sheet.

After getting these values, in the last column divide the “All in title” value by Search volume and you will get a certain value.


This certain value is your keyword difficulty.

Finding low competition keywords

The less is the keyword difficulty the more will be the chances of getting ranked high.

As in the image above the keyword difficulty for “Find low competition keyword ” is  0.036

whereas for the “Bitcoin” is 1.662. This clearly shows that Keyword “find low competition keyword” is more easy to rank than “Bitcoin”

Featured image Credit:Designed by Freepik


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