How you should promote your telemedicine app on social media

Telemedicine apps have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Interestingly, patients regardless of their geographical barriers now have access to the best doctors. If you have a telemedicine app of your own, we applaud you! But having an app isn’t enough since you need to look for ways to get the word out. And to do so, we recommend you market and promote your app on social media.

Why Use Social Media to Promote Telemedicine Apps

It’s quite simple. Social media is huge. For instance, Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users so just imagine the number of users you could target with a fairly inexpensive social media campaign. Not to mention, promoting your telemedicine app on social media will enhance credibility. This is incredibly important in the medical world because people take their health very seriously and are often on the lookout for online reviews and testimonials. Additionally, it would provide potential users the chance to get to know their doctor better.

How to Promote Your Telemedicine App on Social Media

Follow these guidelines on how to promote your telemedicine app on social media:

Share Content

Whether it’s through videos or social media posts, sharing content is integral. If you have a blog, use social media to share high-value content and information with your followers. Your social media account should not appear spammy and most provide patients with high-quality information.

You can use social media to share a variety of content including eBooks, videos, webinars, white papers and much more. Since people would be eager to directly hear from healthcare professionals, videos can be insanely valuable for marketing your app.

Consider using social media to share promotional campaigns. Maybe your app is offering a new service or you’re planning to cover more areas. Whatever it may be, social media is a great way to get more people involved.

Communication and Engaging with Customers

Social media is a valuable communication tool that can immediately upscale your telemedicine app. Encourage patients to send queries and suggestions on your app’s social media account. You can also modify the app so that patients can directly login with their Facebook account.

By using social media as a communication tool, you’ll make it easier for potential customers to reach out to you. For better measure, consider asking doctors to “go live” on social media accounts such as Facebook. That way, patients will be able to ask their questions and queries on the spot. You can also think of new and innovative ways to increase engagement.

Get Influencers, Blogs, and Publication Onboard

Compile a list of some of the most relevant blogs, influencers and publication writers that you can get onboard to promote your telemedicine app. Before you start pitching, ensure the influencers or blog caters to your target demographics and will multiply your fan-following online. If you’re reaching out to some of the top-guns of the industry, be considerate of their time and clearly highlight what you expect from them and what kind of campaigns you have in mind.

These influencers should have an active and large social media following on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Since you’re trying to promote your telemedicine app, we suggest you reach out to fitness bloggers or celebrity doctors with a large fan base.

Most influencers expect monetary compensation in addition to any other perks that you might like to offer. And this is why you should make an informed decision based on your budget. Just make sure you’ve done proper research so that you end up with results that are worthwhile.

Leverage Content Marketing

Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? You’ve probably heard how content marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads. While then it definitely makes sense for you to share app captures, quotes from medical professionals and other visually relevant content using your social media platforms.

Include a call to action and ask users to follow suit. Since you have a telemedicine app, you can share inspiring stories of how your app helped people living in remote areas. Or you could get doctors to share invaluable insight about seasonal illnesses.

While there isn’t much room for comedy when it comes to healthcare, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.  Get some professionals onboard who can help you come up with new and exciting ideas that’ll build your social media following.

Boosting Social Media Presence with Testimonials

Testimonials add credibility to your social media accounts which in turn is good for your telemedicine app. For this reason, start collecting feedback and testimonials. You can initiate this campaign by including feedback forms on your app’s website or direct app user’s to a review page.

This approach successfully helps establish a healthy brand that customers or patients can identify with. Sure, you might not always be able to get a positive feedback but the content you’ve received will aid you in altering your services to ensure quality standards.

For immediate effect, you can also run a social campaign and encourage patients to share their stories and narrate how the app has helped them. People are more likely to comply if you opt for a more creative approach and give them the freedom to experiment with the theme.

Another clever approach would be to reach out to celebrities, social media influencers or famous bloggers that have used your telemedicine app. Request them to write a review and promote your app on their social media platform.


There are tons of ways you can promote your telemedicine app on social media. However make sure you evaluate your app performance periodically to fix technical issues if any. Now that most medical practitioners have incorporated telemedicine into their practice, it is crucial that you use social media to promote your app and stay ahead of the game.

Do you have some other effective social media strategies and ideas in mind? Tell us more in the comment section below!

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