IB Program- All You Want to Know about It

IB program or International Baccalaureate curriculum is one of the leading educational courses that have been introduced to the schools throughout the world so that there is a harmony of learning among the students and they can handle any type of education system while going abroad. Students from the age three to age 19 can go for IB program if the school is associated with it. Once being a part of it means the base of education of your child is much stronger than others. Guided by IB physics tutors in Gurgaon or other tutors anywhere around the world can help the students to get a strong grip on the subject and know in details, beyond the textbooks. Today, you will know more about IB program so that you understand why your child needs this.

IB and Its Importance

Basically, IB is the globally accepted high school curriculum that is run by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This is a non-profit, independent program, based in Switzerland.

Under IB curriculum, there are four programs for students from age 3 to age 19. Apart from that, there is a two-year course, known as IB Diploma Program. Students of high school appear for this course in the last two years of their high school. If you want your kid to go for this program, you need to know more about it in details.

Something More on IB Curriculum

There are certain differences between other high school courses and IB program. Here, the students are required to take subjects from various ranges of disciplines according to your choice. IB program is not only a curriculum that is conducted within the classroom. It is something bigger than that. Students need to partake several activities outside the classroom, like sports events and community services.

There are different types of subjects under this curriculum. You will find certain difficult subjects while some of them are really easy. There are six subjects and three core components in the IB program. The six subject groups are-

  • Studies in language and literature
  • Individuals and societies
  • Language acquisition
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Experimental sciences
  • The Arts

You can choose six courses from the six different groups, like a first and second language, a science, humanities, an arts subject, and math. You will also get the option to switch from arts subject to humanities, another math or science subject.

Among all these subjects, you should choose at least three (maximum 4) higher level subjects along with three standard level subjects. The benefits of taking a higher level (HL) subjects are that you can gain broader and deeper knowledge in those subjects that will help you to proceed in your career.

Here you get enough information about IB program. Along with all these subjects, you have to take three core components which will be guided by the top IB tutors. Parents always want their kid to get the best education and therefore, choosing IB program will be the best thing to strengthen their base.

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