How Has Instagram Changed the Conventional Marketing Landscape?

The injection of technology has made it pretty convenient for the people to advertise their businesses online. It is effortless and exorbitantly cheap. Technology has made our life easy. Today, sitting in our home, we can go through the businesses of people sitting abroad. We can communicate with them and also engage with them in their products and services. These have made the outreach of the business on a global level. Social media platforms have done a pretty amazing job at promoting the businesses across the country borders as well, and that too at the convenience of the audience.

Using the conventional ways, it was not easy for business and especially the startup business ideas, to promote their business in a foreign land and in short span of time get a good hold of traffic on their website. Recently, Instagram, the most famous social media platform made a dashing entry into the market. With an amazingly simple concept of promotion using images, they have gained worldwide people on their social media platform. Now, they have come up with a new feature of business accounts. Here are mentioned some of the major benefits of Instagram for the promotion or online advertising of businesses.

Major advantage of using Instagram for the promotion of business

Getting found on the Instagram

Previously, when the option of the business account was not rolled on the Instagram, the business accounts had to be accessed using the website link that was provided right there on their feed. Now, they have revolutionized the whole mechanism. You can look for business and have an option for call, mail or you can look up their office address.

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Easy access to the analytics

Instagram has come up with its analytics. Earlier the analytics tools that were used by the social media platforms, they were used using third-party access and were included in the paid versions. Now, Instagram has used its analytics tools to go ahead with the viewing option of what impact you have on the users, using your business feeds. The likes4likes option is fairly convenient here, as you will be looking after the impact of your feeds, and promotion is the essence of this.

Further, this will give you an option to view the top posts for the week and will also give you a look into the followers, who have looked up your posts, along with the location from where you got most of the followers. Then you can also figure out the gender and age group that viewed your posts the most.

Promoting your business profile made easy because of the easy advertisement visibility

Here promotion of your page has become a way too convenient. You can easily create an advertisement for your profile using the Facebook’s advertisement tool and promote it using the promote button given there. This call to action button will give you a lot of convenience and lot of viewers.

New Algorithm that is being used by the Instagram

Instagram has changed the way it functions. These days the algorithms of Instagram have taken a toll on any other social media platform. All you need to do is choose the time when you want people to see your ad. This will majorly improve your listings on the Instagram and will show your profile on other Instagram profiles for ads. This is pretty much the best and the simplest ways of getting your business promoted on Instagram. All you have to do is choose a business account, and you are good to go ahead with setting up goodwill for your business. You can check out for free Instagram likes to increase your business.

How to switch to a Business Account?

Switching to a business account is pretty easy. All you have to do is to go to your profile and choose the business profile option present theirs. If you do not see the business profile option, you are not eligible for a business profile. Next, you have to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook profile, and then you can get started with your business account. Further, update all your information such as your office address, email and contact and then you can easily proceed with your business profile. In case you are not eligible to see a business profile option there in your feed. Then click on the gear present on the right-hand side of Instagram and scroll down to the Accounts section. There you are with your business profile option.


In a nutshell, your way of online advertising has revolutionized, and the way you market you Instagram profile depends on your strategies and Instagram analytics tools. So, gear up for the revolution and make money in a fun and easy way. You have everything at your disposal; all you need to do is click and progress with a business profile on Instagram. A fun way to advertise!

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