Is Google Shopping Ads Management Is Important to Your eCommerce Business?

AdWords PPC text ads are a great online paid advertising solution for most businesses but Google Shopping campaigns are a much better option for e-commerce businesses. Why? Because they allow advertisers to target product searches and serve ads with critical elements such as product name, image, price and value proposition text that can entice the audience to click through and make a direct purchase.

#1 Grab User Attention Effectively

When it comes to promoting products, standard text PPC ads don’t stand a chance against shopping ads. Shopping ads from a Google Shopping campaign get placed right on top of search pages, above text ads and organic search results. With their visually stimulating format and information-rich content, they are more effective in capturing user attention.

#2 Target High-Quality Audience

Shopping campaigns have ads that are triggered by specific product searches. Individuals who make product searches are already familiar with your products and are more likely to convert, which makes them highly valuable.

This takes away all the keyword guesswork associated with regular text ads and results in the lower average cost per click. Shopping ads are more focused and lead to dedicated product landing pages from where customers can directly initiate purchase process.

#3 Setting up Shopping Campaign

Google shopping ads management starts with setting up a Merchant Center account. The Merchant is the place where all the information regarding your inventory is stored. You will have to upload product data feed of all the inventory you want to be advertised.

Once you’ve created your Merchant Center Account, you need to link it to your AdWords account from where you’ll be running and managing shopping campaigns.

Google shopping campaign

#4 Get Professional Assistance

Running and managing a shopping campaign takes time and effort to get desired results. Partnering a Google shopping management agency is a good option when you don’t have the expertise or time to do it on your own. A professional shopping management agency will have professionals who know best practices and implement them to achieve campaign objectives.

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#5 Optimized Product Feed

There are several strategies a professional Google Shopping management agency adopts to drive ROI. Providing accurate and up to date information in your product data feed is absolutely essential – a professional agency will ensure this is taken care of on priority basis.

Using original, high-quality product images in the right background of white or light grey can increase the chances of an ad getting clicked.

#6 Strategic Ad Spend

If you have a large inventory of products but a limited budget, a professional shopping ads management agency may suggest dividing products into different campaigns and using campaign priority settings to divert ad spend to a high-priority campaign with bestselling products so that they get more exposure. Other products can be loaded into a medium or low priority campaign.

#7 Exposure at Best Times

Customers are not a homogenous entity and prefer online shopping as per their convenience. Shopping ads can perform differently at different times. Depending on the times your ads deliver best performance results which you can find out from campaign performance data, a professional may suggest implementing day parting to ensure maximum ad exposure for certain times of a day or days of a week.

#8 Effective Bid Strategies

For most effective bid strategy and bid adjustment, a professional shopping ads agency carefully researches industry-wide bids, ad performance of competitive products and also cost per clicks.

The agency may also use the bid simulator tool to take the guess work out of increasing or decreasing bids – the bid simulator tool demonstrates how increasing or decreasing bid will affect ad performance.

A shopping campaign can bring in high-quality traffic and directly increase sales of your e-commerce business. Get ahead of the competition by partnering a professional Google AdWords management agency offering end-to-end solutions!

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