10 Major Issues of Kindle Fire with Their Solution When not in Use

The Kindle Fire tablets are big success. After starting with original Kindle Fire, Amazon is continuously providing upgraded and new tablets into the market. Users response is very positive but still problems may arise, whether you have a Kindle Fire new HDX or an old Kindle Fire HD. Below we have given some general problems “Kindle fire battery drains when not in use” and their possible solutions to help you out.

Some Major Issues of Kindle Fire Battery Drains When not in Use:

1st Issue: Massive battery drain

Many Kindle Fire owners have unexplained battery drain issue but there are several things you can try to troubleshoot this type of issue.


  • Press and hold power button for 30-40 seconds or until device restarts. This trick can work.
  • You can also try uninstalling the app and install it again.
  • Factory reset is the last option, but remember to take complete back up of your data before doing this.

2nd Issue: App won’t load or keeps crashing

If you are facing problem with any app on your Kindle Fire tablet, like it showing problem while loading or suddenly crashing then read the possible solution below for this problem.


  • First find the app: Go to Settings > Apps & Games > Manage All Applications. After it Force stop the faulty app and clear the cache.
  • You can also uninstall the specific app and after restarting your device reinstall that app. Hope this will work.

3rd Issue: Not Connecting to PC

Many people face trouble while connecting their Kindle Fire tablet to their desktop PC. You can find solution of this problem here.


  • At first, turn off your Kindle and your PC and after few seconds on it again.
  • You tablet should be fully charged.
  • Try connecting through different USB cable and if also another port.
  • In case you are using Windows XP then media transfer protocol kit should be installed.

4th Issue: Purple or blue haze on the screen

Various people face problem of purple or blue haze near the edges of the Kindle Fire screen. Possible solution for the issue is given below.


In such case the only option is that you need to contact Amazon support. Because if the device is under warranty then Amazon can replace it or you will get suitable support.

5th Issue: Overheating

Some Kindle Fire users have overheating issues with their device while playing games, watching movies, or surfing the web. Mostly all electronic devices get warm when in use, but if your Kindle Fire is overheating uncomfortably, it means you have some hardware issue. Here are the tips to solve such issue.


  • You can try to reinstall the Kindle fire app may be the problem is due to app. Check if the issue is resolved or not.
  • Perform a factory reset if not resolved.
  • Final option is that you should contact Amazonsupport and get help.

6th Issue: Silk browser crashing or not starting

Many Kindle fire have issues with the Silk browser as it freeze or crash a lot. Here is the solution that might fix your issue.


If Silk browser is crashing or not starting, the nit may be due to enable Parental Control settings (this may blocks access). Check this by going to Settings > Parental Controls.

7th Issue: Screen flicker

Several users report of flickering Kindle Fire screens. Some people have encountered this issue while playing games. You can try the solution given below to solve this issue.


If you are facing such issue the remove the cover of your device perhaps it is interfering. Also, you can also try manual setting of your device. If it doesn’t solve a problem, then contact Amazon and request for a replacement.

8th Issue: It won’t start up or freezes during use

If you encounter with freezing issue and you are unable to turn the tablet power on. Here’s what to try in such situation:


  • Try rebooting the device.
  • Hold the power button for 20-30 seconds and after device is switched off, plug in the charger and turn on the device.
  • Try using another charger and USB cable as their might me chances that your device battery is dead.

9th Issue: Keyboard typing erratically

Some users face strange issue with their Kindle Fire tablet where the keyboard is not typing correctly. You can try the tried and tested method given below to resolve this problem.


  • First, clean the touch screen with a microfiber cloth. Ensure that case you are using is fitted perfectly.
  • Reset your device by holding down the power switch for 20 seconds and restart it again by pressing the same power switch.
  • Ensure that your Kindle Fire device is fully charged.
  • Backup your all the data and perform a factory reset by going to Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.

If still you are experiencing the same problem, then you need to contact Amazon support service.

10th Problem: Keeps shutting down

If you find that your Kindle Fire HD keeps turning off by itself, then there may be many reasons for it. Solution to troubleshoot such problem is given below:


  • Ensure that your device battery is fully charged.
  • Try resetting the tablet by pressing the power button for 20 seconds. And again restart it.
  • If the screen goes off, then go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeoutand set it to be higher.
  • Perform a factory reset by going to: Go to Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.

In case your problems are not solved, by trying the possible solutions given for all issues. Then the last option is that you need to connect 24*7 available Kindle Customer Service Number where you will get answer for all your question and instant solution of all your issues.

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