List of Best Free SEO Tools Every Startup Must Know

 List Of Best Free SEO Tools Every Startup Must Know

Search engine optimization involves rating a website and higher the different web pages, preferably at the top, if a keyword is typed into the search bars. When your web page is accessible to the viewer at the top half of the results first list, it increases the odds of people clicking on the link to your site. Such placement of links at the top ranks leads several thousands of potential customers to your website, which is vital for doing business.

On the other hand, if a website doesn’t show up big at top SERPs, it won’t be available to the clients. This is because no-one is trying to go to the search results second or third page. This is why all small to medium-sized, and even large companies develop their websites with all possible means.

Search engine optimization, however, is a costly task for the majority of start-ups and small businesses. Optimization is a complex strategy involving skilled SEO services from the SEO professionals. A business that starts new may not be able to recruit an entirely professional team.

Thankfully they can use the free SEO tools to get the desired results. Such tools are so successful that they are used even by SEO professionals. To get the desired results, you should use the devices on your own.

For start-ups, the value of SEO software is manifold. The principal aim, however, is to make the new company accessible to its future online customers. Many businesses struggle to recognize their full potential because an online audience cannot quickly found these businesses. A vast number of start-ups are now struggling to make a strong start and suddenly shut down.

Over 50 percent of start-ups and small companies fail in the first four years, according to a survey. What’s even more remarkable is that just 4 percent of them succeed in hitting the second year. One of the reasons for their failure is that Google’s search results and other search engines make their company almost invisible to the target market.

Best Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Here Are Some Of The Best SEO Tools Every Start-up Must Try:


Very few SEO tools can suit Ahrefs’ skill for the backlink analysis. This site provides the most detailed profile of the links. This is a perfect tool for evaluating the Website and SEO approach of your rivals. One should use this tool if you are planning to create authority ties for your start-up company.

Ahrefs is also a fantastic resource to know the ranking of your website on Google for each of your company keywords, in addition to the backlink assessment. You will also be interested in the updated version of its keyword research tool, which gives you new ideas on keywords. This helps significantly in developing original content for rating. It also obliges you with the aid of a professional graphic designer to make any improvements to your website. Because of those timely design changes, your site can begin to get its desired rating. Well, experienced SEO professionals can always help you regarding matters related to the same.

Rocket Ranking

Rocket Ranking is created primarily to help small businesses and entrepreneurs increase their web traffic. This is an on-page optimizer tool that gives you a benefits calculator for keywords to find out which collection of keywords will get more traffic. At this free SEO tool site, you can also use the SEO Backlink Builder. The SEO backlink counter lets you know the numbers of your connections.

You may use the follow-up feature to gain some clout on various social networks and explore social media, which also rates the site higher.


With Buffer, you can conveniently plan your contact with social media content in a trouble-free way. This tool mainly fulfills your SEO content-building requirements. This is also important to set up and post content promptly so that everything about the campaign is going well. There is no question that it is a tool your startup will seek to optimize its social content. You can make changes to your social media page design to improve its rating, based on the feedback from the app. It is always advisable to contact the best service providers of these tools and get help from trained SEO professionals.

Screaming Frog

It is one of the most reliable SEO tools known for its incredible capacity through connections, passwords, applications, and websites to “spider crawl’.’ This way, you can collect valuable data that helps in many ways to grow your website and company. Furthermore, the data can be used to correct errors that are the obstacles to rating the site higher.

For example, some image errors or copied content may be the problem or some incomplete meta tags may be the reason why they do not get the desired rating. This method will help track those hurdles. You also get accounts of connections going in and out. The technique also helps you to learn what your rivals are doing to rank higher on their pages.


Moz is one of the best SEO tools that can be used to its advantage by any form of company. Its wide-ranging features will certainly also help your start-up. The website provides keyword analysis, SEO audit and crawl, backlink analysis, rank tracking, SEO toolbar, and many other features for optimization.

You can use a free trial of this tool. But, after the trial period is finished, you’ll be asked to pay for some of the features. But you would be able to continue using several other features available at no cost.

Such tools are useful enough for the ranking function for most stratus. These free SEO tools will allow you to track your ranking results by keyword and to monitor them. Effective on-page optimizations, relation monitoring, and several other optimization operations can also be performed.

Note that your efforts to build a true start-up brand identity will also rely on the search results from your top website ranking. You can only think of building your brand when you have greater exposure to your content for customers. In this regard, this method helps you in many ways. Book an appointment with the best SEO professionals for complete knowledge about SEO services and free SEO tools.

Similar Web

An insight into the operation of your website and the actions of your customers on your platform, as well as what your rivals are doing, is essential for ranking. A similar web is an excellent resource for getting the much-needed data that you can work on to improve the ranking of your website. You can then identify a target market with this method. You do get a traffic chart and other branding signals. In easy-to-read graphs, you’ll have the knowledge that you can easily understand.


SEMrush is one of the best SEO devices you can use for your PPC campaign with confidence. In particular, it helps with your keyword research and PPC analysis. Yet the method is equally useful for learning about the work and backlink study of your competitors. It provides SEO practitioners with all of the workflows. You get a technical SEO audit, selection of semantic heart, competitive intelligence, and ideas to get more organic traffic.

Start-ups in a competitive niche should rely on this method for the entire spectrum of SEO requirements. If you have this with you, it’s enough to make your SEO plan by itself.

If you still need any help with  regards to the information about free SEO tools, then get in touch with the best SEO professionals company near you.

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