Make The Most Out Of iOS 12 Subscription Based App

iOS 12 Subscription

Apple’s latest iPhone amazes almost every person. Equipped with the powerful processer, camera, and display, the iPhone offers robust hardware configuration. However, it’s more than hardware that makes Apple stand among the best phones around.

Apple’s latest iPhone


The subscription based iOS apps can make your iPhone even better. Apart from the popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify, you can equip your phone with some best subscription based apps to get the best out it.

We delved into the AppStore to come up with the apps, which somehow didn’t get enough attention. These apps offer great features and amazing experiences to iOS users. Whether you have bought a new iPhone or you want to revive an old phone with amazing apps, we will reveal the best subscription based iOS apps that will offer a great experience.

Jot – Notes & Tools

Instead of offering a ton of messy features, the note-taking app Jot focuses on providing users with the essential features. The quick creation offers instant notes and to-do list. In addition, there are simple feed style along with swipe menus for hassle-free pinning and sharing.Now that you have decided that you really want to buy a new smartphone or not, then Jot will offer none less than distraction-free note creation.

Calzy 3

Calzy 3 offers superior experience for calculation activities. The “Memory Area” offers quick saving. This app comes with a configurable keyboard, scientific calculation features, bookmarking, and an exclusive support for multitasking. The app serves as an excellent calculation app. Above all; Calzy 3 received recognition in the Apple Design Awards 2018.

Above all, apps built by the best iPhone app developers have proven to provide users with a fantastic experience, making them come back repeatedly.


The Deliveries is an amazing all-in-one app for shipment tracking. This app offers an exclusive support for all the leading shipment services including the USPS, FedEx, DHL. Through using a simple system, you can enter package information and track numbers via iCloud sync. It will pull delivery information for different emails, populating the incoming delivery list.

Also, you can view an instant timeline summary of the incoming package and delivered shipments. In addition, you can discover location of the packages on a well-versed map, or through an online portal. Furthermore, a “Today Widget” keeps you notified about any incoming packages and informs of any package arrival.


Being featured in the Apple Design Awards of 2018, Agenda stands among the popular note-taking app for Mac OSX and iOS devices. Agenda follows a date-oriented approach to organize, and attach timestamps to different notes. It offers easy view of a project’s progress and evolution. A user can organize notes as per project and category. Agenda can highlight specific items into an agenda, making them easier to find.

Agenda allows you to sync notes on iCloud or share via either printout or different formats such as PDF. Agenda is free to use, but offers subscription based features such as events along with markdown edit through in-app purchases.

iTranslate Converse

The iTranslate Converse serves as the nimble version of its mobile app. This app focuses on the two-way voice translation for more than 37 languages. Also, iTranslate Converse offers automatic language detection that can translate your speech into one of the selected languages. Converse aim is to provide users with a hassle-free experience. The app offers a simple interface with few additional features. This subscription based app starts at $4.99 per month with a generous 7-day trial.

Moleskine Timepage

The better-known notebook app offers stylish and feature-packed interface. You can find a smart calendar and planner in this app. In addition, the Timepage app works with existing calendar providers like Facebook, Google, iCloud and more. Also, Timepage offers nifty calendar view and hassle-free event creation.

The base view offers a sleek timeline of any upcoming appointment with a date tab for selecting any particular day in a week. The “heatmap” of a month can reveal what days are free or busy. There are filters surfacing specific events or calendars. The Natural language parsing offers hassle-free event creation. In addition, the iPad app offers extended modes for viewing such as split-screen support.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a decent voice recorder. This app offers one-touch recording for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Just Press Record offers handy features including the built-in transcription features for hassle-free note taking. Users can record directly through long press on the app icon available in lockscreen or notification widget. Also, this app can record speech with support for various languages along with punctuation commands.

All the recordings are categorized as per date and time. In addition, transcription allows a user to search through recording for any particular term. A user can synchronize recordings and transcriptions to iCloud for sharing across different apps.


Mobile devices have started becoming worthy tools for businesses. Undeniably, mobile phones can serve as the source of distraction. The Flowstate is a writing app that makes use of basic trick to keep a user on track and working.

This app can erase all the work automatically if a user closes the app early or stops typing for more than 5 seconds. Users can set timer for about five, ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes, following a flow session. The subscription-based app Flowstate is effective tool for dealing with writers’ block.

Astropad Studio

The Astropad app can turn your iOS devices into a video graphic tablet. This app can serve as a perfect companion for those using Adobe Photoshop or similar tool. The subscription based app aims squarely at professionals using the iPad Pro and Apple’s Pencil.

Astropad Studio is designed to run using WiFi or a connection through USB. Users can expect enhanced features, responsiveness, shortcuts, and much more. This app offers a free 7-day trial, following a paid subscription starting from $11.99 per month.


RunGo offers a brilliant way for exercising. The developers understand that it can be tough to find good and secure jogging route during travel. The RunGo serves as a run tracker and a navigation aid at the same time. It allows users to discover new routes for jogging. The app offers voice navigation to assist you through unfamiliar locations. Also, users can download map for offline use, and create fresh ones within this app. Apart from this, premium users can access “guided tour” that offers routes built by different runners.

Carrot Weather

The Carrot Weather is one of the popular weather forecasting apps for the iOS devices. This app is desirable to fans of GLaDOS as its character can be seen in weather narration. This app is perfect to knock off the misfortune faced during heavy rain and excessive sun. for iOS devices can protect your activities during browsing and streaming on unsecured networks. Previously known as the Clock VPN, is free to download, but the subscription starts from $2.99 per month.

Final Words

The best subscription based iOS apps aim to provide users with superior experience. If you think we have missed a worthy subscription-based iOS app, feel free to mention.


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