On Demand Laundry: The Features of Mobile App and Its Development Cost

Instant, on demand, express these are the terms associated with services industry today, be it on demand food delivery, one day express delivery of ecommerce shipments, etc. daily routine chores are fast becoming a market opportunity for on demand businesses as people today lack the time to perform even the simplest of daily tasks like washing clothes, or buying groceries with their schedules being jampacked with their professional commitments.

Laundry mobile app

Doing laundry too is part of the same routine and has fast grown into an on-demand service. People have readily accepted this service thanks to the amount of convenience and independence it offers. Thus, numerous businesses have ventured in this market sphere with a smartphone centric strategy as a smartphone is one device that accompanies a person almost everywhere. But what features should a smartphone laundry app possess, we discuss below.

1) Designing a Simple Login Page

So, before you create laundry app you need to keep in mind that the first page in your app has to be the login page. It is crucial for your database, as well for the account security of the client. It should be simple and require only the basic info such as name, email ID, contact no. and address.

2) Facility of Order Tracking

Every smartphone today is equipped with GPS. The location information can serve to be great help to any on demand business. In case of laundry services, it can enable the customer to track the status of their order and get an estimate of the delivery time. At the same time, the customer can also know which of his orders are up next and as the status of the scheduled pick up is updated in real time.

3) Setting Automatic Time Reminder

The feature of automatic time reminder must be built in the laundry app make sure of it when you commission online laundry app development. If customer has the option of choosing the date and time of laundry to suit their convenience and also be reminded of it in case they forget can serve to be the a big reason for choosing your laundry app. Also the laundry in this way will always be on time, both picked up and delivered.

4) Mention Each of the Services Clearly

When you build laundry mobile app, it has to be clearly mentioned (on the homepage) the services that your laundry business offers. You need to make it clear what kind of washing, folding, ironing your consumer are looking at. Different fabrics would be charged differently for washing based on the fabric requirement. Also, the clothes sizes will also come in play.

5) Inform More about Your Laundry

Your laundry app should periodically drop trivia on your consumers such as how your eco-friendly services have helped the environment. Also, assure your clients that clothes are handled with utmost care. Offer your consumer with attractive options like free scented washing. All these activities can act as brand promotion for your business. Before choosing your laundry app mobile solution make sure you have this facility.

6) Offers and Discount Coupons

This section in the app can help you develop a loyal customer base. Offering loyalty points for every laundry done which can accumulate and redeemed on the next laundry wash is one such method. You can even offer regular customer with coupons and vouchers offering them the next 5 laundry washes free. This technique helps in securing the older customers whereas it also develops good word of mouth to attract newer customers.

7) Offering the Different Payment Modes

Another crucial feature that you must not skimp on is the diversity in the payment method. In your on-demand laundry app make sure you have all the most popular payment methods integrated. Your primary target is to keep the consumer wooed, so make the payment experience as smooth and convenient as possible. Accept both credit and debit cards, along with e-wallets and cash on delivery.

Cost of Laundry App Development

This section could be the make or break deal for people trying to venture into on-demand laundry business. If they are willing to make the investment required and persist long enough for it to pay off?

So, basically the cost creating a laundry app boils down to the no. of hours it took to completely build the app’s front end and back end. It may also be affected the laundry app development company that you hire and the laundry app development software it uses, the no. of platforms it is being developed for, i.e. iOS or Android or both. Further app testing is also included in development costs.

The app design takes about 150-200 hours for both mobile platforms. The actual development process lasts about 700 hours for Android and 750 hours for iOS.  The back-end development alone takes 200 hours whereas admin panel takes 60 hours of its own to be created. All these combined the average cost of development comes to $10,000 to $30,000.


With individuals running shy of time to focus on their day by day routine, they are getting more reliant on mobile applications. An on-demand laundry app is one of those applications that has stepped forward, and in light of the ease and accommodation offered, an ever increasing number of clients are getting appended to it.

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