PHP Application Development will Never Fade: Find Out Why

When you think over the most prevalent and renowned server-side scripting language, PHP is the name that first comes to the mind of any experienced web solutions provider. PHP offers incredible opportunities to build flexible, low-maintenance and customized PHP web applications, becoming a top choice for developing feature-rich websites with evolved functionalities. It is almost impossible to forgo the option of using PHP programming language when it comes to creating interactive, secure, dynamic and fast-loading web pages.


Since it offers multifarious benefits to PHP developers, even businesses feel confident while seeking a reliable PHP application development company. Hence, there is a constant demand for PHP development specialists. However, as other parallel technologies are coming to the surface, PHP is certainly facing some tough verdicts and arguments on the grounds of best web development technologies.

Let us dig deeper in the subject to understand how PHP development shows no sign of fading away and a dedicated PHP developer is still in demand.

The Legacy of PHP Programming Language

PHP was born in mid 90’s and was initially written in C language with its tools made public in 1995. The language was written with Common Gateway Interface binary coding. With PHP3 forming as the base language, its official name Hypertext Preprocessor was announced in 1998. PHP 5 version came about in 2005 following the rigorous course of development with improved support for Object Oriented programming. The later version definitely had polished functionality and impressive performance, but still it grappled with sharp criticism which was attributed to its lack of native Unicode support.

And then, the PHP programing language grew resurgent with the release of its major version PHP 7 in 2014-15, and ever since it retained its legacy in customized PHP web applications market.

Accessibility to various CMS

Being versatile and flexible programming language, PHP has inherent ability to scale up and provide incredible functionality. Quite impressively scalable, PHP is the best companion to programmers as it helps them meet their coding requirements. It remains seamless and accessible across various CMS such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla etc.

Open-source capabilities

Due to its dedicated open source community always ready to bring innovative updates, PHP is regularly enhanced and respected as the open-source project till date – which is a its best pro for a custom PHP development company. The dynamic PHP community is always active introducing new updates and contributing fresh bug fixes and improvements to make sure PHP stays updated, efficient and secure for users. Since the technology remains rejuvenated and free-to-use, there is a big chance for developers to refresh their knowledge and create the best in the field of web app development.

Effortless Compatibility

The best quality about customized PHP web applications is that the language supports most operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, along with MySQL and Apache. It covers all cross-platform capabilities which makes PHP a compatible language. Using this open-source language, developers can add as many creative elements as the project demands. The end product you get is the application with rich features, clean interface and perfectly finished structure that works across al available platforms. To suit the dynamic operating environment of devices, PHP application development also gives you flexibility to use and tweak a range of plugins and components.

Highly Flexible and dynamic

If your goal is to build a website that is flexible, interactive and agile, PHP programming language again satisfies your project requirements. PHP proves to be the right choice as it allows websites and web applications to scale dynamically without involving manual efforts. It adds agility to page loading and make the content appear more interactive. Moreover, customized PHP web applications have ability to automatically refresh which is a rare quality with other technologies. PHP’s commendable flexibility stems from its open-source wealth of many free-to-use libraries, graphics, and tools.

Easy to learn and adapt

For a person who has been writing custom web applications for a few years can easily pick up the PHP language as it does not demand a long learning curve. Its organized syntax, clean coding environment and simplicity make it easy for a dedicated PHP developer to adapt to its use. Even developers unfamiliar with the PHP environment can learn it with speed mainly because the technology has no complex commands. Plus, its syntax resembles C language and is executable, which minimizes the training period for new entrants.

Speed and efficiency

PHP appears to be faster than other languages used for programming the applications. Its speed and efficiency are the remarkable characteristics that even survive the odds of low-quality internet connection and poor data speed, which is beneficial to a custom PHP development company. PHP swiftly connects with any database to fetch solicited information and executes the statement for a given query. PHP performs this operations faster than any other language. This is why a PHP application or website exhibits fast content loading.


If you are a business body wanting to build a fast and secure web application, you can confidently approach a dedicated PHP developer by Kanhasoft. Since PHP applications greatly appeal to your business objectives, there is no denial that PHP technology will continue to dominate the web solutions landscape. Looking at its technical maturity and viable community strength, PHP developers can wallow in the fact that PHP development will not fade away.

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