Top 7 Easy and Simple SEO Strategies to Improve Ranking in 2018 With Great Results

The million dollar question every blogger has thought ever is sure “How to Improve the Keywords Ranking in Google?” Many bloggers talk about the ON-page SEO techniques which help to improve the ranking on search engines. But, in this post, there would be some advanced tips to improve the keywords ranking. So, let’s come across those 7 easy strategies to see improvement in your blog’s search rankings.

1. Additions of Keywords to Post & Media:


Keywords to Post & Media


Keywords play a very vital role in SEO. Allocating a minimum of 2% of total wordings to be stuffed with keywords is really important. Also, to see an improvement in a short span of time start placing your main keyword in the first 100 words and in the conclusion as well. For the images, you can use alt tags so that search bots can know what the picture is all about. So, keep in mind optimize the image name and increase your rankings.

2. Take Advantage of Internal Linking:




This is the safest way to get backlinks. Using this strategy you will be able to get some link juice. Linking to the related posts instead of automated harvester do inter-linking at a slow pace. Make sure not to increase the internal linking of a post that is getting down in the SERPs. While getting your hands down on this strategy make sure to add different anchor texts.

3. Guest Blogging:




This is one strategy that seems too hard at first but once done in a proper manner leads you to the relevant traffic and a boost in your keyword rankings. Use guest posts to emphasize relevant posts of yours which are in-context. Having a guest on a good site will help you boost your blog’s rankings. If you don’t know much about guest blogging, then go through the guides available on the Google.

4. Blog Commenting:




This is the simplest strategy of getting traffic to your site and providing traffic to your site, it gives the higher ranking of keywords in the SERPs. Build relationships with a good source of getting visibility. Before starting with the blog commenting, make sure not to comment on blogs that are spammy and not relevant to your niche. Commenting on someone else blog use this strategy as soon as possible after publishing an article/ blog on the web. Lastly, make sure to enable the commentluv.

5. Create Viral Content:


viral content


Every one of us wants to create the content that goes viral. But many of us don’t know how to make that content that passes away may share on the internet. So, before creating the viral content give importance to those sites that create viral content. As you will be getting your hands down on viral content keep in mind to write a headline that is eye catchy because the headline is the one aspect that a user will first roll his eyes on.

6. Social Content:

Content from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin get more importance on the SERPs. It has been noticed many marketers take advantage of social media to support and boost SEO. Many search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo index social media content. So, it is really important for brands to get their social media profiles to be the part of the top results in the search rankings.

7. Mobile Optimization:




If your website is not mobile friendly then your audience is no one in place. In today’s world, people use all sorts of devices whether its laptops or mobiles. It is significant to change the way you conceptualize and create SEO strategies for mobile searches. Also, to give your website a boost in rankings you need to go mobile-friendly. So, don’t forget to add mobile optimization as a prominent way for boosting your search rankings.

But, before you include the above 7 strategies in your SEO strategy it’s better to check the current position of your keywords so that you can track the improvements after applying the tips.


All of the effective strategies are proven, but better not to expect the overnight results. Stick to them and see the fresh visitors eventually coming to your blog and an increase in your blog’s search rankings. Also, see an increase in the e-mail subscribers, and build a business that sustains in the long run.

Without getting stress enough just keep in mind that quality is key when it comes to content marketing as well as search engine optimization and content is going to be evergreen in SEO.

Jotting down 3,000 words of claptrap thinking that it will provide you the traffic because it has a high word count is neither going to provide you higher blog search rankings nor traffic to your site.

Accept the fact, quality is more important than quantity and mixing two of them will dominate the game of rankings.

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