Social Media’s Top Influences on Society:

There is no doubt in my mind that when new technology arrives, every one of us wants to have it immediately. When we talk about social media, we have to take into consideration the past few years which have changed our concept communications, we are now able to easily stay in touch and become more socially active, but not by going to parties and socializing but by posting all over Instagram and Facebook.  When there’s convenience, doubt occasionally follows. So, let’s take a look at the social media evolution and some of the influences that have affected our lives.


Before Yahoo, Facebook and WhatsApp messengers were born, people used to communicate through cellular texting. But for that, you always had to know the number of the person you needed to communicate with. Now, since all of these apps have been created, communications is no longer an issue. You can share your life with anyone just by clicking the video call button. No matter what happens most people are on Facebook, so if you don’t have a number you can easily find that person by name and then make a connection with them. Trust me, this works pretty well.

But where there are advantages there’s disadvantages as well, and the biggest one is that we have lost the value of face to face communication. Access to our friends and family is now so easy that there is no special need to meet and interact every day. So, we can say that the more that communicating became easier, the less concerned we are about finding ways to create those little special moments.

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Language is often a concerning issue, which is why I would like to discuss these changes made by social media, and that type of language is slang. For example, the use of emoji’s and abbreviations like ILY (I Love You) or XoXo (Hugs and Kisses) are codes for happiness for those who understand their meaning.

This is the same way that social media has given access to everyone whether they know how to read and write or not, they will be able to text you on WhatsApp and they will have a social account on Facebook. But, due to this new slang language, both children and adults can become confused between the academic and the text language.

Awareness Campaigns

We can’t talk about social media and ignore the fact that many famous social campaigns are started right from these platforms. We all know that social media is a place where anyone is free to express their experiences and opinions so that others can take enjoyment from it.

But, it’s important to keep in mind that people will only see what they want to see. Most of the time these awareness campaigns are fake and were built up solely to destroy someone’s reputation. This can end badly when half of the users are against the cause and fighting with those who are with the cause. The biggest example of this is in the name of religion.


Keep in mind that a little knowledge is always dangerous. Social Media marketing strategies provide us knowledge about many things like celebrity gossip, traveling, education and much more, but there are still some things that need to be confirmed, like the guy you stalk on Facebook who says lives in LA but it’s not even a real profile.

Social Life

Once you’re on a social media platform, you automatically become more socially active than you probably ever were. You no longer have to visit your friend’s house to tell them you still miss them when you can just add them and then share your life with them. This makes you more active in your social circle.  But now there are many fraud profiles which fall into the cybercrime category. It’s better to take precautions early rather than search for remedies later spectrum tv.

Business Techniques

One of the best parts of these social platforms are the fact that online businesses have been massively gaining popularity. With online shopping, you can just text the provider that you like their product and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. This is no doubt a remarkable way for businesses to grow, but the downside is on the part of the buyer when the stuff they order and the stuff you receive is entirely different. Yes, a small inconvenience but it’s still an aggravation.


Undoubtedly, everything has intrinsic positive and negative effects, but if we keep our focus on how we can we contribute positively, then quite possible we can cancel the negative effects. The internet is a great commodity when it’s used mindfully, and provided the connection is as reliable as spectrum deals , because with it we can learn so much if we actually start utilizing it correctly and productively.


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