Technology Trends In Education For Better Student Engagement

Evolution of the technology in the educational sector has been growing rapidly. Those old-school traditional education systems have been replaced by the modern education. Advancement in the technology trends in education have changed the way students used to learn and teachers used to teach. Even the school management is adopting the new way of teaching in schools to increase productivity and explore the potential of students.

Technology Trends in Education Sector

In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss trends in educational technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and cloud computing, among few others. Technology has been streamlining the experience of students and teachers across the globe in the education arena.

1.  Augmented and Virtual Reality

As the name suggests, “augmented reality” is an increased reality by the use of technology thereby imposing digital information on a physical background image of something.

“Pokémon Go” is the best and well-known example of augmented reality. SMT (school management team) will provide teachers with the tools that can give students enhanced learning experience using augmented reality.

While it is a relatively new technology trend in the education sector, there are some really great educational experiences available for uses. Consider an augmented reality imposed mobile application which turns the textbook into interactive books using AR pop-ups to help students experience multi-sensory content. Employing augmented reality animated content in education has proved to increase interest among students for the topics previously considered “boring” by them.. For instance, the inclusion of fun facts, a short bio of a person, visual 3D models, and much more in the topics can facilitate students to grasp concepts fully and quickly.

“Virtual reality” is a bit broader concept than augmented reality. It goes a step ahead in how the user experiences the reality because here the real vision is totally taken into a virtual world.

Implementation of the virtual reality in the education sector can be a breakthrough in education technology. This technology trend in the education sector has a potential to transform how we learn and how we teach by providing in-depth knowledge of any particular subject.  Language immersion and virtual trips can help students to learn a foreign language by interacting with people all over the world.

Virtual trips have been the most popular application of the virtual technology providing students with a virtual trip to the faraway places and inaccessible part of the earth and visit places and times that are only mentioned in their books.

2.  Cloud-based technology

The Omnipresence of the cloud has streamlined and changed quite a number of areas including education.  Today, due to cloud computing; education and training have become affordable, flexible and accessible to schools and enterprises.

Students won’t have to worry about a lost file or deleted file, or having multiple USB flash drive to save their assignment. Their essays, assignments, other important contents related schedules can be saved on a cloud such as Google Docs by adopting such technology trend in education.

Teachers can also use their cloud storage to store students’ submitted content in a digital format. Instead of collecting multiple DVDs, Flash drives, audio files, and video files, teachers can store students’ data on their cloud storage. There are also some security measures that will protect students’ online data from the eavesdropping and plagiarism.

3.  E-books

With the advent of technology trends in the education, the way of reading books has also been changed. Instead of carrying those heavy paperbound books the student can download EPUB or PDF format of their books on the iPad or their smartphones. With this, they will have hundreds of books on their devices instead of searching all the books in the library.

 4.  Online learning tools

The major change will be in the process of the learning. It will solve the problem of slow learning individual by facilitating them in teaching by their speed. Online learning means an individual can learn any topic at their speed, their time and their ability to grasp concepts. Learning materials are given to the user online so that they can learn their subject and complete the task they are given in their time. Therefore, trends in educational technology such as online learning tool can help students in a big way.

5.  Artificial intelligence

The world of the academia is becoming more individualized and appropriate for the students, thanks to Artificial intelligence. This technology trend in education brings chatbots equipped with the Natural Language Progression like Siri to interact with students and teachers to enhance studying and teaching experience. Therefore, students will be able to do their homework with the help of chatbots by getting the exact answers to their questions by asking the bots. In addition, your lecturer may also be replaced by Robo-teachers in near future.

6.  Gaming

Gaming is also one of the current trends in education. Commercial game- like stimulations lets students play the professional roles like engineer, journalist, architect, and city planner to solve the real world problems. For instance, in a game, they are playing professional that solves the problem of their respective field through their intelligence, creativity, and smart thinking. This approach develops problem-solving capabilities among the students and helps them gain practical knowledge instead of rote learning. So by having high standard, real-world skills, professional value and a creative way of thinking students become more experienced and productive.


To recapitulate, due to the exponential growth of technology trends in the education sector, the learning methods have drastically changed. The paradigm shift in the traditional educational system has led to a prolific outcome for the education technology. The new learning models are exciting and proffer unthinkable possibilities for students.

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