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free logo designing tools

The emerging tech world has influenced different landscapes including branding of businesses. Today, a logo serves as the vital asset for business to spread brand message and values. Businesses utilize logo designs to highlight brand identity. Businesses spend heft budget on designers to stay apart from the competitors and represent themselves with distinct and custom-made designs. On another hand, many small businesses rely on affordable and freemium logo designing tools to build logo for their brand.

Happily, different free logo design tools now offer fantastic logo creation. Thus, we have created this article to highlight the best free tools to create a logo for a business. However, before you begin creating a logo, you need to understand about the feeling that you want to deliver to the customers. You can learn about best logo design tips for startups. Think about the experience that the customers will achieve when they see their logo. It should simple trigger the positive vibes among them. Think about the color and font scheme.

You must be consistent in term of color selection, font, and more aspects. Think about the ideas that you want to project among the audience. Various logos depict specific idea and concept through a logo. Read along to discover the best affordable and free logo creation software available online:

Free Logo Service

Free Logo Service is a hassle-free logo designing software. The tool offers hassle-free text entering, selection of designs from various designs. Moreover, users can customize a logo using different colors and layouts. Moreover, users can build a logo design and much more such as business cards, banner ads, and much more. In addition, you can build a logo and use it.

Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs serves as more than just an ordinary logo creation tool. It serves as the designers’ community, offering multiple designing products, a selection of different designers, and running a contest. The service costs around $39 fee as the service charges. The interested designers can submit a draft for consideration. A user can choose the winning designer and pay accordingly. The service stands as the suitable approach to be connected with designers worldwide without hiring the expensive agencies. A user can get a design completed within 7 days.

Design Mantic

Design Mantic stands as the easy-to-use designing tool offering simple steps to create a fabulous logo. The tool is simple to use and can be utilized by users of all level. You can choose from the three logo categories, font, and color palette to begin designing a logo. Afterward, you can enter business details such as name and industry type, and then this tool will provide you with various suitable logo designs.

The moment you get a logo design, you can search for it using specific keyword and come up with different variations for it. In this way, you can create a logo design and customize different aspects. Though the tool requires purchasing, but the designing tools can be utilized for free.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs enables users to create logos for free. The tool allows users to use features to that are not available on even the paid software. Such features include visual effects. However, you need to make a purchase to use files, making them available to download. In addition, the tool offers adjustment in logo designs after purchasing, requiring ne additional charges.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden is a remarkable designing software that needs paid subscription for downloading a logo. However, the designing is free of cost. In addition, this logo designing software offers font, image, color, and much more to empower you for a fantastic logo design creation. Once, you are done with creating a logo for your business, you can download it after paying for paid subscription. Besides, Logo Garden offers web design, business card, and marketing collateral designing.


Design Evo is relatively a fresh tool, offering free and low cost designing service. Users can choose from more than five thousand templates, tailor them with unique font, color, and more aspects. Unlike the traditional designing software, you can download a logo design free, but in lower resolution. In addition, you can pay to buy a high-resolution image featuring a transparent background at just $19.95. Moreover, users can opt for high quality images bundled with vector and SVG files.

Logo Maker

This tools stands as one of the popular designing tools with non-clipart images. Also, this tool offers various editing features. Users can choose from 10,000 templates, edit them as per specific brand. Logo Maker allows you to utilize logo on a website for no cost, offering the HTML code. In case, you want to use a logo on a non-digital product such as marketing collateral, then you can purchase and download the higher-resolution version in the PNG, JPEG, or GIF format.

Logo Ease

Logo Ease is distinct design tool that does not work as the Do It Yourself Tool. This tool rather works as the professional designing tool, allowing you to create up to three logos for your business story. If you like one of the logos, then you claim for ownership and copyrights for about $200.

Cool Text

Cool Text works more than just a logo creation tool. The tool allows you to create engaging text that can become a part of a logo design. The tool can generate a textual logo design featuring multiple fonts without any illustration. The service is free to use, but offers limited options. Users can choose selections carefully so that a logo does not appears exaggerated.

Final Words

Until now, we have revealed the best affordable and low costing logo designing tools. These tools have been utilized by various small, mid, and enterprise level businesses to create a fantastic logo design. Also, there are various premium tools that offer amazing features but with additional price. There are many tools boasting about quality services, but the above listed tools have proven to offer rewarding results. If you find this article interesting, then feel free to comment and add value to this article.

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