The Top Features That Customers Really Want in Their Mobile Apps

With the increasing penetration of smartphones, the mobile app industry is also booming. While most of the usage at the moment is for utilitarian purposes like news, shopping, maps, social media, streaming music, etc., the presence of more than two million apps on both the Google Play and the Apple App Store testifies to the intense competition in the marketplace. Essentially, this means that if your app wishes to be successful it must have the features that users want. A quick look at the top customer preferences:

A Rich and Fulfilling Experience

If you want users to be loyal to your app, you need to ensure that it offers an unmatched user experience. Rather than developing an app simply because it is a fashionable thing to do, you should look carefully at the user needs that are not being met and design an app that can add value to them. Your app must be able to do whatever the user requires in a way that’s either so far not possible or in a manner that’s vastly superior. Consider what utility or value your app will provide to users. Depending on the profile and requirements of the users, these could be diverse in nature but the user should genuinely want the app because it gives him something that other alternatives don’t. Mobile app development Mumbai companies spend a lot of time refining the user-experience by understanding the profile and requirements of users.

Easy and Intuitive Navigations

Users end up deleting apps that they don’t use or find difficult to use. Even if your app does provide value to the users if its use is not easy and intuitive people will still end up deleting it. According to an eMarketer study, 14% of users have deleted apps simply because they found it too difficult to use. Accessing information on the app or carrying out a transaction should involve as few clicks as possible because selecting options and inputting information is still cumbersome. The navigation must be extremely intuitive and optimized for smartphones of different screen sizes.

Seamless Checkout Process

It has been proven that when a checkout process is too long and complicated, shoppers tend to abandon their shopping carts and walk away. A well-designed app should focus on getting only the minimal information from the customer and allow him to checkout quickly. Use autofill as much as possible and automatically get the city and state details from the zip code; this kind of convenience pays off really well in terms of a good UX. Make it easy for customers to save information like shipping addresses and payment details so that checking out in the future is even more convenient and quicker.


Successful apps really stand out on features like a personalized experience that can be offered using a variety of information like past purchase behavior, location, interests, etc. It is important to keep the app as simple as possible and focus on the most important things that the user wants to do.

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