Things to Know About Your Computer

Things to Know About Your Computer

Have you ever wondered how a computer is put together? It is much more than its definition computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data mostly from binary it is like a person who does all work for you at just a click but behind that there is series of activities take place by different humans and machine Yes it’s made in a factory, but everything can’t happen in one place. After all, there’s a motherboard that has to be assembled in one place and normally you don’t even hear about a brand name for a motherboard. Then there’s the power supply system that comes from another source while PC cases are sometimes made to custom specifications especially in the case of gaming computers. Today’s PC cases are made out different materials although early cases were made only out of steel. You can even buy clear PC cases these days where you can see right into the interior of the machine.

Role of Monitor

Everyone using a computer has to have a computer monitor attached to it. The resolution of the monitor is considered the most important in it because this is how the number of pixels on a screen is measured be it a computer monitor, TV or mobile phone. As most people use their devices to watch movies, serials or videos from sites like rainierland . A higher resolution means the images will appear small while a low resolution will provide large text and images. Just because you opt for a large screen doesn’t mean that you will be able to watch large images and texts.

Computer screens also have been changing from their early stage when production rate of computers are at very low pace with a CRT screen which was the only type of screen that was available in the early days. But today, everyone is going for the touch screen monitor on which you can use your finger to find the icons or scroll the screen anyway way you like instead of having to use a mouse.   Being still new, the touch screen monitor is rather costly although the price is sure to go down soon with everyone wanting one of these for their computers.You can also find out difference between computer screens on the video provided below.

Sound Card (Provides extension to Audio)

One component that most computer users don’t usually bother about much is the sound card. All modern computers have inbuilt sound cards and only those who are into music in a major way will need an extra powerful sound card for recording purposes. Among the different types of audio cards available, the more popular is the USB sound card which can be bought according to your needs and your budget. Before making the purchase you need to understand the number of tracks you will record at one time. A high-end USB sound card will offer more facilities but don’t just spend on a high priced card if you really don’t have expectations of making use of all the facilities. How to find a a good sound card watch the video below.

Graphics Card (Essential for Heavy Graphics)

Then there’s the graphics card which many consider very important today and these are mostly people who are into playing video games seriously and continuously. Game playing needs a high-speed graphics card and the one you usually get in the computer is not sufficient for a serious gamer. A detailed video is provided down to know more about Graphic card.

The DVI high definition output system is the one that’s being used in most modern graphics cards today and those that are able to connect to the monitor through a DVI system will find they are able to produce images that are clearer and sharper than when it’s done through a VGA port.

Modern Age Computers ( Then and Now )

Modern Age Computers ( Then and Now )

Most modern computers today are built with at least 1GB RAM since this is considered quite sufficient for someone who uses his computer for normal tasks such as surfing the web, sending emails and watching movies,videos online with the help of websites like rainierland. But for those who are into more complicated tasks such as creating graphics and designing, they will require additional computer RAM. But this should always be in keeping with the RAM you already have in your machine as otherwise, it will impact on the smoothing working of the machine.

Operating System ( The Soul of Computer )

Operating System ( The Soul of Computer )

All systems work or perform their task only after if they have a operating system.You can use your computer only after installing an operating system. An operating system helps you in connecting with your hardware. Without an operating system, you can not use RAM, USB Sound card, Motherboard, touch screen monitor and hard-drive. Operating system works as a virtual machine without this actual machine can perform their task.

Final Words

After knowing about different important parts of computer including the virtual one yes you got it right the operating system a obvious question in your mind may be which one operating system to use? There are a wide range of  Operating Systems available and some of them are popular you can try any of the popular operating system rest you can get all on recommendation from different technology review sites and with your own experience help you to understand working ability of different Operating System as they are designed for specific audience like gamer, normal user etc. All of them have different requirements that you need to fulfill. You can easily choose any from Some popular names  that you can use in your computer are some of them are microsoft windows for desktop and laptop, Android for mobiles, tablets etc.

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