Tips and Tricks to Involve Your Kids in Smart Learning

How to Engage Children in Loving Smart eLearning Classes_

Everything around us is driven by technological advancements. The shift from traditional learning methods to smart learning is a revolutionary change. Digital learning has come a long way and has updated itself in many ways. However, not always have the right solutions available to us. That brings the need for you to connect with a recognized online tutoring services provider.

Keeping that aside, let us talk first about digital learning. Well, no doubt that it has ushered in a new age of interactive learning tools and programs. It brings in an interesting approach for new-age learners. Outside the world of dull and unattractive books and copies, this is a news portal.

Especially if you think about the new generations, what do you think they would like? Staying in the classrooms listening to boring lectures? Or, is it staying anywhere and tuning in with smart learning methods?

As parents, you must wonder how to make your kids love smart learning. Research done on education shows that there are certain tactics that can help.

Well, digital learning has opened up many options and opportunities. But, we still cannot forget that there are distractions. You need to work on eliminating distractions to ensure flawless learning.

Be whatever it is, you cannot ignore how this new education system is gathering mass. But, now we have a definite question – how to get your kids involved in this? Here are the top six ways you can get your children to love smart learning.

Tactics 1: Rewards Are Like Tokens Of Happiness

If there is something that even we as kids could never say no to, it’s definitely getting rewards. Even as grown-ups, we long to see incentives in our salary slips. Therefore, the basic theory behind them is undoubtedly appreciation.

Now, there come some questions like –

  • On which aspect should they particularly be rewarded?
  • Do they need to be rewarded because they just completed an online class?
  • Will rewarding make them greedy in the long run?
  • How much reward is adequate for kids?

Besides these, I know that there are still tons of questions in your mind. So, rewarding is not about bringing inexpensive gifts for your kids. It is neither about buying the PS4 that your kid was nagging recently.

First, let us normalize ‘rewarding.’ Understand that it can be anything that your kid is fond of. Even giving her a break of half an hour is a kind of reward.

If you are still confused, then below are some pleasant suggestions.

Rewards can literally be Anything!

  • Start praising your kid as a habit. It takes zero effort to pat them for being attentive or for answering the questions properly.
  • If your kid loves sleeping, you should give him the freedom to do that. As a reward, tell him that you are glad of his performance.
  • Reward them frequently at the beginning. Now, gradually decrease the numbers to realize that what they are doing is a good habit. Don’t stop rewarding all at once, or you will make her suspicious.

Reward them for the Efforts, not the Marks!

This is a bad practice that most parents do in the name of rewarding. As parents, you should be interested in your daughter’s effort in bringing the A+ grades. Focusing on the grade and not her efforts will only demotivate her tomorrow.

Because you cannot expect her to bring the same grades every day. But, the efforts she put into every smart assignment or task is really what matters.

Rewarding for the marks might bring ill and dishonest habits in the future. Therefore, always praise and reward her for giving her best in the exam.

Surprise Rewards are the Best Rewards!

Sometimes, surprise rewards can make your kid more motivated. C’mon, we all love surprises, and your kids are no exceptions either.

When your kid gets a reward when he least expects it, he will be amazed. As a result, he will strive to make the same scenario again. So, if you give him a surprise reward for completing a task on his own, maybe he will make it a habit.

Rewarding is the new synonym of Punishments

It is important for kids to learn from their mistakes. They should realize why they need to focus more on their adaptive learning classes next time.

Punishments bring a sense of terror to their minds. Researchers opine that punishments never work in the long run. They can force your kid to do something better at the moment. But that is all that they do.

Whereas also promise them to reward them the next time they finish their assignments on time. That’s a guarantee that they will work harder than ever before!

The Virtual-Rewarding Craze

In smart learning, there are little to no chances of physical classes. So, when everything is in a virtual world, why don’t you reward virtually?

Let me explain it in some words shortly.

  • What you may do is create a chart of ‘gold stars’ rewarding systems. Now, tell your kids that once they reach five gold stars, they get their favorite food they want.

Setting goals like these will compel them to work harder. Reaching missions is something kids already love, thanks to the video games they play.

  • Excellent performance in completing a day’s tasks should be rewarded. You can offer them whether they want a day’s holiday or their favorite chocolate.

Giving them choices makes them more interested in their smart learning methods.

  • Use MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop to create stunning badges for them. Now, print them and paste them on cardboard.

Give them different names and reward them whenever they perform outstandingly.

Tactics 2: Give Them Missions To Complete

The one word that drives kids crazy these days is ‘mission.’ Trust me when I say that today’s kids are very much into the digital world. Maybe, they love playing any indoor or outdoor game with their friends.

But, you’ll find them enjoy playing the same games on a smartphone or computer even more. Most parents simply term it an ‘addiction.’ However, this is not always the same case in reality.

You see, video games have ‘missions’ to complete. Completing this, they get rewards or unlock achievements. Although they are virtual, yet the delight of fulfilling a target and getting revelations is immense.

All these stories are to make you understand one thing. This conception of completing missions is something smart learning solutions also have in their curriculums. So, why don’t you do the same to increase their interests?

Tips to Involve Your Kids in Smart Learning

Here are some tips to start with –

Give them Revelations of What’s Beyond the Missions

Ask them relevant questions that will make them think for a moment. You can begin with, “..what will you do about Friday’s dance classes if you stack all your tasks for then?”

Or, you can also say – “..hey, we were planning for a weekend trip. So, if you finish your assignments within Friday, then maybe…”

As soon as you throw these to your kids, they will catch them as missions.

You see, this goes easier than scolding them to finish pending works within time. It also boosts their motivation to do well all throughout the week. Who knows, there can be another surprise waiting for them around the corner.

Focus on What their Age Wants the Most

You cannot ask your 10-year old to complete tasks to go to the beach. Maybe, all they want is to have some time playing in the park.

Well, that marks the need to understand what your kid’s age wants the most. When you first focus on that, you can come up with interesting missions and goals. At the end of the day, it is all about making them strive for something.

Look for the Best Online Tutoring Services Provider

Most of the smart learning programs by the ed-tech companies are engaging. They have exciting games, quizzes, and other such interactive tasks.

The best thing about them is that they already have missions and goals. Every time a learner finishes something, they get appreciation. Also, they can see that they are increasing their virtual ranks.

All and all, it gives them a sense of accomplishment. And this sense fuels the interest in smart learning classes even more.

Tactics 3: Appreciate Them In Any Way Possible

Appreciation is important to make someone do more. For young students, it mostly works like magic. Start appreciating even the small things your kids do. Gradually, they will have better performance over time.

You must know that the best ed-tech companies have the best smart learning programs. And providing instant feedback to tasks, assignments, exams, or other things is pretty normal.

While they are doing their parts, you should do yours too. Let your kid know that they have done good in the quiz session. Or make them feel special when they finish a chapter in less time. Such small gestures of appreciation will energize them to stay motivated.

Here are some of the perks of motivating them by appreciating –

  • Your kids will work harder to make you appreciate them even longer the next time.
  • The communicational bond strengthens between you and your kid.
  • Appreciation makes them feel interested in the little things they do.

As a result, they will only get better in their digital learning classes.

Tactics 4: Boost Their Self Confidence

Maybe your kid isn’t doing good lately. Instead of asking him repeatedly to improve or work harder, here’s something you can do instead –

Acknowledge their Feelings Heartily

No matter how interactive or interesting digital learning solutions, they are still virtual. At times, your kid can feel down. They might start thinking about days when they used to meet them regularly in school.

Instead of asking them to focus on what they have, try to acknowledge their emotions. You can make them feel that it’s okay. Try consoling them by planning a weekend visit to a friend’s house. This gesture will make him feel good. It will also freshen up his mind to start the next day afresh.

Make them Realize that You Trust them

Maybe she didn’t get good grades in the last three interactive exams. Now, instead of preparing a meeting session to interrogate her faults, try the other way.

You can start by making her know that you trust her. Let her believe that you haven’t lost faith in what she can achieve. Remind them of the days when she used to nail every exam. Doing all these will only make your kid feel that you still trust her.

Maybe she will push herself a little more the next time. She will have immense moral strength once she realizes that you still believe in her. That will automatically give her the power to involve more in her smart learning classes.

Throw the torchlight on the Positives Every Time

When kids feel that they are capable, they work hard. On the other hand, you can still make them work hard by finding the positives every time.

So, if today he gets an A+ in Science but gets a C in Math, what will you do?

Will you praise him for getting A+ or scold him for getting C? How about taking a bit from both?

Well, you can just praise him for getting A+ and reward him too. For the C grade, praise him for not doing worse on such a tough paper. In that way, you will increase his confidence tremendously.

Tactics 5: Engage In Different Interesting Ways

Kids get exhausted some days, and they don’t feel like doing anything. Well, that is why you need to keep inventing ways to engage their moods.

Unable to bring any idea how to engage them? Okay, here you go with these starter packs –

  • On some days there are big assignments. After finishing, let them spend some time doing experiments in MS Paint.
  • Start to coordinate online group activities among her friend circle.
  • Talk with her teachers. Give them insights about her. You can request them to use her name in a warm and engaging way. Undoubtedly, that will increase her desire to be involved in her smart learning more.
  • Most of the reputed services providing companies have weekly virtual shows. At a prefixed time, all students open the program. There they watch movies or cartoon shows together. It highly increases their love for the digital learning UI.
  • You can also schedule video calls every weekend. There, your kid can chat and have quality time with peers.

Even across these, there are still different ways to engage them. You need to remember that engaging them is the best way. They will start loving their classes.

Tactics 6: Ensure That They Have Time For Their Hobbies/Passion/Recreation

Kids were not born to do online smart learning classes, do assignments and go to sleep. That is simply how their age should be. So, no matter how engaging the teacher and the system are, they still need time for themselves.

You need to put back the joy because that joy is absent in virtual learning classes. Besides, in all of the ways mentioned above, there are still many to go.

One such thing is to ensure that their playtime is not hampered. Young kids have different hobbies, passions, and desires. By safeguarding them, you can convince them of their smart learning programs in a better way. So, you’re asking how?

These are how –

  • Be their playing buddy or just call his friends home. Let them have the fun that they were supposed to have in school.
  • Increase their hobbies by accepting them whenever possible. So, if your kid wants to do some activities, let them do. Things like cycling, skateboarding, playing with the ball, or with the pet dog are great refreshments.
  • Encourage their passion with full support. Kids love singing, some love dancing, and others are happy with the color sets. Whatever, catch their fancy, let them go with that.
  • Water their curiosities and find the answers. Kids have different things to ask at different times. Sometimes, they even can harbor inquisitiveness for their digital learning classes too. Try to be their answer book as much as possible.
  • Quality recreation time with friends or family at the weekend works amazingly. Go for a weekend tour to some nearby spots or maybe a bike trip.

The Conclusion: Smart Learning Classes Aren’t That Bad

A happy kid is usually a kid that loves their online classes. Smart learning classes have come a long way in being as interactive as possible. However, they are still confined within the digital screen of your electronic gadget.

Kids should have a healthy mental health status to do more. With great self-confidence comes great desires to achieve more. You need to understand that your kids are already capable of handling smart learning programs. It is just that they need to have the right support from you at the right time. That will be enough to get their chariots to roll down the academic lane.

So that’s it. These were the top six tips and tactics that can involve your kid in smart learning classes.

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